„Curse” my the newest story. Enjoy :)


In Europe, between XV and XVII century some people were accused

about witchcraft and burned them at stake or hanged.

Most of them were innocent, but sometimes…

there lived people who had a special power; healing and killing.

As you know, it’s a very fine line between love and hate,

and similar heal and kill.

If you have one of these, you have the other.

And your word has the greatest power.

The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” John 1:14 Bible

Naseby, England, 1640.

Lilith, a beautiful and mysterious girl, was living in the village of her birth. Her parents died five years ago; they were both herborists. They had started learning her before she was six. She knew everything about herbs, and she could continue her parents work and healed people. Unfortunately, it was a terrible time for people like Lilith and her parents. They had to escape from the village and died in the forest attacked by wild animals. It was an official version. Lilith could stay because she was a child at this time. But now, she was the young woman, and this danger also was hanging over her. She wanted to live and help people, especially that witch hunt subsided, but she knew who she was, and she was ready to die for her origin. She was nineteen, and her dream was to meet a nice guy, who could accept her work or help her with this work, and who will be loving her as much as she will love him. Two years ago, she thought that she found him… but unfortunately it was her biggest mistake. This guy, John, not very handsome but with a nice face and from a good family, lived in the village, but he wanted only her body, when she refused, he said that she regrets it. She didn’t want to think about him, although he appeared in her life from time to time. He always asked about her decision, and the answer was always no!

One day, it was one day before the Autumn solstice, John came to her house again. She was sitting at the table and minced herbs for drying. When he knocked the door, she stood up and went to the door. When she opened and saw him, she knew that something would happen… John looked different, as he was possessed.

‚Hello John,’ she said friendly, but she was still standing in the doorway.

John was standing and just looked at her. His small blue eyes now were narrow like two twines. She was the most beautiful girl in all Naseby… more beautiful than he could imagine. And he imagined them together many times… when he kissed and loved every part of her white skin, her lovely, black eyes looked at him with adoration and her mouth whispered the words of adoration… and he immersed in her many times and…

‚John?’ Lilith interrupted his daydream.

He shook off the thoughts.

‚Hello Lilith, can I come in?’ he asked politely.

‚How can I help you, John?’ she was still in the doorway.

‚We have to talk about us, Lilith… I can’t wait anymore.’ He was still nice, but in his eyes, she saw a huge aggression.

‚Here is no us, John,’ she said calmly. ‚I don’t want to be with you, so you should find a girl who will be right for you.’ She added firmly.

‚You leave me no choice, Lilith’ he said sharply. ‚If you can’t be mine, you can’t be anybody!’

Lilith straightened in the doorway. In her eyes lit up anger.

‚Think, before you do something. Your price will be the highest!’ she said deep voice.

John stepped back.

‚You are a witch!’ he shouted fearfully. ‚You die on the gallows and go to the hell!’ he said, turned away and ran.

‚Please, John, don’t do it what you thought,’ she sighed with resignation and closed the door.

She knew that he would come back… it was her destiny… and probably his…

She couldn’t sleep that night, after one o’clock, she decided to get up. They were coming a half an hour later. She was ready…

‚Lilith, open the door!’ she heard the call. ‚We know that you are there!’ it wasn’t John’s voice, but she was sure that he was with them. She came to the door and opened it. Outside were fourth men with torches. John was one of them.

‚Hello, Lilith’ a man said kindly. ‚We have information that you are a witch, and you cast spells. Can you come with us and explain it to the sheriff?’

‚Why do you come to me in the middle of the night? Please come back in the morning.’ She wanted to close the door, but this man stuck his foot in the door.

‚I’m sorry Lilith, you have to go with us now.’ The second man said. He was very tall, handsome and his voice was very soothing. Lilith knew him and his family… they were good people, and his sister was Lilith’s friend. She looked at him her very sad eyes.

‚You knew my parents Rob, and you know me. You know, that I’m the only person who can help all people in our village and the last who wants to hurt them. You also know, I’m not a witch, I’m a healer.’

‚I know Lilith,’ Rob sighted, ‚but John’s uncle is working with the sheriff, so we received an order which we have to execute.’ He added quietly.

Lilith looked at John. He was standing with two men… in his eyes were hatred and victory.

‚That’s all right Rob,’ Lilith gave up, took her warm scarf and left, closing the door behind her. She looked at him again. ‚I know that I don’t come back here. Everything is ready for people. Ask your sister to come to my house and take herbs for people. I left something for your mother… she doesn’t need this at the moment, but when she will be ill, just give her that herbs.’

‚Thank you, Lilith, I’m really sorry,’ Rob was embarrassed. He exactly knew what happens with her.

She smiled weakly and went first, Rob and other men went behind her. When they were near sheriff castle, John came to her.

‚If you change your mind, I recall my testimony. It’s your last chance,’ he whispered.

‚I’d rather hang on the gallows than be with you,’ she looked at him and spat in his face.

John raised his hand and wanted to hit her, but Rob caught him.

‚No!’ he said firmly and still held his hand.

‚Don’t touch me!’ John yelled after a while. ‚You may be next.’ He added and went faster.

After this, everything rolled rapidly. When Lilith went to the castle, John’s uncle was waiting for her. He was a fat, big man with a small brain. His power determined his masculinity.

‚I heard that you are a witch, and we don’t like witches in our county,’ he said gravely.

Lilith was silent, but with her head held proudly looked at deputy sheriff.

‚What do you have in your defence?’ He asked after a while. He felt very uncomfortable when her eyes looked at him so deeply.

‚You already decided,’ she replied, didn’t stop looking at him.

Deputy sheriff moved restlessly.

‚Take her to the dungeon, the sheriff will decide tomorrow,’ he said.

‚Uncle!’ John’s voice was extremely miserably. ‚You promised me!’ he added.

Lilith turned to John and whispered some words.

‚Did you see? Did you see what is she doing!’ said John and in the same time, he limply fell to his knees.

‚That’s enough!’ deputy sheriff jumped up from his seat, but when Lilith looked at him, he sat back down.

John looked at him with contempt, kneeling all the time.

‚On the gallows with her!’ he ordered firmly.

‚But Sir…’ Rob wanted to say something, but when sheriff looked at him, he changed his mind.

Two men took her by her arms, but before she went, she looked at the sheriff.

‚Your price will be high; you will lose the thing, which you love the most. And it will happen to the next full moon. See you in the hell sheriff.’ She said and spat on the floor.

‚Take her! Fucking witch!’ deputy sheriff voice was a little hysterical.

Two soldiers jerked Lilith and led her to the market. John went with them with the smile on his nasty mug. Rob couldn’t look at this… he ran home to tell everything his parents and sister.

The hangman was waiting near the gallows. Lilith was calm… a little sad… very angry… but calm. When he founded the rope around his neck, she looked at John. He was standing near gallows and watching… with a look of triumph on his face. Lilith was just looking at him, but at the moment she started saying something. John felt cold and warm, and something ordered him to came closer. His mind said no, but his body just went. He was really scared, but he could do nothing. When he was very near her, he could hear these words. Lilith was in a trance.

‚Convicted on loneliness,

he’s looking for love

and when he feels hopeless,

he finds it all.

And then the cruel fate

receives him everything,

and it will be too late,

to do anything.’

‚You will have a hell in every your life… to the end of the world.’ She added her normal voice, and at the same time the floor under her feet opened, and Lilith hung on the line. The hangman was very surprised, he did nothing yet, but she was dead. He looked at John frightened but John was still like frozen. After a few minutes Rob with his sister Mary came on the market, and they saw Lilith who was hanging on the gallows. Mary started crying; Rob hugged her. She was very skinny and little, so she just hid in his strong arms.

‚Stop crying, Mary. She knew that it’s over,’ he stroked her hair and hugged her stronger.

After a while, Mary pulled away from him and looked at his eyes.

‚We must take her body and burn it,’ she said firmly. ‚She wanted to be burned on the river…’

‚But we can’t just take her body… we will have trouble…’ Rob protested.

‚I don’t care,’ Mary shook her head. ‚If you are afraid, go home. You brought her to death, so be a man now! She was very angry, Rob was a very weak man, and Lilith should be still alive.

‚You have right,’ he said sadness after a while. ‚I should do something… but I didn’t. Lilith was a good friend and very helpful person. We must do… what we can,’ he added, and strong step came to the gallows. Hangman and John, who were still shocked, hadn’t protested when he cut the rope and took Lilith’s body in his arms. He came back to Mary.

‚Poor Lilith, she looks so beautiful,’ Mary had tears in her eyes. ‚We have to hurry. We don’t know what they will come up in the morning.’

‚Do you want to burn her now?’ now Rob was shocked.

‚Yes, of course,’ she confirmed. ‚We can take our boat and burn her on the river. Today is Autumn solstice, and you know, dates like this were very important for her.’

‚Okay so let’s go,’ he sighed, and they went. Lilith was very light. Rob was surprised because usually, people after death were very heavy… but not she. It seemed that she was only sleeping.

When they came to the river, it was almost five o’clock. Rob put Lilith on the grass and helped Mary prepared the boat. She took bundles of straw and put on the floor then she took off the coat and put it on the straw.

‚You can lie her now’ her voice was breaking.

‚Good bye beautiful Lilith’ Rob took her in his arms and kissed her forehead.

‚Good bye, our good fairy’ Mary put wildflowers in her hands.

‚We have to set fire to the straw,’ said Rob, but Mary didn’t respond. ‚Mary, did you hear me?’ he asked loudly.

‚Look at this’ Mary pointed to straw which started burning. First, it was only smoke, but after a while, they saw a fire. ‚Hurry up Rob; we have to push the boat.’

‚I can’t believe, how it’s possible’ Rob shook his head.

‚It’s magic’ Mary smiled. She understood that it was the best decision and Lilith is happy now.

Rob put his hands on Mary’s shoulders, and they watched the boat which was burning on the river. After ten minutes the boat was all in flames.

‚We should come back home’ Rob said.

‚Yes, I know’ Mary sighed. ‚But this is so sad. She was so young and so smart and helpful.’

‚We could do nothing, you know about it. It’s only John’s fault…’

‚I hope he’ll pay a high price for this,’ she interrupted him with anger.

‚We’ll see’ Rob sighed and pulled toward their house.

‚Goodbye Lilith.’ Mary whispered with tears in her eyes. ‚Be happy.’

At the same time, the lightning cut the sky. Without thunder, bad weather, rain or wind… only lighting which illuminates, bathed in the dawn sky.

Rob smiled when he saw it.

‚I’m sure she is happy… and it’s not over for her,’ he looked at Mary, and she just nodded.

Next day was very sad for all Naseby. People found out about Lilith death, but they suffered in silence. Most of them went to the river to pay tribute to the deceased.

One week later, exactly one day before full moon, deputy sheriff and John’s uncle lost his job. Somebody reported him to the sheriff, and he was banished from the county. Unfortunately, at the same time, his wife told him that she didn’t love him anymore and she wants to divorce. Everybody, except him, knew, that she is sheriff’s lover. Two days later merchants found him on the border of the county. He was dead… he hanged himself.

John was fearful… he heard and exactly remembered what Lilith said. He knew that he would be next… but nothing happened. After a few months, he forgot about course.

Two years later… it was a very hard time for England. It found itself in the face of civil war. John must go on the war… like every healthy young man in England. He fought on the front all year, but one day was very unlucky for him. He left camp only on five minutes, and he was in wrong place and wrong time. Drunken soldiers crossed the road and opened fire to him. He was taken to a field hospital with multiple injuries. After a month he could go back home… without right leg which doctors must amputate to save his life. But it didn’t matter for him because, in this hospital, he found the love of his life. It was Catherine, the most beautiful and sensitive voluntary nurse in all hospital. She looked after him all month. Her delicate hands rubbed the sweat from his face and beautiful, gentle brown eyes looked at him with tenderness. He was sure that she is his only love.

When he had received information that he went back home, he asked her to marry him. She agreed, but she had to stay in the hospital one month longer… before she completed military service. John had come home, and he had been the happiest person in the world, although he didn’t have a leg till knee. He was the absolutely different person than earlier. The war and the love changed him. He was nice and very helpful as far as possible. A month later Catherine came to his house. They lived in the house of his parents who accepted her as a daughter. Because she was an orphan… she gained not the only beloved man but also a family. Parents prepared the wedding tailored military capabilities.

Catherine became the favourite of all village… she was very smart and very helpful especially in medical treatment. When she started to heal with herbs, people began to whisper that John brought the second Lilith… but they didn’t dare to tell him that. Despite the war, life in Naseby went peacefully… until June 1645 when troops enemy dangerously approached to Naseby. Catherine was pregnant, but she was still working. The fateful day she went to the meadow to find a special herb for John’s mother… it was near their home, so she felt safe.

Suddenly, John heard the noise, as if approaching a herd of horses. Concerned, he looked out the window… but nothing happened outside. He decided to find Catherine anyway, so he took his crutches, rifle and went. At that moment clouds obscured the sun, and it got dark. John accelerated step… he felt that something was wrong. When he saw Catherine on the meadow… he also saw soldiers on their horses upcoming very fast… too fast. All of them had rifles in their hands. John looked at the meadow, and he saw roe… he wanted to yell, but the voice stuck in his throat. Soldiers saw the roe as well, and they started shooting and laughing and screaming. John couldn’t move… he was just watching. When they rode, he looked at the meadow again… but Catherine wasn’t there. He began to call her and went to the meadow, where he saw her last time… and she was there… she was lying on the grass… everywhere was blood. He walked as fast as he could and knelt next to her. She was still alive. John put his hand on her stomach… there were the most of the blood.

‚Catherine, everything will be okay, I will rescue you, I promise’ he whispered her.

‚It’s my time John’ she smiled with tears in her eyes. ‚I didn’t want it, but I knew about it. It’s our curse…’

John looked at her for fear.

‚I know about the curse… I know about Lilith… I am a witch as well. I tried to do something, but it was too hard. Nobody can do nothing. It’s our destiny. Look at my eyes John… please do it’ she looked at him firmly and waited. When he looked up at her…he was weeping.

‚I’m sorry…’ he started talking.

‚Shhh’ she interrupted him. ‚It doesn’t matter. I love you John, and you are my only love. I have to die… but we will meet next time… next life. I will find you. Look at my eyes John and remember them. The eye is the mirror of the soul. We will change… but our eyes never! I love you John’ she repeated and died.

‚Noooo!’ John held her in his arms, crying and screaming. After one hour his mother ran on the meadow. He was still sitting and crying. When she saw them, she started crying as well… but after a while, she wiped tears and took him by the shoulders. At this moment the sun was shining again.

‚John, it’s over, she died’ she said gently. She supposed it was a curse… everybody knew about the curse.

‚No mom please, I want to stay with her… I want to die with her… please, leave me with her’ he cried.

‚I can’t, son. You have to live for her, for us, for yourself. I know it hurts my baby’ she hugged him.

‚Leave me alone, please’ he whispered.

‚I go to the village and ask someone for help. I will be back soon Johnny’ she strokedd his hair and took his gun.

‚Leave it, mom’ he protested.

‚I love you son’ she answered and went with his gun.

Battle of Naseby was one of the biggest battles in English civil war and consumed many victims… not only soldiers but also many civilians. Catherine was one of these people. She had a beautiful funeral and John went to her grave every day. He felt guilty… he knew that it was only his fault.

He started living his past… the time with Catherine…it was the best time in his life. Although he lived to 80s, his life ended up after Catherine’s death. Each suicide attempt ended in fiasco, so he stopped doing it. He died alone during sleeping.

Paris, France 1789.

‚It’s confirmed, we will go tomorrow morning and start from Bastille.’ Pierre, the leader of the revolutionaries, came to undergrounds where many revolutionists were sitting at the wood table and waiting for further orders. All of them looked the same; tall, handsome with beards, black trousers and black, long coats. Tools to fight were everywhere.

‚It’s high time’ big man with long beard murmured. Many people gathered near Pierre and wanted to more details. But he didn’t hear them. He was looking for a beautiful, long black hair and the most beautiful blue eyes small, revolutionist girl… and he found her. She was sitting in the corner and looked at him askance. She was the only girl there.

‚Excuse me,’ Pierre went through the crowd and came straight to her. She was still sitting but also smiling when he stood in front of her. ‚Hi Grace’ he said faintly.

‚Hello Pierre’ she replied. ‚So, you have a decision.’

‚As you see,’ he spreads his hands in a gesture of helplessness.

‚I don’t believe you’ she shook her head. ‚You want this as much as the other people in this place… but this is wrong. They use you and all of you, and many people die’ she told sadly. ‚It’s not a good time Pierre, and you know about it inside of you.’

‚You don’t have to go, baby, if you don’t want’ he stroked her cheek. ‚I know your opinion, but I can do nothing.’

‚It’s a big deal, Pierre… it’s not only rescuing a few prisoner. Bastille is only a cover; it’s a tip of the iceberg!’ she tried to explain to him that he is only a puppet.

‚Grace I understand your point of view, but this has already gone too far. Look at this people; they want changes… they need changes…’

‚And I need to be with you, Pierre… I love you, and I don’t care all of them…’

Pierre hugged her.

‚I know honey, but I promise you when we will get Bastille, I back down, and we will be together, forever.’ He looked at her eyes with a smile.

She smiled weakly.

‚I hope it won’t be too late’ she said silently and hugged him stronger.

‚Pierre, I’m sorry, but we have to talk about tomorrow. You are a leader. You must tell us how and when do you want to start.’ One of the men came to them.

‚You have to go Pierre’ Grace pulled away from him. ‚It’s your destiny’ she smiled sadly.

‚You are my destiny,’ he put his hands on her cheeks and kissed her.

After a while, he was standing in the middle of a huge group of people and explained them all his plan. Grace sat down in the corner and watched this like a film. But the main character was her boyfriend. They met a year ago during the demonstration… she didn’t remember what they wanted… but when she met him, she was sure that they would be together. Tall, handsome, with black eyes and black hair with incredible charisma, lead people his velvety voice. But now… it was a different situation. Someone was doing something in white gloves… Pierre’s hands and it was very worrisome.

She went sleep early, but she couldn’t sleep. Pierre went after midnight and hugged her. She turned to him.

‚I can’t sleep Pierre, please don’t go there, stay with me tomorrow’ she asked.

‚I’m sorry darling, I can’t but it’s my last time, I promise. He smiled and kissed the tip of her nose.

‚Look at my eyes Pierre’ she said seriously. ‚If something is wrong, remember my eyes. I find you again…’

‚What are you talking about?’ he interrupted her. ‚Everything will be all right, and I go back before you wake up’ he tried to ignore her grave tone.

‚The eye is the mirror of the soul Pierre. Everything changes but not your eyes. You are my only love…’

‚I feel very uncomfortable when you are talking to me so seriously’ he interrupted her again. ‚It’s an easy job, and there are no guardians, we just take prisoners and go back here. I love you Grace and I told you, it’s my last time…’

‚Ok, I understand. Good night Pierre.’ She turned away from him.

‚Good night Grace, I love you,’ he sighed and kissed her hair. He couldn’t understand why she was so opposed to this battle. It wasn’t their first time, they were rebels, and they met in the similar situation. He wanted to think more about it… but he slept.

Next day he woke up at six… he couldn’t sleep well… he had a dream about some curse and about a girl a long time ago. He wanted to tell Grace everything, but he decided to do it after the battle. He just kissed her forehead and went.

As he thought, it was a very easy battle. Pierre was very happy when he went back undergrounds late morning. He was alone, most of the people left in the town. When he wanted to go inside, noticed that something was wrong. The door was opened. He called Grace, but she didn’t answer. He pulled a gun and went. Someone was here… but he had hope that it was only Grace. When he came to their bed, Grace was still sleeping. He smiled. Yesterday, he promised her that he went back before she wakes up. He leaned over to kiss her, but when he touched her cheek… she was very cold. He took her by the arm and turned. Her hand fell limply to the floor. She had pounded the knife into her heart. Pierre looked at her a few minutes and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Grace died. Who could do it? Why? She was the most beautiful the most helpful and the best person who he knew. He was standing over her body a few minutes… or maybe a few hours. He didn’t cry… he couldn’t cry… it was unbelievable. After this time he picked her body up on his hands and went to the town. On the way, he met his companions.

‚Oh my God, Pierre what happened?’ they yelled.

‚I don’t know… I have to go…. she needs help…’ Pierre was like in a trance and he was talking like a robot.

‚Pierre, it’s me, Jean. Can I take her, please?’ he pulled out his hands and tried to look at Pierre’s eyes, but it was impossible… Pierre was shocked.

‚I’m sorry… I can’t… I have to go… Grace needs my help… I’m sorry… I have to go…’ he repeated all the time.

Jean beckoned to friends. Everybody saw that something was wrong with Pierre.

‚We can help you Pierre,’ Jean said calmly. ‚Give me Grace, and we can go together,’ he pulled out his hands again. ‚We love Grace, and we want to help her,’ he repeated.

After a while, Pierre gave him Grace. Two men came to Pierre and put their hands on his shoulders.

‚Everything will be okay Pierre. I take care her.’ Jean said and went to the hospital. Pierre with another people went with him.

Jean didn’t know what happened in undergrounds and with Pierre something was wrong… he couldn’t talk normally… probably he had gone mad, so he decided to tell that presumably Pierre killed Grace. He was a new leader and must think about another people. Revolution just started a few hours ago.

Nobody knew what happened with Grace body… but Pierre was taken to a mental house, and he lived there about twenty years… to his death. All his life he spent thinking about Grace and from time to time… when he had awareness… he also had pangs of conscience that he left her this fateful day. He remembered that she asked him to stay with her. It was usually in the night, and then Pierre started crying and yelling and trying to kill himself. It was his curse and destiny.

United States, Lexington 1863

Dear Sweetheart,

I wish to tell you how much I miss you… every day more and more… and love you every day more and more. I hope you are safe in your house in the suburbs. The war is awful, and I hope it’s finished soon. Don’t worry, I feel good and take care of myself. I’m very lonely without you, but when I have a time, I take your letters and reading again and again and again. I feel that you are with me at this time. If the war doesn’t finish, I will be back home in May… then I finish my military service. I believe that you will be waiting for me. You are my only love, and I’m still alive because I think about you all the time. I think about your beautiful, white skin… your smell… your charming smile and lovely eyes. I dream to take you in my arms and hold you there forever. I just love you my gorgeous Evelyn. Stay with peace.

 Yours forever


‚What happened Evelyn, why are you crying?’ mom came to the living room and saw Evelyn sitting on the sofa with a piece of paper. ‚Bad news from war?’

‚No mom, everything is all right’ she wiped the tears. ‚It’s from Frank. He will be back in next month.’

Mother sat next to her and looked at her frightened.

‚I’m not sure it’s a good idea. You know that Frank and his family stand on the opposite side than our family.’

‚Mom, it doesn’t matter for me. I love him, and I want to be with him!’ Evelyn tried to explain.

‚I know my darling, but you are not a child anymore. You are twenty, and you should understand that it’s a hard time for everybody. Your brother died for our ideals and the second one is still on war. You can’t invite to our house our enemy! I understand that you feel something for this boy… but everything changed! We have war!’

‚Mom, it’s not my war,’ Evelyn tried to be calm. The nervous movement smoothed the long, blue dress. ‚I told you I don’t care this war. I can imagine that people who were friends, now they are enemies! Because of what? Because the government wants it? I’m a sick of this war!’ in her eyes appeared the anger.

‚You can’t tell it! Negroes are people like we are! They can’t be slaves anymore!’ her mom was disgusted her attitude.

‚I agree with you mom… but in my opinion, it’s not a good reason for war. So many people die every day… so many friends become enemies… the price is too high. We lost George, and you don’t know if Rufus comes back home and when. I’m worried about my Frank because I love him all my heart and I will be with him when he comes back home.’

‚It’s not all right relative to your brother who was killed by Confederate’ she told, stood up and left.

Evelyn sighed. Everything was complicated. She didn’t know how it finishes, but she knew that Frank was the most important person in her life.

From the 1st of May, every day Evelyn was standing near the window in the living room and stared at the path leading to her home. Every day she dressed up very carefully and beautifully decorated her hair with the hope that he would return today. She knew that Frank would be going just this way. She could wait for him to the end of her life… with hope… the one day… he’ll appear on this path. And one sunny day she saw him… in Confederate uniform with a long beard and big bag, he went fast on a meeting with the beloved. She ran out of the house and ran to him as fast as she can. Happy, she threw into his arms. Kisses and affectionate words were not the ends. Finally, Evelyn looked at Frank with a smile.

‚We can’t stay here, on this path longer,’ she said. ‚Come to the garden’ she took his hands and went. She didn’t want to take him home… it was too early and his uniform… reminded about George’s death.

‚I can stay with you anywhere,’ Frank smiled and kissed her hand.

‚Your eyes are so incredible’ he said when they sat under the tree in the garden in front of each other. ‚Do you know that when you are happy your eyes are blue, when you are sad they are light blue and when you are angry are green?’ he stroked her cheek.

‚I didn’t know about it,’ Evelyn said honestly. ‚But how you know what colour of eyes I have when I’m angry? I was never mad at you!’ she laughed.

‚Not at me… but at this war. I saw it when I told you that I have to go to the war.’ Frank was very serious. ‚But I met there many interesting people, and one of them told me that it’s not war destroyed people… it’s their emotions… bad emotions. You must promise me that you will always be happy… it’s very important. In your eyes, I see a lot of fear… sadness… and grief. Evelyn, I’m worried about you…’

‚No, no, no, I don’t want to talk about this… I want to talk about us. I love you Frank, and you promised me that when you come back, we will be together forever. Take me away, run away together, I can’t live in this sick place where neighbours hate each other because they are on the two sides of the barricade…’

‚I know honey it’s very sad’ Frank hugged her. ‚I think it’s finished soon.’

‚I hope because it really not makes sense,’ she sighed.

They sat for a moment in silence.

‚I love you Evelyn, and I want to be only with you…’

‚Evelyn… Evelyn where are you?’ her mother’s voice interrupted them.

‚I’m coming,’ she yelled. ‚Wait for me. I just ask her what she wants.’ Evelyn stood up and kissed Frank.

‚Evelyn, hold on’ Frank stood up as well. ‚I go home and will be back at six. We will meet here, okay?’

Evelyn looked at him suspiciously.

‚Six o’clock, here?’ she asked.

Frank nodded.

‚And you go home… not to another girlfriend?’

‚I love you, my crazy girl’ he caught her in his arms and kissed her passionately.

After a while, he put her on the ground.

‚To six’ she said, sent him a kiss and ran to the mother.

Frank watched her until she disappeared. Then he picked up his bag and went from the garden to his house. Suddenly he heard a shot. He turned to see where the shot came and he saw Rufus, Evelyn’s brother, who was standing in the window, on the first floor his house with a gun at the ready to shot. At the same time, he felt pain in his chest. He looked at the uniform… red mark in chest area was bigger and bigger and bigger. He saw Evelyn in the same window who screamed very loudly and disappeared. He wanted to go to her, but after a few steps, he just fell to his knees.

‚Frank, you can’t die, everything will be good, help is coming, you can’t die, you can’t leave me.’ Evelyn grabbed him by the shoulders and hugged, at the same time pressing the wound in the chest. Everything was in the blood. ‚Please don’t die,’ she cried.

‚It’s okay honey’ Frank tried to smile. ‚We will meet next time… I’ll find you… I promise my beautiful Evelyn.’

‚No, please Frank you must live’ she sobbed.

‚It’s our destiny my darling. Look at my eyes and remember them. I will find you… I’m sure I do’ he said and died.

Evelyn was kneeling on the path and was holding him in her arms until her mother came.

‚I’m sorry, I’m so sorry’ she stroked her hair. ‚I didn’t know that he came back at the same time as Rufus. I didn’t know that he is in our garden. I’m so sorry sweety. Rufus didn’t want to do it… he thought it was a stranger in our garden… in the Confederate uniform. I informed his parents about this tragedy. They are coming here. Please, Evelyn, forgive me.’ Her mother was crying as well.

Evelyn was sitting with Frank’s body and feeling empty. Nothing made sense anymore. She didn’t remember what happened next. She didn’t know who took Frank’s body and how she found at home. She didn’t remember his funeral and next two years of her life. After this time she felt a little bit better, but she was alone to the rest of her life. She never smiled, and her eyes were light blue to the end of her life and never changed.

Poland, Cracow 1942

‚Honey, I have to go outside to take a water,’ Stefan said to his young, beautiful wife. Teresa was the love of his life. He was in the war… from 1939 and in 1941 he was shot in lung and had to go back home. At this time Teresa was a volunteer in the hospital, but when she heard that he went back home, she decided to go back as well and looked after him. He was a big, handsome guy and nobody could suppose that this man needed care. But she knew. She helped him in his work in the house and around the house, and he gave her his love, warmth and sense of security. In Christmas 1941 they got married and lived in the suburb of Cracow.

‚Wait, sweetheart, I go with you’ Teresa appeared in the kitchen’s doorway. She wiped hands on her apron and was ready to help. Stefan looked at her with love. She was such an amazing woman… it was a big luck for him that she wanted to be with him. Always happy, always with a smile on her face with her big, warm, brown eyes and the longest eyelashes which he saw. He fell in love with those eyes and the eyelashes when she first looked at him.

‚Take a jacket it’s cold,’ he smiled.

‚You take a jacket. You should take care of yourself more,’ she gave him a coat.

‚You take care of me, and that’s enough,’ he took the jacket and kissed her hand.

They lived in a little house in a quiet area. They didn’t have neighbours… next house was about two hundred meters further, but they didn’t feel danger. They had large yard when they liked sitting when the sun was shining and where hens and ducks can grow fat. Behind the house, they have a small garden with vegetables and a few fruit’s trees. Near the house, there was a well with very good quality water. Stefan couldn’t carry, so Teresa usually tried to help him.

‚It’s really cold today’ Teresa said when they went. ‚It’s only September, and it’s too cold.’

‚The winter can come earlier this year,’ Stefan looked at the sky. ‚I bring coal when we go back with water.’

Teresa said nothing about this. She was worried about winter… last winter was very hard because they didn’t have money on coal… and the wood as well. Stefan was ill, and she wasn’t strong enough to go to the forest and cut some trees.

They took the bucket with water and went back home. Early afternoon Teresa asked Stefan to go to their neighbours and take potatoes. It wasn’t a good year for vegetables in their garden, but she knew that was quite good for Nowak’s family who lived two houses earlier. A few minutes, after he went, she heard noise in the yard. Ducks and hens made noise and ran away from something. Concerned Teresa went outside, and she saw partisan who was catching her poultry. She wanted to hide to the house, but he noticed her. With a laugh he went home after her… he was drunk.

‚What we have here?’ He asked… still laughing. Teresa started backing away… to the table where she left kitchen’s knife.

‚Take what you want but leave me,’ she said quietly.

‚Do you have more orders bitch?’ Partisan was very aggressive. He came closer… in his eyes kindled anger. ‚I take everything that I want… including you!’ he yelled.

Then all occurred very fast. Teresa grabbed a knife and pushed it the partisan. He cursed, stopped laughing and looked at her very surprised.

‚Get out of my house!’ she was shouting and waving the knife. ‚Get out the son of the bitch!’

Surprisingly the man began to retreat to the door. Teresa sighed and put the knife. After a while he turned around… in his hand was a gun… and he shot. Teresa was shocked and before she realised… she got a bullet. Following a first shock, she fell. Partisan smiled and fell dead on the threshold.

When Stefan came back, he saw partisan and started calling Teresa. He had a bad feeling. When he found her, she was still alive.

‚Honey, what happened? Who is this soldier?’ he ran to her and took her in his arms.

‚You must run away Stefan… they come here, find you and kill you,’ she whispered. ‚Leave me here and run away,’ she repeated.

‚No, I rescue you… you can’t die… I have to help you,’ he cried.

‚Stefan, don’t worry about me… It’s my time sweetheart,’ she stroked his cheek. ‚I’ll find you next time… look at my eyes… I will remember you, Stefan… you are the love of my life… my every life…’ she said and died.

‚Please, Teresa, don’t leave me… please honey.’ He put her on the floor and began resuscitation, but unfortunately, she was dead.

Stefan didn’t run away… he stayed with Teresa and cried. His life stopped… nothing mattered…

Next day their neighbour Sabina was going near their house and saw that the door was open and somebody lied on the threshold. She ran to her husband, and they came back together… her husband took a rifle. When they saw Stefan, who was sitting on the floor and holding the dead body of Teresa they understood. It was a blow and a huge loss, but they must clean everything very fast… other partisans could appear in the village any time. Sabina’s husband took a dead body from the threshold and dragged on the edge of the forest… Sabina wanted to talk with Stefan, but he was in shock. She tried to explain to him that Teresa must have a funeral and he can live with them. Stefan didn’t understand. He only held Teresa and cried. When Sabina’s husband went back, they took Teresa and Stefan and went to their home. Three days later was a funeral. The priest was talking with Stefan, but he didn’t want to listen… he just wanted to be with Teresa. After the funeral, he went to the forest and stayed there a few months. Everybody thought that he died… but after a half year he appeared in the village and went back to his house. He didn’t want to talk with anybody, so people stopped coming to him. He was lonely to his death… ten years after the end of the war.

England, Dartford, Present day – Spring.

‚Come on Amy, hurry up!’ Sara was very impatient.

‚Okay, okay, don’t worry. Nobody closes your disco,’ Amy appeared on the corridor. Sarah looked at her with jealous. She was so beautiful with short blond hair with wisps in disarray, big brown eyes with very long eyelashes and purple lipstick on her full lips. She was wearing black lace dress, which perfectly showed her ideal figure, and high heel long, black boots. Sarah looked at the mirror at the corridor. Okay, she was skin and small… and it was the only advantages. She was wearing blue jeans, black top and low heel shoes… and hair… she had a big problem with her hair because it was too long and she couldn’t decide to cut them. So, last time she usually had a ponytail a’la Mila Kunis… but Mila Kunis didn’t have protruding ears and high forehead. Anyway, she loved Amy, and they were best friends from forever, but she has always felt like uglier… much uglier sister.

‚You look great’ she sighed. ‚And I see you wore your “take me” dress.’

‚It’s slander!’ Amy laughed.

‚Yes, sure’ Sarah murmured. ‚C’mon Princess, Cinderella wants dancing.’

Amy came to her and smiled.

‚Next week when Bee goes back to school I promise, we do something with your hair and your self-esteem. You know that you are a beautiful girl, but you need changes.’

‚I need dancing, and that’s all. Can we go now, it’s after ten!’ Sara wanted to finish this discussion.

‚Ok,’ Amy took a jacket. ‚Mary, we are going now, and I will be back after midnight but no later than two,’ she turned to the older lady who was sitting in the kitchen with a laptop.

‚Don’t worry I take care Bee and you can go back at four. Enjoy.’ She smiled and stood in the kitchen’s doorway.

‚Call me if something will be wrong,’ Amy asked.

‚I’m very curious where do you hide your phone?’ She eyed.

‚It’s an excellent question,’ Sara laughed.

‚Don’t be so prying,’ Amy replied, pushed Sara to the door and went after her with laughing.

‚Is Tom at work today?’ Amy asked when they were sitting in the car. She was a driver.

‚Yes’ Sara confirmed. Tom was her boyfriend. ‚Do you want something from him?’

‚Yeah maybe…’ Amy shrugged.

Dartford was a small town where was only one disco… it meant only one for which it was worth it to go. Amy loved dancing but last two years were very hard for her, and at the moment she could go on disco once or twice time a month. When they have arrived, in front of disco was a big queue. Tom’s friend was staying at the gate.

‚Come on girls,’ he waved when he saw them. He was a big, muscular guy with short hair and menacing facial expression but when he smiled, he looked very friendly.

‚Hi, Brad’ Sara kissed him on the cheek. Amy did the same. He opened the gate and let them with a smile.

‚Have a lovely time’ he added.

Amy turned to him and waved in the answer.

It was a really huge disco with a bar on the ground floor and second bar and tables on the first floor. Amy loved this noise… this atmosphere… and all these people. When Amy and Sara have started dancing, they felt tired after an hour. They took water and went to the VIP table which was reserved by Tom, especially for them. When they sat and looked around, Sara started laughing.

‚Behind you, at eleventh, at the bar, he stares at you, short but not too short black hair, tall, good body sculpture, sweet smile…hottie.’

‚Oh, shut up,’ Amy sighed. ‚I don’t need additional problems…’ she didn’t even turn.

‚You should have someone… you can’t be alone, and you should forget about Kevin’ Sara took her hand.

‚I forgot Kevin don’t worry, but as you know my life is very complicated and even Kevin gave up, so I don’t think so that someone takes me with all my problems. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.’

‚Will be fine’ Sara smiled sadly. ‚Can I leave you for a while? I go to Tom.’

‚Yes, sure, go. I will be waiting here and send a message to Mary.’ Amy agreed.

When Sara went, Amy got the phone, sent a message and started checking Facebook. At some point, she felt someone behind her.

‚Hi, I’m Ryan.’ She heard and must agree that this guy had a very nice and soft voice although the noise.

‚Hi, I am not interested,’ she replied without turning.

‚The Snow Queen.’ Ryan snorted and walked away.

‚Prince Charming,’ Amy giggled and still watched Facebook.

Five minutes later Sara came back.

‚Look, our hottie is an outstanding dancer’ she said pointing to the dance floor at the bottom.

‚I have no doubt’ Amy replied without looking.

‚Tom told me that Brad took a fancy to you’ Sara looked at Amy very carefully.

‚Without reciprocity’ she answered sharply. ‚I go dancing, if you want, you can go with me,’ she added, stood up and went downstairs.

Sara sighed. Amy was a very hard case. She knew that if Amy doesn’t want to do something… it’s no chance to force her. So as a good friend, she went dancing.

At two o ‚clock Amy decided to go back home… she didn’t like to leave Bee with other people… even with Mary who has known him since birth. Sara stayed with Tom.

‚See you next week, think about your hair,’ she said to Sara and went.

‚I will’ Sara promised.

On Monday Amy dropped Bee to school and went to work. She was working for a small local newspaper as a journalist. Her boss was her ex-boyfriend Kevin. Some people should think that it’s not a comfortable situation, but Amy didn’t care about it. They were together three years and planned future, but in the one moment, everything collapsed. It’s life. They still were a friend, and Amy could count on him when she needed day off or wanted to work at home because of Bee. When she entered the office, there were a few minutes past nine. She sat down at her desk and turned on the computer. Editorial office was a very big room with one reception in front of the door, ten desks and one office editor in chief at the end of the room. Editorial office was almost empty… most of the journalists were outside the office, only Christine, the receptionist was always in. When Amy came to work, Christine wasn’t there… she came back after a while.

‚Hi, Chris’ Amy shouted.

‚Hi, you scared me’ Christine shuddered.

‚Sorry’ Amy smiled. ‚What’s up?’ She asked because last week she worked at home… Bee was sick.

‚Nothing’ she shrugged. ‚Oh no, no, I forgot… we have a new sales representative.’ She came to Amy and sat down on her desk. Her short black skirt even didn’t cover her thighs. White t-shirt was too short as well. But it was Chris, and this wearing was her hallmarks. And high-heel shoes and also long, blonde hair. She was quite pretty but a little too fat for this wearing… but she was full-professionalist in her job.She knew everything about everybody.

‚Oh really’ Amy raised her eyebrows. A few weeks ago Kevin promised her this job if his bosses decided that they need such person. He knew that she really needs money.

‚Yes’ Christine was excited. ‚He is really cute… very handsome and very nice. I’m sure you like him,’ clutched her arm.

‚I have no doubt’ Amy smiled sourly. ‚Excuse me, I have to talk to Kevin.’ She stood up from the chair, feeling the anger rising in her.

Chris wanted to say something, but Amy just went. When she was going to his office, she had so many bad words for him. He exactly knew that she needs an additional job, especially with a commission fee. She saw Kevin through his glass walls; he was sitting at his desk, looking his blunt look at two big chairs in front of his desk and do nothing… like always. She opened the door without knocking. Kevin looked up, surprised by this sudden intrusion.

‚Bastard!’ Amy shouted and slammed the door.

Kevin got up from his chair. He was calm. He adjusted his suit and walked over to Amy. Kevin was a tall, good-looking and good-wearing man with a charming smile that always worked on women… all women except Amy… she was free of his charm since they were no longer a couple. So he came without a smile.

‚Nice to see you too, Amy’ he said. ‚After a week or more… could you remind me?’ he added sarcastically.

‚You promised me this job, son of the bitch!’ she didn’t give to baffle. ‚You…’

‚That’s enough!’ Kevin interrupted her sharply. Anger burned in his eyes. ‚If you want we can talk about it later, it’s not good time…’

‚That’s okay Kevin. We finished now,’ behind the chair a man’s voice spoke. Amy looked surprised; she was sure that Kevin is alone. The man stood up, turned around and froze. ‚The Snow Queen?’ he whispered.

‚Prince Charming?’ she stared at her eyes. Now she understood why Sara was so impressed. This guy looked very, very hottie.

‚Do you know each other?’ Kevin was surprised. ‚From some cartoon?’

Amy looked away from the stranger and looked at Kevin with anger.

‚Fuck you, Kevin!’ she said and went leaving the door open.

Ryan looked at Kevin surprised.

‚Don’t worry about her. She is our local shrew’ Kevin smiled.

‚Ok, not my business,’ Ryan shrugged. ‚I have a meeting at ten so see you later mate,’ he said and went. When he went, he saw that Amy was sitting at the desk and talking on the phone. She spoke quietly and didn’t look angry but worried… very worried.

Amy sat down on a chair and hid her face in her hands. She felt so powerless and hopeless; she felt that she couldn’t live like that anymore. She needed more money, but on the other side, she was very independent in this job. She could work at home and always looked after Bee. He was the most important… he and next three years of his life. She sighed and went back to work.

Next three weeks were quiet. Amy was going to work, Bee to school and Sarah finally found new hair style for herself. She made a bang and cut long hair shorter. She could have a ponytail but didn’t have to; she looked pretty in dissolved hair. Amy accepted the fact that Kevin doesn’t want to help her anymore… she was angry, but she understands that this job is the only job which she can have… in her difficult situation. So she put her pride in her pocket and just working and talking with Kevin only when she absolutely must. Ryan most of his work time spent outside of the office, sometimes he popped in, but he usually went to Kevin. Only Christine saw that he looked furtively at Amy… but never talked with her after their first meeting in Kevin’s office.

This Thursday was very special, and Amy was very excited. Grandma felt better, and physiotherapist said that after two months she could go back home. Bee didn’t have attacks since six months, Sara will have a birthday on Saturday and Amy with Tom prepare a huge surprise for her, and finally, Amy feels that the worst time in her life passed away and she starts a new period. About noon she received a message that Bee is in the hospital because a boy from elder year pushed him to the locker and Bee is hurting… but it’s nothing really serious. Because of his health problems, the headteacher decided to call an ambulance and sent Bee to the hospital. His teacher was with him. Amy sighed. She was so happy through this few hours, so hopeful that this one incident couldn’t change her good mood. Thank God that Bee didn’t have an attack… this was the most important. “He will be fine” she repeated in her mind, but on the other side, she was nervous more and more. She looked through the office, Kevin had a meeting, they just started, and there were a few bosses from London. She couldn’t come there and told him that she must go.

‚Chris, could you tell Kevin that I had to go?’ she came to reception.

Chris looked at her dubiously.

‚I’d rather you tell him. We have a complicated situation at the moment, they are talking about the budget , and they want to get rid of a few people. It’s not officially, but I saw documents. Don’t tell anybody.’

Amy sighed.

‚I have no choice, I have to take Bee from the hospital even if I lose my job.’

‚Oh my God, what happened?’ Chris was genuinely upset.

‚I hope nothing serious; he had an accident at school. I’m sorry, I have to go…’

‚Wait – Chris caught her hand. ‚Send him a message, trust me, he should know why you are not here.’

Amy looked at Chris very carefully. It seemed that she knew more than she could tell.

‚Ok’ she shrugged and took the phone.

“Bee is in the hospital I have to go.” She wrote and sent to Kevin. She went to his office and the first time she was happy because of the glass wall. She saw that somebody was doing presentation and Kevin with other people were sitting and listening. Probably he even didn’t hear his phone. When she came closer, he looked at her surprised. Without words, she showed him the phone. He reached into his pocket, read the message and nodded. Amy smiled with gratitude and went.

‚Call me if everything is all right with Bee’ Chris shouted before Amy left.

Amy said nothing. She liked Chris, but she didn’t trust her. Chris had a special mission in this company… she must know everything about everybody. She loved gossips, and she always knew who with who, where and when. So Amy didn’t tell her about her life and Kevin was also discreet. Only he had an information about her life and her struggle.

She got into the car and started the engine… but nothing happened. No sound… the car was dead. She looked at her purse… was empty, the bank account was empty as well and next money she will have on Monday. Even, if she went to the hospital by foot… it’s only three miles; she must go back with Bee by taxi. She called Sara, but she didn’t pick up the phone. After a while, she received a message: “We are in London. Come back on Sat. Call you evening.”

‚Shit!’ Amy swore. She didn’t have anybody who can help her at the moment. She decided to come back to work and ask Chris about money. It was the last resort, but she didn’t a choice. She wanted to cry; no car, no money, no friend, and child in the hospital. She tried to turn on the car the last time… but it was still broken. When she was sitting in the car with face hidden in her hands, somebody knocked the window. It was Ryan.

‚Hi, are you all right?’ he asked looking at her carefully. ‚Is your car broken?’

‚Yes’ she sighed.

‚Open the hood, we will see,’ he smiled friendly.

Amy just did it. He felt very uncomfortable with this man. She still remembered her behaviour.

Ryan started to check something, and after a while, he leaned out from the hood.

‚Try now’ he said.

Amy tried, but nothing happened.

‚Not good,’ he sighed. ‚You have to call recovery.’

‚Thanks a lot’ she smiled sadly and got out from the car.

Ryan looked at her.

‚You have recovery, haven’t you?’

‚No, but thank you for help,’ she replied and went. She thought that she would go to the hospital and in the meantime could call Mary. She should be at home, so she will take a taxi and will go to Mary’s home. Mary will pay for a taxi and Amy will lend her money till Monday. It was a good plan.

‚Hey, Snow Queen wait,’ he shouted and followed her. He couldn’t explain why, but this girl fascinated him from their first meeting. He felt that she needs his help although she was so “independent”.

Amy smiled. In whole this hopeless situation she must smile when she heard “Snow Queen.”

She turned back, and he stood in front of her.

‚Where are you going? I can drop you, and I can help you with your car.’ He suggested.

‚Thank you, but I don’t need your help. Don’t bother your head about me’ she wanted to go, but her phone started ringing. ‚Yes’ she picked up the phone. She was listening, and he saw that she is more and more nervous. ‚Drop me to the hospital,’ she said suddenly and went back to his car.

‚What happened?’ Ryan was very surprised but went with her and opened the car.

‚Just go… to Royal’ she didn’t stop listening somebody on the phone. Tears came from her eyes.

Ryan didn’t ask anymore. Turn on the car and navigation and driving. ‚I will come in five minutes’ she added and hung up.

‚What happened?’ Ryan asked again.

‚Nothing’ she shook her head.

Ryan stopped the car and looked at her.

‚Amy, I want to help you, do you understand?’ His voice was sharp. He started driving again.

‚No, you don’t’ she replied with a smile through tears. ‚Drop me to the hospital and go back to work.’

Ryan sighed deeply. The more she was stubborn, the more he wanted to help her. He stopped the car in the parking near the hospital and got out of the car.

‚I’m going with you’ he said before she protested.

Amy looked at him. She was sad and tired, but she didn’t want to share her problems with anybody, especially from work.

‚Listen, thank you for your help, but that’s enough. I don’t want to engage you in my problems…’

‚I don’t tell anybody, don’t be afraid,’ he interrupted her because started understanding her behaviour.

‚As you want,’ Amy shrugged. She knew that he would run away when he finds out about her problems.

When she entered the hospital she immediately knew where to go, Ryan came with her. When they went the corridor, the doctor came out of the office.

‚Amy,’ he shouted. When she turned back, he nodded to her. He looked up worried. She ran up to him and talked for a moment. Then he hugged her. Ryan watched the scene surprised. After a while, she came back to him.

‚Thank you for waiting, but I have to stay here…’

‚Are you waiting for somebody?’ he interrupted her.

Before she answered, somebody, shouted her name again. They saw a little boy with short blond hair and big brown eyes on the wheelchair with the nurse. He was smiling and looked happy. Amy ran up to him. The nurse smiled, left him with Amy and went back to work.

‚Hi, Bee how you feel? Where is your teacher?’ Amy asked and started checking if everything is all right after this attack.

‚I’m okay. She went back to school. I told her that she could go because everybody knows me,’ he shrugged. ‚It was a small and very fast attack, don’t worry. The doctor said that everything is okay and I can go back home.’

‚I know honey, we go home,’ she said swallowing tears. She was happy that he feels good and the fact was that doctor said it wasn’t an imminent attack. ‚You have to tell me what happened at school today,’ she told seriously.

‚You have to tell me first who is this guy,’ Bee smiled wryly and pointed at Ryan who was leaning against the wall and looked at them with curiosity. ‚Is it your boyfriend?’

‚Oh come on,’ Amy tried to be sharp. ‚He just dropped me to the hospital.’

‚Looks nice’ told Bee and drove his wheelchair to Ryan. ‚Hi, my name is Max,’ he reached out a hand to him.

‚I’m Ryan’ he shook his hand. He was shocked that Amy has a son and he is disabled. She looked so young. She could be 21 maybe 23 and this boy could be seven years old. Where is his father? And he still didn’t know what’s going on?

Amy came to them. Bee looked at her.

‚I’m very tired, can we go home?’ he asked.

‚Of course,’ she smiled. ‚Ryan, could you drop us home, please? I will pay you tomorrow.’

Ryan looked at her surprised. He was totally confused by what he saw and how she behaved at the moment.

‚Yes, sure’ he confirmed. He could say nothing more.

‚What happened with our car?’ Bee asked when they went to exit.

‚It’s not working, I don’t know yet.’ Amy replied. ‚Can you go to the car?’ she asked when they were in front of the main door.

‚I can try, but I’m a little dizzy,’ Bee stood up from the wheelchair.

‚That’s okay, I take you’ Amy opened her arms.

‚You can’t take him. He is too big,’ Ryan protested. He couldn’t imagine that this little girl takes this not so small but little boy. ‚I take him,’ he pushed her away gently and took him in his strong hands.

‚He is more comfortable than you.’ Bee smiled widely and rested head on his shoulder.

Amy smiled sadly. Bee was very close with Kevin although he was a little boy a few years ago. When Kevin decided to leave Amy, Bee had some many epilepsy attacks that Amy was afraid that he could die. It was because he lost Kevin. She has never told Kevin about it. From this time Bee had only one male friend, and it was Tom, Sara’s boyfriend. Tom was Amy’s friend from primary school, and he treats Bee like his own brother. Amy didn’t think about dates after Kevin. It was only three years more. If Bee’s life will be stable and he won’t have attacks, he will be fine, so it was not a lot; three years dedication for Bee and then normal life for him and her.

‚Are you all right to stand for a minute? I have to take a key’ Ryan’s voice snatched her out of her thoughts.

‚Yes sure’ Bee stood near the car. ‚I’m okay don’t worry’ he smiled because Ryan was hesitating. ‚You have very nice car,’ Bee said with appreciation stroking a silver Audi A3. ‚Our Seat is very, very old. It belonged to my father’ he added.

‚Thanks’ Ryan smiled and opened the car. Amy’s story has been more and more curious. After a while, he gave Amy his navigation.

‚Could you write down your post code?’

‚Yes sure’ she was sitting on the rear seat with Bee.

When they were going, Kevin called Amy.

‚Hi, where are you? Is everything all right with Bee?’ he asked when she picked up the phone.

‚Yes, it’s ok, we are going home’ she replied.

‚But your car is in front of the office. Is something wrong with it?’

‚Yes, I couldn’t turn on it. I took a taxi’ she lied.

‚I call Henry, he will take your car, and you just drop him a key.’

‚Ok, thank you.’

‚Call me if you can’t be at work tomorrow,’ he said.

‚I will,’ she replied and hung up the phone.

‚Was it Kevin?’ Bee asked tired voice.

‚Yes’ Amy replied shortly.

‚Why did you lie?’ he asked again.

Ryan was also curious.

‚Because I wanted,’ she answered sharply.

Ryan raised his eyebrows. Bee knew that this tone of the voice means to leave this subject.

‚Can we go to the market and buy some sweets?’ he changed the topic.

‚No honey we are going home straight’ Amy stroked his hair.

‚We don’t have money again’ Bee sighed.

‚We have,’ Amy said too fast and too loudly.

Fortunately, they drove to Amy’s house. It was a small, one floor, old house in the very quiet street with a garden in front of the house.

‚Thank you, Ryan, it’s here ,’ Amy pointed out the house.

‚And what about tomorrow? Could you come in the morning and take me to school?’ Bee asked honestly.

‚Bee!’ Amy was indignant his behaviour.

‚That’s okay,’ Ryan turned on with laughing. ‚I’m living not so far, I can come to you tomorrow. What time?’

‚Half past eight,’ Bee said fast and left the car before Amy could protest.

‚I’m sorry for him. He’s still a child. So thank you again and see you tomorrow at work… and…’

‚Hey, Amy’ he interrupted her with a smile. ‚I will be here in the morning, and I don’t tell anybody about today.’

‚Thank you’ she blushed. ‚See you tomorrow,’ she added and got out of the car. Bee was waiting in front of the door. He waved Ryan on goodbye.

‚Ryan is okay,’ Bee said when they went home. ‚He could be your boyfriend.’

‚No, he couldn’t,’ Amy replied. ‚He saw that I had a problem with my car and tried to help me. In the meantime, a nurse called me that you had an attack, so I asked him to drop me to the hospital. This is all story; he is not my boyfriend or even my colleague. He is a stranger who helped me. Do you understand? I don’t want to hear about him anymore. You have to tell me what happened in school. Do you want to rest or eat something?’

‚I’m hungry. I go to wash my hands,’ he said and went to the bathroom.

They spent the rest of the day playing together and talking. Bee told her that he was fighting with an older boy. He pushed Bee and Bee fell over and hit his head. Headteacher would rather take Bee to the hospital because he was afraid an epilepsy attack. And he had right because in the hospital Bee had an attack but the doctor said that he still can be healthy. So finally everything is okay, and this boy will have exclusion because it was not the first time when he beats younger children.

Amy was happy that Bee feels well, but she was worried about the car. In the evening she called Sara with asking about money, and she sent her 200 pounds straight away. Amy had hope that when grandma goes back to home, they will have more money because her pension will affect her account, not care home where she is now.

Next day in the morning Ryan came by car.

‚He is here’ Bee was happy when he looked out the window, that he took the school bag and ran out.

‚Be careful’ Amy shouted but he didn’t hear her. A while later she came to the car. ‚Hi, Ryan, thank you for coming,’ she smiled.

‚My pleasure,’ he replied. ‚So where is your school, Max?’ he asked Bee.

‚You can call me Bee,’ Bee said kindly.

‚I write you post code,’ Amy said with laughing.

‚Thank you,’ Ryan was laughing as well. ‚Why does everybody call you Bee?’ he asked with curiously.

‚Because when I was very small, I was buzzing like a bee and my dad said that I am a little bee. I don’t remember this, but Amy told me this story,’ he explained.

Ryan was surprised. What happened with Bee’s father and why he says “Amy” about his mother. Is it possible that Kevin is his father?

‚Turn right!’ Bee shouted and got out of Ryan’s reverie.

‚Bee stop shouting!’ Amy said sharply.

‚That’s okay; it’s my fault’ Ryan turned right and stopped.

‚Thank you very much. Tell me how much I have to pay you. I go with Bee and take money from a cash machine. If you can, please wait three minutes…’

‚Hey, Amy, relax,’ Ryan smiled. ‚Go with Bee and back to me. See you mate, have a nice day at school.’ He reached out his hand to Bee.

‚Thanks, Ryan,’ Bee shook his hand and wanted to get out from the car.

‚Oh wait,’ Ryan stopped him. ‚I have some sweets for you,’ he showed him a few bars. ‚Of course, if your mom agrees,’ he looked at Amy.

‚My mom?’ Bee was surprised. ‚Amy is not my mom, she is my sister!’ he started laughing.

Ryan was shocked. So where are their parents? Nothing was as he thought it was!

‚It doesn’t matter who I am because I still have to agree,’ Amy looked at Bee. He was blabbermouth! ‚Take one, please.’

Bee was sad.

‚What time do you finish? I will be waiting with sweets,’ Ryan winked at him.

‚Three o’clock, thank you’ Bee smiled and took Lion bar.

‚No Ryan, I don’t agree! I’m sure I will have my car, so thank you.’ Amy felt that this situation is out of control.

Bee was sad again.

‚Go to school and don’t worry,’ Ryan smiled to him knowingly.

Bee smiled widely and went. Amy went with him. She came back after a few minutes and got into the car.

‚Listen, Ryan, thank you very much for your help, but that’s enough. Tell me how much I have to pay you…’

‚Come with me for coffee,’ he interrupted her. ‚And be nice for me. Not suspicious and distrustful but just kind, like your little brother.’

‚I’m sorry, but I have to go to work,’ she was confused by his offer. ‚It’s not as easy as you think. Please leave my brother and don’t give him hope that you will be his friend,’ she had tears in her eyes when she was saying it.

‚Why are you so unpleasant and so closed?’ he asked reproachfully.

‚Because I have to,’ she answered, and it sounded so honest that he felt uncomfortable.

‚I’m sorry’ he lowered his head. He wanted to ask her about some many things, but now he just couldn’t do it.

Amy looked at him, and she wanted to add something, but she changed her mind. She knew that her behaviour is very unfair relative to Ryan, but she didn’t want to give hope for Bee and herself. She felt that he is a nice guy, but still was a stranger, and she wasn’t ready to change it.

‚Thank you again,’ she said and got out the car. ‚See you in work’ she added.

‚Wait’ Ryan sighed. ‚Take these sweets for Bee, he will be disappointed that I won’t come.’ He gave her bars.

‚Ok, thanks’ she smiled sadly and went.

Ryan watched as she walked away. He could do nothing. She didn’t want his help and his friendship, and that’s all. He sighed deeply and went to work. He had two meetings outside the office, and he decided not to go to the office.

Amy went to Henry’s garage. In the meantime, she called Kevin and told that she would be late. Henry was an older man with white hair and gentle look. He was one of her grandma’s friend. He had a small garage and treated Amy like his own granddaughter.

‚Hi Henry how are you?’ Amy greeted him warmly.

‚Hi, Amy, I’m all right, thank you. How are you?’ Henry smiled.

‚It’s not too bad,’ she replied. ‚I brought you my key.’

‚Oh yes, that’s good. Kevin called me yesterday. I opened your car, but without a key, I can do nothing.’

‚I hope nothing serious. It’s a bad time for unforeseen expenses,’ she sighed.

‚I know, I know,’ Henry nodded. ‚How your grandma?’

‚She feels much better, thank you. She is speaking and starts walking. She will go back home within two months.’

‚That’s fantastic!’ Henry was really happy. ‚I will go to tea when she comes back.’

‚It’s obvious,’ Amy laughed. ‚I let you know when she will be back.’

‚Okay honey, so I check your car and call you back. Don’t worry, will be fine.’ He patted her on the shoulder.

‚I hope so. I’m going to work, thank you.’ Amy said and went.

She was at work nearly 10 am. Christine was waiting for her.

‚Hi Amy, how does Bee feel?’ she asked.

‚He is all right, thank you. How this meeting from yesterday?’

‚No leaks at the moment, but Kevin was furious after this meeting, and he yelled at Ryan for being late. He should be about 12noon, and he was almost 2 pm. He wanted to fire him, but Ryan was very calm and said only “fine” and gave Kevin two new contracts. Finally, he is still working, and I am falling in love with him,’ she finished with a laugh. ‚It was a beautiful knockout.’

Amy felt uncomfortable. She even didn’t think that Ryan had to go to work… and she didn’t ask him.

And he didn’t tell why he was too late… as he promised.

‚Oh yes, it was,’ she agreed and went to her desk. She sat down, but she couldn’t work. Kevin snatched it from her thoughts.

‚Amy, could you come to my office, please?’ he said loudly standing in the door of his office.

‚Yes sure,’ she turned on and went to him. ‚How your meeting?’

‚Changes, changes’ Kevin sighed. ‚It’s not immediate, but soon so we must be ready.’

‚Ok, so should I be scared?’ she looked at him carefully.

‚Yes and no,’ Kevin smiled and sat down on the chair. Amy did the same. ‚Good news is that they don’t want to get rid of anybody, but the bad news is that they want to fire everybody and take them back as freelancers. Ryan is a first person employed on new rules. He has money when he brings a contract. But with journalists is a little different situation. You will have money when your article is in the newspaper…’

‚So if you don’t agree on publishing, all my work goes to the trash?’ she interrupted him.

‚More-less, but only if you create your own topic. If you take one of my topics, you will have a guarantee that I will publish it. The only problem is that you can write on two pages and I will cut it and publish half a page. And in this situation, you will have less money. It’s still good money, but you won’t have a contract and no guaranteed money, so your financial situation will be less stable.’

Amy hid her face in her hands.

‚Okay so the conclusion is that I should find another job’ she sighed. ‚When do they want to make changes?’

‚Two, three months. Please don’t tell anybody. We will have a big meeting, and then everybody will know. I don’t want gossips before this time.’

‚Come on; this office is gossip habitat. When I come back from your office, Chris will come to me and ask what we were talking about,’ Amy smiled sadly. ‚But I say nothing, promise.’

Kevin came to her and took her hands.

‚Will be all right, I promise’ he squeezed her gently.

‚I’ll be fine,’ she took her hands. ‚You don’t have to worry about me.’

‚I know, but I was, and I will be’ he smiled.

‚As we know your promises are not worth much’ she added and just went. She couldn’t listen to him longer. Kevin was a liar, who told you everything that you wanted to hear at the moment. A long time ago he was the honest and nice guy, but people change, and point of view depends on the point of sitting.

‚What did he tell you?’ Christine asked when she saw her.

‚Nothing’ Amy shrugged. ‚He asked me about Bee that’s all.’

‚Yep’ Chris was disappointed and felt that Amy didn’t tell the truth. But Amy didn’t care about her feelings and went back to work.

Henry called her about 2 pm with information that car will be ready on Monday afternoon and will cost 40 pounds. Amy breathed. She was worried that it would cost much more. She regained humour and went to Bee’s school with smiling. She felt happy again and again she thought that life is beautiful. Even when Bee was sad that Ryan didn’t come, she gave him all sweets from Ryan and explained that he has work in another town today, Bee understood and they spent a very nice afternoon.

On Saturday was a beautiful weather; warm and sunny, which was not obvious in May in England, so Amy decided that they go to grandmother by bus. Bee was quite happy… he would rather use Ryan’s car, but he wasn’t so brave to propose it Amy.

Grandmother was 68 and was living in care home specialising in the treatment of people after stroke. Two years ago grandma had a very large left side stroke, and she was half a year in the hospital, and then doctors recommended Amy this care home as one of the best in England. They gave her hope that grandma can recover ninety percent health. It was a very expensive care home, but Amy decided to leave grandma there. For her it meant the cheapest food, no pleasures, no trips, no new clothes, but for grandma it meant new life especially that she wanted to do exercise, she was full cooperation, and she wanted to be healthy, go back to home and again help Amy with Bee. Amy was giving everything the best for Bee, but she must forget about herself. Sometimes she was exhausted and fed up, but she still had a hope that one day everything will be like earlier. And it looked like it was going to get better. Grandma was waiting for them in front of the main door, in the garden. She was sitting in the wheelchair, and her legs were covered with a blanket. She smiled brightly, and she had a beautiful smile… by the way, she was very beautiful woman despite her age. She still had a black hair only with a few slightly grey place and still full of life black eyes. Bee ran out and hugged her firmly. Last time they were here three weeks ago because grandma had special treatments through three weeks including weekends and after this, she felt much better.

‚Hello, my little boy, you are a young man, not a little boy. How old are you now?’ she asked him very seriously.

‚Come on grandma, I’m still 9’ Bee laughed. ‚You look so good that you should go back home with us’ he added.

‚Hi grandma, Bee has right, you look gorgeous’ Amy leaned to her and kissed her cheek.

‚Good to see you, kids’ she said with tears in her eyes. ‚As you see I feel much better, but what about you?’

‚Everything is all right’ Amy smiled.

‚Our car is broken, and on Thursday I was in hospital and Amy came to me with her new friend Ryan’ Bee presented last few days in one sentence.

‚What happened to you… and car?’ grandma was frightened.

‚Nothing. It’s all right’ Amy looked at Bee angrily. ‚Bee is okay, and the car will be okay on Monday. Could you stay here together and I go to talk with your doctor. Give me five minutes’ Amy said.

‚Ok go, go’ said grandma, and when Amy disappeared in the door, she asked Bee. ‚Tell me about this Ryan.’

Amy went to the doctor and found out that grandma can’t walk at the moment but they have a special therapy which cost 1000 pounds and they guarantee that she will be walking without help. This therapy is about one month and includes physiotherapy, stimulators, massages and everything necessary to achieve the goal.

‚When have I got to pay for this?’ Amy asked tired voice. She knew that this is the best opportunity for grandma, but she hasn’t got this money.

‚As soon as possible. I know it’s a lot, but you did so much for your grandma that I had to tell you about it.’ The doctor was embarrassed that he told her about money… he knew that it’s a lot of money for her especially that she is still paying for care home a thousand pounds per month.

‚Yes, thank you’ Amy tried to find a good way from this situation. ‚Could you give me a few minutes, I have to think about it.’

‚Of course’ he smiled, and both went to the corridor. Amy stood there and called Sara. She was her only chance mainly that she worked in a bank.

‚Hi princess, how are you? How Bee? How your car?’ Sara picked up the phone.

‚Bee ok, car will be on Monday, and I have a huge request’ Amy sighed.

‚But we will see each other in the evening?’ Sara made sure.

‚Yes, it’s obvious,’ she smiled and told Sara about grandma.

‚That’s no problem’ Sara sighed with relief. She thought that something serious happened. ‚You can’t take a loan, but I can, because I have more possibilities.’

‚Thank you so much, but I don’t know when I can return this money’ Amy was really grateful.

‚Don’t worry about it. Tell the doctor that you can have this money on Tuesday or Wednesday… or just tell him next week, that is safer. And today evening I will be 9.30, and you must be ready because we will go the same taxi which I come. And I hope that Mary will stay all night with Bee and we will be dancing till morning. It’s my birthday and its order.’

‚Of course old woman’ Amy laughed. Sara was older a year than Amy and Tom. ‚I have respect to older, you know about it.’

‚You will pay me for that’ Sara was laughing as well. ‚I don’t have a time at the moment. We will talk in the evening. Take care kid.’ She added and hung up.

Amy was so happy when she went to the doctor with information about money. And he was happy as well. He knew how much she fights for her grandmother’s health.When she went back, they were sitting and talking about Bee’s school, Amy’s work and holiday which they probably spend together at home. Amy didn’t tell grandma about her new therapy because she will ask about the price and grandma didn’t ask about Ryan… because Bee told her everything. She was very curious who is Ryan for Amy, but she agreed with Bee that he would call her if something happens. They both wanted that Amy has a boyfriend. They spent with grandma afternoon, and after four Amy got Bee to home. She had to be ready for a party.

At 9.30 Sara came to her. This time she looked amazing. She had cold shoulder red dress and very high heel black sandals. Curly hair was dissolved on her shoulders.

‚Happy birthday Sara’ Bee dressed in spider-man pyjamas ran to her and hugged. ‚I have a card for you… I do it myself ‚ he gave her. On this card was vase and flowers and Sara with Tom in the car.

‚Oh, my God, it’s beautiful. Thank you, Bee’ she kissed him. ‚Could you tell me where are we going?’

‚On holiday, like every year. And you will bring me a gift, like always’ he smiled.

Amy, Sara and Mary laughed.

‚You got it, mate’ Sara said.

‚Ok, I have something for you as well’ Amy gave her a small box. Inside was a beautiful bracelet with black stones.

‚Oh, Amy, it’s beautiful, thank you’ Sara put it on and kiss Amy’s cheek.

‚Fits perfectly’ Mary said. ‚Happy birthday, Sara’ she spread her arms and hugged Sara. ‚Unfortunately, I didn’t know about your birthday, so I don’t have a gift for you.’

‚That’s okay’ Sara smiled. ‚We have to go because taxi is waiting. Can I leave this card here because I have a too small bag and I’m afraid it can crease. I pop in for this tomorrow or Monday, okay Bee?’

‚Ok, I leave it to you’ he smiled and went upstairs.

‚Have nice time girls’ Mary said and closed the door after them.

When they came to the disco, they saw a huge queue outside.

‚Oh gosh, these people will be standing outside two hours or more’ Sara sighed.

‚Yes, but we go straight’ Amy smiled and looked around. Suddenly, she saw a familiar person in the middle of the queue. In the first moment she wanted to go inside, but then she thought that she has some debt of gratitude. ‚Wait for a second’ she said to Sara and went. She came to the person in the queue. ‚Hi, Ryan’ she smiled.

‚Hi Amy, are you coming now? You can stay with me, the queue is so long.’ He offered.

‚Thank you, but I think I have a better offer for you. Come with me’ she said. ‚Are you alone?’

‚Yes, it’s not my girls’ he laughed looking around.

‚So come on’ Amy went first and Ryan after her.

Sara was surprised. Amy told her about Ryan, but she didn’t tell that this is THIS Ryan, sweet boy from the last disco.

‚Sara this is Ryan, Ryan Sara’ she introduced them.

‚Nice to meet you’ Sara smiled. ‚Come on, we are late’ she added and went first. In the entrance stood Brad. He smiled when he saw Sara.

‚Hi beautiful, happy birthday’ he said and kissed her.

‚Thanks, Brad, I hope we’ll see later.’

‚Hi, Amy’ he kissed her as well. ‚You look amazing like always’ he wanted to close the door.

‚He is with me’ she took Ryan’s hand and pulled him inside.

Brad looked him in displeasure.

‚Thanks, man’ Ryan said. He could suppose that Brad liked Amy more than he should.

‚Why so long?’ Sara was impatient. ‚We are going upstairs, Tom is there.’

‚Ok Ryan, you are inside. All disco is yours’ Amy let go of his hand and wanted to leave.

‚Come with us, it’s my birthday’ Sara took his hand. ‚Amy’s friend is my friend’ she added.

Ryan looked at Amy. He didn’t want to impose her. Sara looked at Amy as well, but her look was rakish. Amy knew that Sara has a plan.

‚Sure, if you want’ she shrugged.

‚Happy birthday, Sara’ Ryan said with a smile.

‚Thank you’ she winked at him and went upstairs. Amy and Ryan went after her.

‚Hi, honey!’ Tom yelled from the bar. He was a quite small but very muscular. He just looked like little Schwarzenegger, but he always had happy eyes. And he was a security boss. Sara came to him and kissed him.

‚Is anybody more here?’ she asked.

‚No, not yet. I told ten, ten thirty’ he explained. ‚Hi, Amy!’ he waved his hand. ‚Who is with Amy? Is he with Amy?’ he asked surprised.

‚Be nice, it’s important’ she warned him.

Amy with Ryan came to the bar. Tom greeted them.

‚Three beers?’ He asked and started pouring it. After a while, he gave them beers. ‚If you agree I go dancing with my lady’ Tom jumped from the bar and took Sara. She didn’t protest, she knew that he must know everything about Amy’s friend immediately.

‚It’s very nice place, one of the best here’ Ryan started talking about something unimportant. In his opinion, it was a safe topic.

‚Is the best’ Amy confirmed.

‚But when I started working in this town and asked Kevin about the nice place he didn’t tell me about it. I found out about it from Christine.’

‚Because Kevin can’t come here’ she laughed. ‚He has a ban.’

‚Why?’ Ryan was surprised. Kevin didn’t look like a troublemaker.

‚You have to ask security’ she closed the subject.

‚Do you want to dance?’ Ryan reached out his hand.

‚No thank you, but you can go if you want’ she encouraged him.

‚So why you got me from this queue? What for? I’m really confused your behaviour. Snow Queen came back?’ he was angry and didn’t know what he should think about her.

‚I saw you in this queue, and I wanted to repay for your help. I didn’t invite you on birthday!’ Amy was very honest and not very nice for him.

‚You have right, I’m sorry’ Ryan said. ‚I thought that you are nice just like that. My mistake, forget about it. Have fun’ he added and wanted to leave her and go.

‚Ryan, wait’ she grabbed his arm. ‚I’m sorry it’s not like you think’ she felt that she couldn’t let him go although she knew that it’s an irrational feeling.

‚Oh really? So maybe you should tell me how it is. Because I’m fed up your very strange and inconsistent behaviours! Give me rules or instruction to you!’

‚Ok if you want’ she agreed. ‚One night, just dancing, no questions, no romantic behaviours, we are not a couple, we are just people who want to dance together. You can always go or tell me that you don’t want to dance with me anymore and go dancing with anybody else. Deal?’ she asked.

Ryan was shocked.

‚Deal’ he confirmed after a while.

‚Now we can go’ she reached out her hand.

Ryan shook his head in disbelief. She was so emotionally unstable that he was afraid to tell her anything… but he had her hand, and they went dancing.

Amy was delighted his skills; he was a fantastic dancer. She dreamed that he could be her private dancer whenever she will be on disco. After half an hour she saw that most of Sara’s guests were upstairs, so she stopped dancing.

‚I should go upstairs; everybody is there. Are you going with me?’ And when he nodded they went. She felt very comfortable in this situation. Ultimately, she could behave freely because he knew rules.

Upstairs, there were about fifteen people, Sara’s and Tom’s friends. Most of these people Amy knew from earlier parties. Tom invited Ryan to the bar and presented him to the other guests. Sara came to Amy.

‚You look fantastic with him; he is very nice guy’ she said.

‚Sara, between us, is a deal, nothing more, trust me.’ Amy rolled her eyes.

‚Between you and him is much, much more than you can imagine. And I think you know about it’ Sara gave her beer.

‚Yes, and you will be my matchmaker. Cheers’ and she drank.

The girls sat at the table with the other girls, and the guys were talking at the bar. From time to time Amy looked at Ryan, but it looked that he has a good fun. At one point their eyes met, and Ryan showed up on the dance floor. Amy smiled and nodded. She apologised to the girls and went dancing.

‚Do you have fun?’ she asked when they went to the dance floor.

‚Yes, it’s very nice, but they drink too fast’ he laughed. ‚I never drink much on disco and always come by car. Two beers it’s enough for me.’

‚I know what you mean. I usually come by car as well. I don’t like drinking when I’m dancing. When I dance, I have to feel stable, not drunk.

‚So do you feel stable enough to dance with me?’ he asked with laughing.

‚I think so’ Amy replied.

When they started dancing, before they knew, it was midnight. DJ said goodbye all Cinderellas and announced sweet Sara’s birthday. Amy looked around and saw that all guests are downstairs and standing in the middle of the dance floor.

‚I have to take birthday cake from the bar’ she said to Ryan. ‚Do you want to go with me or stay with everybody?’ Amy saw that Sara with Tom was going to dance floor.

‚I go with you’ Ryan decided and very well because they had to take cake and glasses of champagne.

When Amy saw the cake, she just nodded.

‚He is so cute’ she smiled. The birthday cake was all in white cream with beautiful red roses around and in the middle was a small red box in the heart shape. There probably was an engagement ring because on the cake was writing: “Happy Birthday Sara” on the top with two candles 2 and 6 and “Will you marry me?” on the bottom. ‚Tom told me that I have to take a cake and to wait for a sign and that I will definitely notice the sign, and now I understand everything’ she couldn’t stop smiling. Ryan was smiling as well and thought that Tom is a very creative person.

They heard “You are my destiny”.

‚Come on, take glasses’ Amy said and went first. They went to the dance floor where Sara and Tom were dancing, and the guests were standing around them.

‚I give them champagne’ Ryan told and went when Amy agreed.

At some point, they heard a crackle and after a while “Power of love”. “She is so lucky,” Amy thought with jealousy.

‚Is this a sign?’ Ryan stood by her.

‚No, it’s not’ Amy shook her head. ‚He is a little romantic, but I’m sure he created something crazier.’

Ryan was very curious, he stood and watched on them. And again they heard a crackle and DJ said:

‚I’m sorry guys about it.’

And then they heard: “I think… I think… I think…” as if the song could not start.

‚It’s a sign!’ Amy panicked. ‚Candles! We have to light candles!’ she yelled to Ryan.

‚Calm down’ he smiled and took a lighter out of his pocket. He was sure that something is wrong with DJ equipment.

“I think I wanna marry you.” They heard after a while. And further was a song: “Is it the look in your eyes, or is it this dancing juice. Who cares baby, I think I wanna marry you… I think I wanna marry you… I think I wanna marry you.” And music stopped. Amy came to Tom and gave him a birthday cake; he kneeled on one knee in front of Sara. Amy went back to Ryan, and everybody was waiting what Sara says.

‚Oh my God, yes, yes!’ she shouted happily after a while.

Everybody started applauding, and DJ played „The final countdown” but just a part of the explosion to start singing. Sara looked around, smiled and blew candles. Amy came again, and Tom gave her a cake and just got a small box. Opened it, took the ring and put it on Sara’s finger. Kissed her hand and got up. Sara threw her arms around him and kissed him. Ryan stood beside Amy with four glasses.

‚Would you like some champagne?’ he asked with smiled.

‚Yes, thank you’ Sara was laughing and took for herself and Tom. ‚We should go upstairs because people want to dance.’

‚Ok so go’ Amy shrugged and went first with a birthday cake. She left it on their table.

All guests went up to Sara and Tom with congratulations. Amy stood on the side, Ryan talked with some guys, but when he saw that she is alone, he came to her.

‚Are you all right?’ he asked.

‚Yes, I’m very happy. They are my best friends’ Amy said with tears in her eyes.

‚Ryan, come here’ new friends called him. There were sitting at the bar.

‚Excuse me, give me two minutes’ he smiled.

‚That’s ok’ Amy shrugged. ‚You are not with me. Go and have fun.’

Ryan rolled his eyes. Snow Queen went back again. It seemed that she has a problem with this situation.

‚Amy come to us’ Sara came and took her hand. ‚I’m so happy’ she added.

‚I know, me too’ Amy smiled.

‚We must go to fairy soon, especially after this changes’ Sara looked at Amy seriously. She did not often use fairies but occasionally liked to know what might happen. Amy was sceptical.

‚Ok, ok I will go with you as an accompanying person’ Amy laughed. ‚But now give me a piece of your birthday cake. I’m happy for your happiness’ she hugged her.

‚I know honey, but I strongly believe that you will be happy as well. And it will be soon’ Sara glanced at Ryan and gave her cake.

‚I saw it!’ Amy shouted.

‚Can I kidnap my fiance?’ Tom appeared near them.

‚Sure’ Amy smiled. ‚I’m very happy, congratulations’ she hugged him.

‚Thanks, baby’ Tom kissed her on the forehead. ‚Thank you for help.’

‚No probs, but I regret that I didn’t know all your plan.’ She winked at him. After a while, she stayed alone again.

‚Hi Snow Queen, would you like something to drink?’ She heard a familiar voice. She turned on with a smile.

‚Yep, maybe one more beer’ she shrugged.

‚Ryan, take your beer mate’ one of his new friend wave to him.

‚You see, your wish is my command’ he laughed. ‚Thanks, man’ he came to the bar.

‚Are you going to your lady? It’s our „hands off” friend, but she is nice’ he patted his back. ‚It’s real men’s beer mate, so be careful’ he added.

‚Okay, thanks’ Ryan didn’t understand, but he even didn’t want to understand. Took the beer and soft drink for himself and went back to Amy.

‚And what about you?’ Amy asked surprised.

‚I’m a driver, and it’s after midnight, so I got cola for myself’ he showed her.

‚Okay so cheers’ she raised a pint of beer and drank.

‚Can I ask you about something?’ They were standing, leaning against the railing. Ryan looked at her bravely. She raised eyebrows. ‚How long do you know Tom and Sara?’

‚From childhood’ she replied. ‚Tom was going to school with me, and Sara was a year higher.’

They stood in silence for a moment only drinking and watching for dancing people.

‚Do you want to dance?’ Amy asked finishing her beer.

‚Yes, sure’ he smiled.

After a half, an hour Amy felt strange. She didn’t know what is wrong but finally decided to go to the toilet.

‚Take me one more beer, please’ she smiled to Ryan and went.

Ryan did it, but he supposed that she is a little drunk. Amy drank this beer very fast, and when Ryan left her and went to the toilet, she went dancing with girls. When he came back, Amy disappeared, but Tom with Brad were at the downstairs bar. Ryan came to them. Brad just gave him a scornful look and went away.

‚What’s up, man?’ Tom asked. He was a little drunk as well.

‚Ok, thanks. Did you see Amy?’ Ryan looked around all the time.

‚She is dancing with girls. Give her a few minutes. You look after her all night’ he looked at him carefully. ‚Is it something serious?’

‚I don’t think so’ Ryan shook his head. ‚She is very… independent.’

Tom sighed.

‚She is very fate-stricken, so if you want to hurt her, think twice, because I kill you when I find out’ Tom said it firmly.

Ryan wanted to ask about her life, but he changed his mind… but he asked about something else.

‚And this is the reason why Kevin couldn’t come here?’

‚How do you know about it?’ Tom was surprised.

‚Amy told me about it. And told that if I want to know details, I have to ask security. So I think you are the best person, aren’t you?’

‚This sod left her when she needed him the most when she was sure that they would be together, forever. I found out about it because Sara told me, she lived with Amy a few weeks after this, but anyway, he came here and moved on other girls. So I took him outside and told that if he comes here one more time, I will kill him. And if he does it when I will be on holiday, one of my boys kill him. So… because he lost a few teeth and had some bruises, he prefers not to risk. Be careful mate… I like you but Amy… is our Amy’ he shrugged.

‚Ok, I will remember. I think Amy is really drunk’ Ryan laughed. Amy walked across the dance floor waving her arms, a little staggering and dancing.

‚Oh, Jesus, she is going to sing. Catch her; she couldn’t go to DJ’ Tom was panicked. He said to walkie-talkie to Brad, who was near DJ, that he had to stop Amy.

‚But why? What is wrong with her singing?’ Ryan couldn’t understand.

‚Oh man, it’s horrible. She is always singing „I will always love you” a cappella. Normally, her voice is all right, but when she is drunk, she croaks like a frog. She did it once, here, and she told me that she kill me if I agree on her performance again. But she didn’t drink a lot today, did she?’ Tom was wondering.

‚Four beers with me and glass of champagne’ Ryan replied.

‚It’s strange. I saw her to drink more beers, especially that she is dancing.’

‚I don’t know it’s important, but one beer was for me, and your friend… Bob I think, told, it’s a man’s beer…’

Tom caught his head.

‚It was a beer with vodka, and she can’t mix alcohols.’

‚Could you take her to home, please?’ Tom asked Ryan.

‚Yes, sure, no problem’ he patted his back.

‚Thanks, mate’ Tom was grateful. ‚I have to go to my lady’ he added and went to find Sara.

Amy was near DJ when Brad blocked her the road.

‚Amy, would you like to go outside?’ Brad asked her very politely when she fell into his arms.

‚Of course, I will’ she agreed. ‚But you know, you should find a girlfriend. You are so nice’ she smiled and stroked his face.

‚I found, but she is not interested’ he sighed.

‚Fucking bitch!’ Amy swore. ‚Show me her, I will talk with her.’

‚Next time Amy, come with me, please.’ Suddenly, Ryan stood behind her and put hands on her shoulders.

‚Hi, Ryan’ Amy turned around and smiled. ‚Do you know Brad? He likes some girl, but she doesn’t want to be with him. Can you imagine?’

Ryan looked at Brad with understanding.

‚I can’ he confirmed. ‚I’m afraid we have similar problems. I will take you home, ok?’

‚Ok’ she agreed. ‚Or we can stay here and dance and dance and dance’ she stood in front of him and started spinning around herself.

Ryan sighed, took her in his arms and carried her out of the disco.

‚The truth is I don’t want to go home,’ she whispered in his ear when they were outside.

‚Ok, so where do you want to go?’ he asked.

‚First I have to drink some water… a lot of water. Could you open your car and go back to water for me, please?’

‚Yes, sure’ he opened the car and went to the disco. He came back after a while.

She got the water and drank two bottles. She closed her eyes and sat for a few minutes. Ryan was sitting and looked at her. He thought that he has never met such a complicated person like she was… and so beautiful. He wondered how many secrets she held in her head and what happened in her life that she is so closed for people except her best friends.

‚How long do you live in Dartford?’ Suddenly, she opened her eyes and looked at him. She wasn’t so drunk anymore.

‚About two months’ he replied.

‚I was born here. I show you Dartford which you never saw. Go to the river’ she ordered with laughing.

‚Ok, so give me directions’ Ryan agreed.

They were going about half an hour. Ryan had doubts if Amy exactly knew what she is doing, but she was extremely aware.

‚Turn right and turn off the car’ she said. ‚We are in place. Come with me’ she added and got out of the car.

Ryan was surprised. First of all, she was nice, second, she got him to her place, and she was almost sober.

‚Do you have a blanket or something that we can sit down?’ she asked.

‚Maybe I have, I check’ he opened the boot. After a while, he came with part of something. ‚I’m sorry I have only this. I use it when I have to look under the car or change the wheel. But it’s clean; you can sit on this. I also have a jacket if you will be cold.’ She had an only short dress without sleeves.

‚I’m all right now, but thank you’ she smiled.

They went down to the small beach by the river. The night was beautiful, warm with some many stars in the sky. The river flowed calmly.

‚Here will be excellent’ Amy showed the place. When they sat down side by side, she told. ‚When I was a child, we came here in every weekend. This place is unique. We were so happy here’ she paused.

‚Did you come here with your parents?’ he asked after a while.

‚Yes, and sometimes with grandma and granddad. When my granddad died, grandma spent here a few weeks… every day… all days. She must sort out her life without him. She didn’t expect that it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning.’ She stopped talking. ‚Where are you from?’ she asked after a while.

‚From Nottingham.’

‚It’s Robin Hood world’ she laughed. ‚Are you as the Robin Hood?’

‚No, not exactly,’ he laughed as well.

‚Do you have parents, siblings?’

‚Yes, I have. My mom is English, but my dad is American. They divorced when I was 10. Dad wanted to go back to America; mom wanted to stay in England. I have two older brothers, both with dad now. After school, I went to America to the University…’

‚What did you study?’ she interrupted him.

‚Management and marketing, but my dad is the owner three Audi showrooms in Atlanta and all my study I worked with him and my brothers. I was there almost ten years and sold the most cars in the family. I am an excellent seller; I can sell you London Bridge if you give me a few minutes…’

‚I’m afraid I don’t have enough money to buy it,’ she interrupted him with laughing. ‚But please continue your story. Why did you go back here?’

‚I had diploma, money, love, everything, but I felt that I need something more… I don’t know, maybe I missed English weather.’ He laughed.

‚No, I don’t believe you’ Amy laughed and lay down on the sand. ‚Tell me the truth, why you came back from beautiful Atlanta?’ she sat down again.

‚Because of mom’ he said seriously. ‚My brothers didn’t want to go back; I felt that America is not my world. Mom was lonely… I thought that she is, so I decided to go back.’

‚But she is not lonely?’ she frowned.

‚No, she has a guy and good life.’

‚Are you disappointed?’

‚No, I’m happy. My mom is a very special, kind person. She heals people applying hands. Sometimes she sees something more… especially during sleep. She called me a half year ago and told: come back son if you are not happy there.’

‚But why Dartford? It’s a hole!’ Amy was more and more fascinated by this story.

Ryan smiled.

‚She asked me what I’m looking for in my life, and I replied: destiny. And after a few days, she told me: Go to Dartford, so I did it’ he ended.

‚Wow, it’s amazing story’ Amy was impressed.

‚And what about you? What happened with your parents?’ He asked although he knew it might be the end of a nice evening.

‚It’s a very sad story, without happy end’ she said. ‚And your story was so beautiful, so hopeful that I can’t finish this evening my grim story.’

‚Sometimes when you talk about something that is very hard for you, you start feeling better. My mom repeats it all the time. And I am not only the best seller but also the best listener’ he encouraged her. He saw that she had already sobered up, which proved less chance for confessions.

Amy looked at him very carefully as if she was wondering if she could trust him. After a while, she started talking.

‚My life was a beautiful tale till my 14th birthday. I lived with my parents and grandparents, my mom’s parents. My grandma’s family came here from Poland, and my granddad was English, but his family wasn’t happy that he got married with a Polish girl. My dad was an orphan. We were a loving but very small family. After my 14th birthday, my granddad had a heart attack, and he died. Grandma was depressed. When she felt better, we found out that my father has cancer… lungs cancer. So he started treatment, but he felt worse and worse and worse. He collapsed, but everything changed when mom told that she is pregnant. He felt much better, and the disease began to reverse. It looked like he got a second life. When Bee was born, my dad was the happiest person in the world… especially, that it was a boy. But his joy did not last long, after three months doctor said that Bee has cerebral palsy with epilepsy, not very strong, but he has. Dad collapsed again. He had a relapse of the disease with metastases to the kidneys, liver, throat, everywhere. He died before Bee first birthday. My mom died six months later. She couldn’t live without him… I knew about it. She gave up day by day more and more, and one day she went sleep and died. I think he took her because she asked him about it. So finally I was seventeen, and I was an orphan with a disabled brother and grandma. She adopted him immediately and persuaded me to study physiotherapy. I wanted to be a journalist and travel around the world, but I knew that it would be only in my dreams. So I studied physiotherapy and worked with Bee. It was a good idea because we didn’t spend money and I could exercise with him every day. At the moment Bee’s only problem is epilepsy. But the doctor said that it could stop when Bee pubescent. But he must have a very stable environment without stress because if he has a lot of attacks, it stays with him forever. So this is the only chance for him. He had never had many attacks except the time when I broke up with Kevin…

‚Did you break up with him?’ Ryan interrupted her with surprise. He heard something different from Tom.

‚It doesn’t matter.’ She waved her hand. ‚Bee treated Kevin like a brother and loved him like a brother, so when he stopped coming, Bee thought that it’s his fault and he started to have attacked every day. I promised him that I never agree to hurt him again by anybody. This is the reason why I was so unpleasant for you. Bee is the most important for me because he has a chance for a normal life and then I will have a chance for normal life as well. Bee likes you very much, but I know that you go away and I will have a big problem again because he won’t understand why you leave him.

‚Ok, now everything is clear.’ Ryan sighed. ‚I don’t know what Kevin did, but I’m not Kevin…’

‚No, you are not Kevin, but his decision ruined me a year of my life. We were together three years I was 22, and I could suppose that we will be together forever. So my grandma told me that I should adopt Bee. She is older, and if she dies, I can have a problem, but now, we can do it safely. When I told Kevin about my idea, he told me that he is really sorry, but he wants to have a good fun, he is young, and can’t live with my problems on his back… and finally that we shouldn’t meet anymore.

‚Son of the bitch’ Ryan swore under his breath.

‚Anyway, I can’t create situations which are dangerous for Bee. But if you are curious, I adopted him without Kevin’s help.’

‚That’s fantastic.’ Ryan was really happy. ‚So now everything is all right.’

‚I wish, but it’s not finished of my story’ she laughed bitterly. ‚Two years ago my grandma had a very large stroke. She was in the hospital, and now she is in a special care home and has a very expensive special treatment. She feels better and maybe in two months she will go back home. Obviously, if nothing happens, because as you see my life is a chain of misfortunes. Now I finished.’

‚My God, it’s too much for one person’ Ryan sighed.’Tell me if I can help you if I can do something…’

‚Thanks but I don’t need your help. You are a very nice guy, but you should leave me. It will be better for you and me’ she stood up very fast.

‚Amy wait,’ Ryan grabbed her hand and stood up as well. ‚You don’t have to run away anymore.’ He hugged her.

She stood with lowered hands.

‚That’s ok. You don’t have to cry because of my hopeless life’ she patted him on the back. ‚Come on I show you something more.’ She freed herself from his grasp and went to the car. Ryan went after her.

‚Where do you want to go?’ he asked when they were sitting in the car.

‚To the bridge… our absolutely horrible bridge… because of the traffic… but there are amazing views. And there is no traffic about 5 in the morning on Sunday so…’ she paused.

‚So… let’s go’ he smiled.

‚Turn here, we have to leave the car and go by foot. Crossing the bridge is payable, and we didn’t pay.’ Amy said. When they got out of the car, she took his hands, and they went. ‚You have to know where exactly to stand to see the beauty of this place.’

It was clear, but the moon was still reflected in the Thames, somewhere light was on.

‚We should come here in the night, now is almost day’ Amy was dissatisfied.

‚Hey, it’s beautiful’ Ryan pulled her to himself, looked deeply into her eyes and kissed her gently.

‚You shouldn’t do it’ Amy whispered after a while.

‚I know, I risk my life’ he confirmed and kissed her again but stronger and longer. ‚Now you can kill me I die happy’ he said after a while and stroked her cheek. She smiled sadly.

‚But you know that it’s no chance to continue.’

‚I know that it’s your choice and your decision. I chose now’ he wanted to kiss her again, but she stopped him.

‚I think we should go home’ she told and went to the car.

He sighed and went with her. They didn’t talk in the car.

‚Thank you for nice evening and night’ Amy looked at him when he stopped the car in front of her house. It was 6 in the morning. She wanted to go, but he grabbed her hand.

‚Sleep well Amy and see you on Monday’ he smiled.

‚Yes, see you’ she said very fast and got out of the car. She went home, and he drove off.

She left a purse on the table, went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

‚What are you doing Amy? What happens to you?’ She asked herself. She washed very fast and went sleep. But she couldn’t sleep. When she closed her eyes, she saw Ryan who kissed her. And his eyes… she could swear that she saw these eyes somewhere. But she was so tired this thinking that finally, she slept. When she woke up, it was two afternoon. She came to the kitchen, Mary with Bee were playing poker.

‚Good afternoon princess, how you feel? Hangover?’ Mary laughed.

‚Only moral’ Amy went to the fridge and took yoghurt. She sat down at the table.

Mary raised her eyebrows.

‚You have to tell me everything. Bee could you go to watch tv? You are too good for me’ she said and put the cards.

‚I won five times’ he boasted to Amy.

‚Congratulations’ she was happy. ‚Kiss me and go to your room. Did you eat lunch?’

‚No, not yet, but Mary made pancakes so that we can eat after fifteen minutes?’

‚Ok, fifteen minutes’ Amy agreed, and Bee went.

‚Coffee?’ Mary stood up and took the kettle.

‚Yes, please.’

‚What time did you come back? Was it an early day?’

‚Six. It was very interesting and strange night. Tom proposed to Sara, I met a friend, and we danced all night together, and finally, I invited him to my secret beach by the river.’

‚Did you get him on the Darent? When have you been there last time?’ Mary asked. ‚When Kevin left you?’

‚Yep, exactly’ Amy nodded. ‚But I was a little drunk, and I didn’t want to go home.’ She explained.

‚Amy!’ Mary shouted. ‚You took him to your place! Do you know what that means?’

‚Nothing, trust me’ Amy couldn’t look at Mary’s eyes.

‚If it’s nothing and he is nobody you should take him to the City Hall!’

‚Ok, ok, I don’t want to talk about it. Tom and Sara get married, did you hear it?’ she changed the subject.

‚That’s very cute, I’m so happy’ Mary smiled. ‚But it’s not so surprising as your behaviour! I’m so happy that you find a boyfriend. You deserve happiness like nobody.’

‚Don’t be so excited’ Amy sighed. ‚He is not my boyfriend, and he won’t be. So if you can give me coffee, please, and I would like to eat your pancakes. And I really don’t want to talk about it anymore.’

‚Ok, ok, I’m sorry’ she gave her coffee. ‚But the last question; did you kiss him?’

‚Mary!’ Amy shouted reproachfully.

‚All right, don’t answer’ she murmured.

Mary went home after four and Amy was alone with Bee and her thoughts about Ryan. In the evening Sara called her. Amy didn’t want to talk a lot, but she asked Sara to come in the morning and take Bee to school. And then they will go for coffee because they must talk. Sara agreed and didn’t ask anymore, but she was very curious what happened after disco with Amy and Ryan.

Next day they dropped Bee to school and went back to Sara’s home. This was the safest place to talk about secrets.

‚Ok, so from the beginning. Tom told me that you drank too much and Ryan got you to home.’ Sara put coffees on the table, brought some sweets and sat down.

‚Yes, more-less’ Amy confirmed. ‚I don’t understand why I was drunk. I drank only four beers through all night…’

‚I know, Tom told me,’ Sara interrupted her. ‚Ryan gave you his beer with vodka, but don’t worry, he didn’t know about it.’

‚Oh yes, now everything is clear’ Amy sighed. She told Sara everything but without details like kisses or her thoughts after this night. Sara was definitely her best friend, but Amy was afraid that she would be pushing her into Ryan’s arms, so she decided to not tell about it, anybody. They also talked about Tom’s proposal, Sara showed her a beautiful ring with a big emerald in the middle and little diamonds around embedded in white gold, but Sara told that they don’t want to hurry to get married. About twelve Sara had to go to work.

‚Can I stay here? I have to do research to my article and then take my car from Henry.’ Amy didn’t want to go to work because she wasn’t ready to meet Ryan. She needed time to sort out all this situation.

‚Sure, no problem’ Sara replied. She didn’t suppose what the real reason is or maybe she didn’t want to show that she suspected something. So she just went to work.

Ryan slept all Sunday, and he couldn’t wait when he meets Amy. He didn’t want to go to her because he thought that she would feel overwhelmed. He felt that it won’t easy to convince her to be with him, but he wanted to try. Step by step, no rush. Something happened, and he wanted to continue it. So he decided to wait until Monday. In the morning he had two meetings and about twelve he came to the office… but unfortunately, Amy wasn’t there. He didn’t want to ask anybody… just went to her home, but nobody was there. The last chance was in Bee school. So before three he drove up there and waited.

Amy stayed alone. She couldn’t concentrate on her job. She did nothing, and after two she went to Henry’s garage. She got the car, told him about grandma and went to school. She was very tired and frustrated because she didn’t invent anything about Ryan and tomorrow she must go to work. Lost in her thought, she got out of the car.

‚Amy!’ She heard a familiar voice. She turned back, Ryan was standing on the parking, near his car. She came to him.

‚What are you doing here?’ she asked frowning.

‚I’m sorry, but I was worried about you. You didn’t come to work; you weren’t home…’

‚Do you spy me?’ Now she was angry.

‚No, of course not’ he denied very fast. ‚I just thought that we meet at work…’

‚Ryan, I told you all my story on Saturday because I was sure that you’ll run away from me. And you really should do it! Now I see that I have a bigger problem with you’ she wanted to be very angry and tell him „go away”, but she couldn’t… she involuntarily smiled.

‚It means that you don’t kill me and will meet with me soon?’ he looked at her askance.

‚Ok, but I don’t know when. I still don’t want to involve my brother…’

‚I understand’ he interrupted her. ‚Give me your phone number, I call you or send you a message.’

Amy thought a while.

‚You give me yours; I call you because I don’t remember my…’

‚Where is your phone?’ he interrupted her. He felt that she was lying.

‚In the car, I’m sorry I have no time at the moment…’

‚You can take Bee from office’ he interrupted her again. ‚Amy, please don’t play with me and my feelings. I don’t give up at the moment. I will go to Christine and ask about your number. I could do it in the morning, but I didn’t so I think I just gave you proof that you can trust me.’

‚All right’ Amy sighed. She felt stupid because of her behaviour. She went to the car and took the phone. ‚Ok, give me your number I call you now.’

Ryan smiled and gave her phone number. He was happy that she understood that her behaviour is pointless.

‚Please go now, I have to pick up my child’ she added and went. She was really tired this situation. On the one side she wanted to have somebody, she was alone since Kevin left, but in the other, she was afraid about Bee and his health when Ryan will be tired of her lack of time and say goodbye.

She didn’t want to think about it anymore, so after school, she invited Bee to the cinema.

Next day she had to go to work. Ryan didn’t come. After eleven Christine ran to Amy with her very high heels… it looked funny and a little strange.

‚Somebody is calling you…it’s a man… from the council… it’s very important’ she whispered.

‚Okay’ Amy said slowly, ‚so put me through, please.’

‚Okay, okay’ Christine went back to her desk.

Amy picked up the phone and talked with this man and her eyes were bigger and bigger and bigger. When she finished, Christine ran to her again.

‚Who was it?’ she asked.

‚I have no idea, to be honest’ Amy was shocked. ‚It was a man from the council, that’s right. He told me that in our council is massive corruption, scams and he wants to tell me all of this today, twelve o’clock in the city centre. I have to tell Kevin.’

‚Of course, you have!’ Christine shouted. -If it is a truth, it’s a big thing!

‚I’m going to Kevin’ Amy stood up and went.

After a while, Ryan came to the office.

‚Hi Chris’ he said. ‚Is Kevin in office?’

‚He is, but at the moment Amy is there because she had a very strange phone,’ and Chris wanted to tell him everything that she knew… and a few her own thoughts. Unfortunately, Ryan hasn’t interested this story.

‚Excuse me Chris, but I have no time, I have to see Kevin immediately,’ he smiled apologetically and went. He knocked the door and opened it without waiting for „come in”.

‚Hi, Kev?’ he said, and after a while, he saw Amy. ‚Oh hi,’ he smiled indifferently. ‚I’m sorry I didn’t know that you are busy’ he turned to Kevin.

‚That’s fine’ Kevin was excited. ‚Amy had a very strange conversation, and we are wondering what we should do.’ And he told Ryan everything that Amy told him.

‚And do you want to go there?’ Ryan asked Amy.

‚Yes, why not, if it’s true it can be good news’ she shrugged.

‚But I’m thinking about your safety’ Kevin interrupted them. ‚You don’t know the name of this person; he told you that he knows you, it sounds strange. I think you shouldn’t go there alone.’

‚Do you have this meeting in the city centre?’ Ryan turned to Amy.

‚Yes, at twelve’ she confirmed.

‚I have two meetings near city centre after twelve, so I can go with you and check if everything is ok’ he offered with a straight face.

Amy looked at him surprised. She understood that he set this whole thing up.

‚Could you? I was a load off my mind’ Kevin sighed. ‚Ok so you can go now and call me when you finish’ he said to Amy.

‚Ok boss,’ she stood up and went. Ryan went after her. In silence, they went to the car.

‚There is no scandal in council?’ Amy said to Ryan.

‚No?’ Ryan pretended to be surprised. Amy looked at him menacingly. ‚Ok, no’ he confirmed sadly.

‚And you don’t have two meetings near city centre?’ she continued.

‚No?’ Ryan again pretended to be surprised but when he looked at her just confirmed. ‚No.’

‚Ok, so what is your plan?’

‚I would like to drink coffee with you’ he smiled.

‚No, I ask about my informant. What shit I have to give Kevin?’

‚Are you angry?’ Ryan looked at her carefully.

Amy smiled.

‚You are a very creative person so, no I’m not angry. But don’t feel encouraged for such behaviour in the future.’

‚If you find a time for me after work, I promise, I won’t’ he replied.

‚Time,’ Amy sighed, ‚it’s the biggest trap.’

‚We can do it’ Ryan winked at her.

In the cafe, they were talking about everything except her problems. Amy felt very relaxed, and she discovered that she really liked to be with Ryan. He told her about his life in America, about the local universities about habits, people, fraternities, what is similar and what completely different in American’s films and American’s life. Ryan was talking all the time, and Amy was only listening to him with pleasure. Their conversation interrupted the ringing of the phone.

‚Oh my God, it’s Kevin’ Amy shouted to get a phone.

‚Hey, Amy, relax’ Ryan took her hand. All the time they were sitting on both sides of the table, and it was the first time when he touched her today. She felt a pleasant thrill of excitement. ‚You can call him after five minutes, leave it now.’

‚Do you know what time it is?’ Amy looked at the clock on the phone.

‚No, and I don’t care… if I can be honest’ Ryan smiled widely.

‚It’s two o’clock. We have to go back’ Amy stood up from the chair.

‚Ok honey, don’t be so stressed, please’ he came to her and kissed her very gently. ‚Thank you for coffee, it was a pleasure for me’ he added, left the money on the table, took her hand, and they went to the car.

Amy said nothing. She could say nothing. This kiss… his behaviour… everything collapsed. She had a plan… perfect plan… no boyfriends, no love, no sweet nothings… and he appeared in her life… and ruined it.

‚Amy, are you all right?’ Ryan looked at her carefully. They were standing near the car.

‚No… yes… I don’t know, I’m confused’ she answered after a while. ‚It will be better when I go back on foot’ she added.

‚Amy look at me, please’ he took her under the chin. ‚Don’t leave me, please. I would like to be a part of your life, and that is the whole truth. My message to you is very clear: I want to be with you, I want to help you, I want to make you happy.’ He stopped talking and kissed her. She kissed him as well and threw her arms around his neck. He hugged her firmly.

‚Everything will be all right’ he whispered after a while.

‚I really want to believe you’ she answered. Ryan opened the door, and she got into the car.

During the way, they were creating a story about the informant. When they came back to the office, it was twenty to three.

‚Thank God, I worried about you, everything ok? Do you have good news?’ Chris said when she saw them.

‚No, it’s a fake’ Amy pretended to be indignant.

‚She lost time and then she had to wait for me’ Ryan explained.

‚Amy, are you all right?’ Kevin came from his office. ‚I called you! I was anxious!’ He said reproachfully.

‚I’m sorry Kevin, I didn’t hear my phone. I was confused, that it was a fake, in my opinion of course. I have to go to school but I told Ryan all this conversation, and he also said it’s a fake. He has a time so that he can tell you everything… or if not I can do it tomorrow.’ Amy took her things, said „see you tomorrow” to everybody and went. After a while, she received a message from Ryan with one word:”dodger”. She smiled to the phone and went to take Bee.

She couldn’t sleep all night because of Ryan. She wanted to be with him, but she wasn’t so brave to do it, to make this decision and allowed to herself to be happy. Ryan was awesome, and she was falling in love. Next day, Amy was afraid that Kevin would want to talk with her about yesterday, but he was busy, and probably Ryan explained him everything. Amy smiled at her memories and touched her fingers to her lips. She was still feeling the sweet taste of the kiss. About eleven Ryan came to the office and started talking with Chris. Amy was sitting at the desk and pretending she was busy and did not care. A while later she received a message from Ryan: „Hi beautiful, u look amazing, I miss u. Coffee at 12?” Amy snorted laughter when she read this. Chris and Ryan turned to her.

‚Are you all right Amy?’ Chris was concerned. Ryan just raised his eyebrows.

‚I’m sorry, I sneezed’ she replied.

‚It can be a virus, you should go to the doctor’ Ryan was very solicitous. ‚Chris, call her doctor and ask. Maybe they have a free time today’ he suggested.

Amy stared at her eyes. It was too much. If he doesn’t stop, Kevin will find out and fire her. She took the phone and sent him a message; „NO”.

‚I’m all right’ she said to Chris. ‚Thanks.’

Ryan read the message, said „see you later” and went.

Amy was sad… and angry… First of all, she needs this job so he shouldn’t do it… what he did. The second, it’s work where everybody knows everything about anybody. It was a big effort to leave her private life in secret. And finally, she really wanted to drink this coffee with him, and it was foolish to offer it to her because she couldn’t think about work anymore. After a while, she received another message: „I’m not angry, just disappointed, u owe me a coffee”. She smiled to the phone and went back to work.

In the evening Sara came to her with money for grandma’s therapy and information that she found amazing gipsy who can foretell them next Tuesday afternoon. Bee stayed with Tom and officially Sara is going on shopping and Amy is going with her… because Amy needs some entertainment.

‚But I just go with you. I don’t want to know anything’ Amy said firmly. Her life was complicated enough, and she didn’t want to know what happens next. Especially, that nobody knows about Ryan and she wanted to leave this information as a secret.

‚Ok, no problem’ Sara shrugged. ‚This lady is living about twenty miles from us, I have an address. My friend from work was there, and she told her everything from her past… could you imagine… EVERYTHING!’ Sara was very excited.

‚Yes, it’s absolutely fantastic’ Amy rolled her eyes. ‚But I was sure that you need information about your future, not past.’

‚Oh, come on’ Sara pushed her gently. ‚I know that you don’t believe in magic, but I do. Be nice!’

‚I will’ Amy agreed. In the same time, she received the message: „R u alone? Can I call u now?” Amy smiled to her phone… last time she was doing it often… and sent back: „I call u later.” Left the phone and looked at Sara. She was sitting and just observing.

‚More coffee?’ Amy asked and stood up to take a coffee.

‚No, no, no my dear’ Sara shook her head. ‚Not coffee but information. Who wrote to you that you forgot about me? Ryan?’ when she said his name, Amy blushed.

‚I don’t want to talk about it,’ she said very fast. ‚Please, don’t ask. I tell you everything, but first I have to be sure…’

‚Maybe you need some advice? Maybe you should go to this gipsy?’ Sara really wanted to help.

‚I wish to know that I deserve to be happy, and nothing more in my life collapse again and that he is the right person.’ She had tears in her eyes.

‚Amy will be fine’ Sara came to her and hugged her very firmly. ‚You deserve to be happy I’m sure.’

‚Thanks’ Amy smiled weakly. ‚So do you want this coffee?’ she changed the subject.

‚No, thanks, I have to go,’ Sara went to the door, but after a while, she came back. ‚Bee could you bring me my birthday card, please?’ she shouted.

Bee came to the kitchen with the card and wide smile.

‚I thought that you forgot,’ he gave her.

‚Are you kidding me?’ She looked at him gravely. ‚I have a special envelope when I put all cards which you gave me. Obviously, I have a special place on my shelf as well. Now, on my shelf is your card from Easter and tonight I put this card in my envelope and the newest I leave on the shelf.’

Amy smiled, Bee looked very happy.

‚Kiss me, and I have to go. Next Tuesday Tom will come to you because Amy and I have to go shopping. Do you agree?’ Sara asked Bee.

‚Sure’ Bee shrugged kissed her.

‚See you later kids.’ Sara winked at Amy.

‚Thank you for everything’ Amy sighed.

‚Anytime,’ Sara added and went.

‚Amy, could you watch tv with me, please?’ Bee asked. ‚And we take chips and popcorn…’

‚Ok but you have to give me a few minutes, I make a popcorn’ she smiled.

‚Ok, I choose a film,’ and he ran to his room.

Amy started doing popcorn and called Ryan. He picked up the phone after the first ring.

‚Are you sitting and waiting for my call?’ Amy asked with laughing.

‚You got me,’ he confirmed. ‚I was very sad all day, because of you’ he added seriously.

‚Listen, I need this job, and I can’t lie all the time. Please don’t do it anymore.’ Amy said it very sad voice.

‚Ok, I’m sorry’ he sighed. ‚So when do you find a time for me?’

‚I… I… really don’t know. I told you that it’s not easy,’ she felt like in a trap. He wanted more and more, and she could give him nothing more at the moment. This situation reminded her relationship with Kevin.

‚Amy, I am ready,’ Bee shouted from his room.

‚I’m sorry, I have to finish, Bee is waiting for me,’ she added.

‚Could you call me when he goes sleep?’ Ryan asked.

‚I’ll try, but I can’t promise’ she said and hung up the phone.

And she didn’t call him. She slept with Bee in his bed. When she woke up and went to her bed was two o’clock. She decided to finish this relationship with Ryan. He wanted to be with her, he wanted to feel that he is important for her… the same like Kevin a few years ago. She couldn’t repeat mistakes from the past. Next day she went to work with a heavy heart. The worst was that she couldn’t talk about it with anybody. No advice, no honest conversation, she was alone. When she was sitting and trying to write something, Kevin came to her.

‚Hi, Amy, are you all right? You look tired,’ he asked with concern in his voice.

‚I am tired, but I’m all right’ she smiled sadly. ‚What can I do for you?’ she didn’t want to talk about her private cases.

‚Could you go to council, they want to give us some information about events next month, the big article before and during this time, after every event. I thought that you could do it. You can take Bee in every event and then write about it. Maybe some photos, interviews… it’s up to you. You are very creative and the best person for this, in my opinion.They pay for this, and this is a work for all month or maybe even more.’

‚Thanks, Kevin, I’ll do it.’

‚Ok, here you have a phone number and the name of the person who is responsible for this. It should be a form of advertising. Anyway, talk to her, and you will know everything. You’ll be fine, but don’t be sad, please.’ He left her notes and came back to his office.

Amy took her things and went. She thought that she could go to the care home and pay the money. Grandma could start her therapy today or tomorrow. When she talked with a doctor, Ryan called her. She ignored him. After a few minutes, he called again. She was sitting in the car, so she picked up the phone.


‚Hi Amy, where are you?’ he asked gently.

‚It’s my work time, so I’m at work. What do you want Ryan?’

‚Just a talk’ he was surprised her hostile attitude. ‚Where exactly are you? I was in the office. Give me just five minutes.’

‚I will be on council parking in ten minutes. You can wait for me if you want’ she replied.

‚Ok’ he confirmed and hung up.

When she came, he was standing outside the car and waiting. She parked the car near his car and got out.

‚Hi’ he said sadly.

‚You have five minutes. I’m very busy today. What do you want?’ she said firmly.

‚What happened yesterday? Why didn’t you call me?’ he asked.

‚What are your duties, Ryan? Every day, what you have to do? Looks well… and what else? Eat a tasty dinner in a good restaurant?’

‚You are very unfair’ Ryan shook his head.

‚No, you are very unfair!’ Amy shouted. ‚I told you what my situation is. I was honest and told you it’s not a good time for a relationship for me. Give up because you don’t have so much patience to be with me. I am alone, and I have a child… ill child at the moment and grandma after stroke. You with your beautiful car, seductive smile and plenty of time, you do not belong to my world. Your work is fun for you, but for me, it’s the only chance for a normal life. I feel like in the trap, and you have a good fun. Leave me alone Ryan, please.’ She finished with tears in her eyes.

‚Amy, I’m so sorry’ he wanted to hug her, but she pushed him away. ‚I thought that it was good fun for you too. I want to do nothing against you. I wish to be with you all the time, but I know that you have a complicated situation and this is why I send you a message, not calling you all the time. I understand that you have a horrible experience with Kevin, but I am not Kevin…’

‚But your behaviour is similar,’ Amy interrupted him. ‚You want more and more, and this is evident to me, but I’m not able to give you more. And I decided to finish our relationship here and now.’

‚I’m sorry, but it’s impossible…’ he looked at her eyes. ‚Because I love you and I can’t give up,’ he added.

Amy was shocked. She was silent for a long moment, and he was looking and waiting for her reaction. Finally, she spoke.

‚I… I have a meeting’ she wanted to go, just ran away. She didn’t expect such confession.

‚No, Amy’ he grabbed her hand. ‚I promise, it’s the last time when I disturb you in your work, but you can’t go away at the moment. I must know if you give me a chance or leave me with my feelings because you don’t care about me.’ He pulled her closer and kissed her. She did not resist.

‚So could you give me the last chance?’ he asked looking deep into her eyes.

She leaned her head on his chest.

‚Come to my house today after ten. Bee will be sleeping. I’ll come to your car. We can talk in the car if you want,’ she said quietly.

‚I will be after ten,’ he took her under her chin and kissed her again. ‚I love you Amy from the first time when I saw you… and you can do nothing with this. Only what you can do, you can also love me, but I don’t insist,’ he smiled sadly.

„You don’t have to, it’s done,” Amy thought, but she didn’t dare to say that. She was a total mess.

‚I really have to go’ she said after a while.

‚Ok, go’ he stepped away from her.

‚See you in the evening’ she smiled hesitantly.

‚I will,’ he confirmed and got into his car.

He came after ten as he promised. Amy was waiting for him in the window. She was still confused, but she missed him all day although she did not admit it even to herself. Ryan parked in front of her house. She came to him and got into the car.

‚Hi’ he smiled.

‚Hi’ she answered. She was very uptight.

‚So do you want to talk about my last chance? New rules?’ Ryan tried to be relaxed.

Amy felt that all this situation is just fun for him and sighed.

‚It’s not a game Ryan, and it’s not funny…’

‚No, it’s not funny,’ he interrupted her with anger. ‚A few hours ago I told you that I love you, I asked you about last chance, I told you that I want to be with you and you still think that this is a fucking game! Do you think that you are my trophy? Are you kidding me?’ In his eyes were anger and impatience.

‚I’m sorry,’ Amy cowered on the seat. She wasn’t able to talk with him. It was the worst idea ever. She wasn’t ready for a new relationship, engagement and declarations.

‚Hey, Amy come to me,’ he said gently and opened his arms. He understood that she is scared all this situation and maybe his confession as well.

She leaned and let himself be embraced.

‚What should I do to make you trust me?’ he sighed and kissed top of her head.

At the moment she felt so safely into his arms.

‚I want to be sure when we will meet.’ She said quietly. ‚I must be sure that I am safe in my work that you won’t invent anything. I must be sure that my brother has a stable home without new people at the moment,’ she paused and looked at him.

‚Ok, I understand,’ he confirmed. ‚But I was sure that you liked my idea with scandal in council.’

‚I liked,’ Amy smiled and put her head on his shoulder. ‚I told you it was very creative but next day wasn’t. Chris is not stupid and also Kevin. This work is very important to me, I explained you already. So if I will have a time during my work, I send you a message that we can meet but don’t do it again, please.’

‚Ok, I don’t’ Ryan kissed her hair again. ‚And what about our meetings or dates? Is it possible we will meet a few times a week?’

Amy sighed, it was really hard.

‚I can go on disco once a month because I don’t have money to pay a babysitter. From time to time I can ask Sara… she can look after Bee, but not very often because she has her own life. I can meet with you every evening in your car, but not too long because if Bee wakes up, I must know about it. He has a very light sleep, and this is why we can’t sit in home…’

‚Ok, ok’ Ryan interrupted her. ‚So the best thing at the moment is that I will be coming here in the night,’ he tried to understand. He could give her money for a babysitter, but he knew that she didn’t agree.

‚More-less,’ Amy confirmed. ‚I hope that my grandma will come back home in two months. Then I will have more time for you.’ “If you still will be with me,” she added in her thought.

‚Ok, but at the moment we have what we have,’ he smiled.

‚Yes, unfortunately not a lot,’ Amy smiled sadly.

‚But if you… one day… decide… to tell your brother about us… everything will be simple,’ he suggested.

‚Yes, I know, but I’m not ready, and he is not ready as well,’ she said seriously. ‚I’m sorry, but I have to go now,’ she sighed and looked at him.

‚You have such beautiful eyes… and so painful. I wish to see… maybe one day… your beautiful eyes full of love and happiness,’ he said and kissed her.

She remained in his arms for a long moment. Finally, she pushed him gently and opened the door.

‚I have to go,’ she smiled. ‚I call you tomorrow and if you will have a time…’

‚I will,’ he interrupted her. ‚See you tomorrow my beautiful Amy. Sweet dreams.’

‚It’s not easy to sleep when you are in my minds,’ she added.

Ryan smiled widely.

‚So dream on me, princess.’

‚Prince Charming,’ Amy pretended indignation and got out of the car. She just heard that Ryan laughed. Waved him on good bye and went home.

Next day Amy woke up very happy. And again she felt that everything is great. She even thought that she must tell Sara about Ryan. When she came to work, she saw his car on the parking. Her heart skipped a beat.

‚Geez, calm down girl,’ she said to herself and bravely entered the office. Ryan was sitting with Kevin in his office. Amy sat down at the desk and turned on the computer. Chris wasn’t there. She tried to work, but she couldn’t think when he was so close. After a few minutes, Kevin came to her.

‚Hi Amy,’ he smiled. ‚Do me a favour, Chris is not in today, could you sit on reception till three, please?’

‚Yes, sure’ she agreed.

‚Thanks,’ he looked at her carefully but said nothing more, just went back to his office. Half an hour later Kevin and Ryan left the room talking all the time. Amy was sitting on reception.

‚Hi’ Ryan said indifferently.

‚Hello,’ she replied.

‚Ok, you can stay here and use one of these computers,’ Kevin said to Ryan. ‚I have a meeting in the main office in London. See you on Monday,’ he added to both and went.

Ryan smiled widely and came to Amy.

‚Hi stranger,’ he said and kissed her.

‚Did you send Kevin to London?’ she asked with laughing after a while.

‚No, it was his idea, but I hope that you are not busy today,’ he looked askance.

‚No, not at all,’ she smiled. ‚But I must be here.’

‚Hmm, so what do you think, what we can do… here… today,’ he looked around with a little twinkle in his eye and took her in his arms. A while later she was sitting on the table, and he was standing between her legs.

‚You are really crazy,’ she just said, and he started to kiss her so passionately that she could not breathe.

‚Excuse me… good morning,’ they heard a timid voice at some point.

Amy hid her face in his arms, Ryan looked at the door from where the voice came from. In the doorway stood a small, fat, bald man with some documents in his hands.

‚Yes, good morning, how can I help?’ Ryan was relaxed, Amy was ashamed and still hid in his arms.

‚I would like to talk with Miss Amy Woods. I have some documents from the council to her,’ he said and came closer.

Ryan hugged her tighter to himself.

‚She is not in today. I can take this documents,’ he reached out his hand. ‚She will be at work on Monday. I will give it to her in the morning. Don’t worry,’ he added because the man hesitated.

‚Ok, thank you,’ he left it, nodded and went.

‚He’s gone.’ Ryan said after a while.

‚Oh, Jesus, I feel so embarrassed,’ Amy hid face in her hands.

‚Why?’ Ryan was surprised. ‚Nothing happened. It would be a bigger problem if he came a few minutes later. Who knows what we would do…’

‚Ryan!’ Amy shouted with laughing.

‚What Ryan? Don’t tell me that you didn’t think about it,’ he looked at her inquiringly.

‚No, I don’t’ she answered without conviction.

‚I knew it,’ he smiled, went to the door and locked it.

‚What are you doing?’ This time she was surprised. ‚Open this door, please’ she added.

‚It’s just a couple of minutes,’ he looked pleadingly.

‚You need only a couple of minutes?’ Amy raised her eyebrows and looked at him meaningfully.

Ryan smiled under his breath and lowered his head.

‚You got me,’ he said and unlocked the door. ‚I want to caress, kiss and love you all day and night and you have to promise me that you find a time for me shortly.’ He came to her and looked into her eyes.

‚I will find soon, I promise,’ she whispered.

Ryan wanted to kiss her, but the phone started ringing. Amy picked up it. It was Kevin. He just wanted to know if everything is all right and casually asked about Ryan. Amy informed him that Ryan just went. He was relieved when he heard it and finished this conversation fast.

‚He feels something,’ Amy hung up the phone.

‚Love is in the air,’ Ryan kissed her.

Amy was so happy, so excited that she forgot that she didn’t eat breakfast today. At some point, her stomach growled funny.

‚Oh gosh, I’m sorry. I think that’s enough embarrassing moments on today,’ she blushed.

‚Did you eat something today?’ Ryan asked with care.

‚No, I didn’t have a time… but I’m not hungry,’ she denied.

‚Oh yes, I just heard,’ he smiled. ‚Give me a few minutes I’ll bring you breakfast and coffee… and… do you know where a shop with equipment for babies is?’

‚Next street is Mother Care, why you ask?’

‚You’ll see. I’ll come back soon,’ he kissed her and went.

He came back half an hour later. With two coffees, porridges, doughnuts and bag from mother care.

‚I hope that you like coffee with milk because I forgot to ask you,’ he smiled.

‚With milk without sugar is all right,’ she confirmed.

‚Great. It’s our breakfast, and this is for you,’ he gave her a bag.

‚What’s that,’ Amy opened the bag with curious. ‚I can’t believe, you bought me electronic nanny,’ she laughed.

‚It’s for Bee. You can sit with me in the car, and you can see and hear him at the same time,’ he answered.

‚Thank you, it’s a great idea, and you think about everything,’ Amy kissed him.

‚The truth is that I’m very selfish and I want to be with you as long as possible,’ he said seriously.

Amy said nothing. This situation was hard not only for him… for her it was very hard as well. During this day she had a few calls, two people with advertising but generally was quiet. Ryan cancelled his meetings and stayed with her. They were talking, laughing, kissing, eating, everything together with love.

Obviously, Ryan came to her in the evening and thank electronic nanny they were sitting in the car till deep night. He came to her every evening, and they spent a plenty of time together.

On Tuesday Amy had to go with Sara to fairy. She told Ryan that she would call him when she comes back. She didn’t tell him where she goes, only that she goes with Sara. Amy took Bee from school, and Tom was waiting for him. She left him Bee and together with Sara went „on shopping”.

‚I heard about her that she is amazing’ Sara was very excited.

‚That’s lovely’ Amy smiled sourly.

‚But you come with me to her… you know… inside… please,’ she looked at her imploringly.

‚Yes, but only to waiting room,’ Amy agreed.

When they arrived, they still had some time left. Amy decided to tell Sara about Ryan.

‚You know, when we have a few minutes, I would like to tell you something,’ Amy started talking.

‚Why are you so official?’ Sara was surprised.

‚Because I lied earlier and I don’t want to lie anymore. It’s about Ryan and me…’

‚You are together!’ Sara interrupted her.

‚Yes, but nobody knows about it, and I don’t want to tell anybody.’

‚I knew it!’ Sara was happy. ‚And it happened on my birthday, didn’t it? I saw that you looked different and even we talked with Tom that you and Ryan look perfect together. And he was so caring relative to you. I’m so happy.’ She leaned forward and hugged her. ‚We have to go now, but you have to tell me everything when we will be coming back.’

‚Ok, I will,’ Amy promised, and they went to gipsy fairy.

The fairy was living in a very small, white house in the village. A wooden fence surrounded the house; it did not look magical but very charming.

‚I don’t think so that she has a waiting room,’ Amy murmured.

‚We will see,’ Sara replied. She felt a bit insecure and preferred to have a friend with her.

When they came closer, they noticed that a dream catcher trap hung above the door. Sara pressed the bell. After a while, they heard that somebody was coming. The door opened, and they saw an old, little, very skinny woman. She looked like a witch from Hansel and Gretel story. Amy raised her eyebrows, Sara stepped back half a step.

‚Yes?’ She looked at them severely. Her voice was a little squawking.

‚We have appointment,’ Sara replied.

‚Both?’ she asked surprised.

‚No just me, she is my friend,’ Sara swallowed loudly.

‚That’s good because I can’t help her. She needs exorcist,’ she murmured and went back home. She left the door open.

Sara looked uncertainly at Amy and went inside.

‚Be brave,’ Amy giggled and went after her. She did not care what this woman said.

‚Come with me,’ Gipsy told Sara, ‚and you stay here,’ she added to Amy.

Sara came with her to the room. In the middle stood round black table with a light white candle and Tarot cards and two black wooden chairs opposite each other. Also, there was an old, black, wooden chest of drawers.

‚Sit down,’ fairy pointed her chair and sat down on the other. ‚Do you want to ask about her?’ She pointed at the door behind which Amy was. ‚I told you I couldn’t help her. She is cursed.’

‚How do you know that I want to ask about her? And how you know that she is cursed?’ Sara was shocked.

Gipsy looked at her surprised.

‚I am a fairy my child,’ she said with pity.

‚Listen, I’m sorry but she is my best friend, and she had so many hard situations in her life that I believe you that something is wrong with her. At the moment she has a fantastic boyfriend, could you just tell me if they will be together, forever, please?’

Fairy sighed and took Tarot. She spread the cards and sighed again.

‚It’s a huge curse. She can’t be happy at the moment… and probably somebody dies in her life soon. And she can’t be with him… because of the curse. If you want to help her, you should find a good exorcist, but I’m not sure if it will be able to take off the curse. But on the other side, we live in the end times and everything is possible. I can’t tell you more about her, ask about yourself please,’ she took her cards and shuffled them.

Sara started asking about herself and her relationship with Tom, work, wedding and generally about her life. But she couldn’t stop thinking about Amy.

‚Don’t worry about her. It is her destiny.’ Gipsy looked at her carefully. ‚If you have an opportunity, just help her, but you can do nothing more.’

‚Ok, thank you,’ Sara was very sad although her life looked very calmly and happily as fairy said.

She paid her and came back to Amy.

Amy was sitting in the kitchen and looked around. There were very old cabinets, old table… in one word it was a very old-fashion kitchen. No magical things, no magic just a normal country kitchen. She wanted to send a message to Ryan, but she changed her mind… she didn’t want to tell him about this trip with Sara. She also couldn’t call to Tom and ask about Bee… so finally she started watching some funny films on you tube. When Sara stood in the doorway, she looked worried.

‚Hi, are you all right?’ Amy asked with care.

‚Yes, everything fine,’ she replied and looked at Gipsy who was standing behind her.

‚So let’s go,’ Amy smiled sadly. She felt that something is wrong, but she didn’t want to ask. She wanted to just go from this place. She opened the main door and left. Sara went with her.

‚Wait a second,’ Gipsy sighed and came to the kitchen cabinet. Sara went back to her. ‚I see that you are anxious about your friend and you really love her. I believe that she is a good person in this life and she doesn’t deserve the life which she has. So give her this amulet.’ She gave her a piece of white crystal, ‚and she must have it always with her, do you understand ALWAYS! She will not avoid everything, the curse is active and cast forever, but maybe it will help a little.’

‚Thank you very much,’ Sara had tears in her eyes.

‚That’s all right, all right,’ she patted her back. ‚Find exorcist anyway,’ she added and closed the door when Sara went.

‚We have to go on coffee,’ Sara got into the car. Amy was inside.

‚Why you were so sad. Could you tell me what she told you?’ Amy was curious, but she didn’t want to push her.

‚It’s not because of me, it’s because of you,’ she said. ‚But I tell you everything in the cafe.’

When they sat down in cafe Sara told Amy about the curse and gave her an amulet. But she couldn’t tell her about Ryan, and that somebody could die, she felt that it could break Amy’s heart. She suspected that Amy’s grandmother would die soon. Amy treated it seriously; she felt all the time that something is wrong in her life. But she didn’t have a brave to ask about the future; she didn’t ask about anything. And because Sara didn’t ask about Ryan, she told her nothing.

They returned home in silence. Tom played with Bee, and they were pleased. When girls came back with nothing, Tom thought that they are angry and sad because they bought nothing. But he didn’t ask… it was the best strategy… don’t ask and wait. After eight Tom with Sara went home, and Bee went to bath. Amy wrote a message to Ryan that he can come about half past nine. She missed him so much that she was just thinking about his strong arms where she can hide from the whole world for a moment. And he came near ten. She got an electric nanny and went to his car.

‚Hi honey, how your afternoon with Sara?’ he asked with smiled.

Amy looked at him with tears in her eyes.

‚Amy, what happened?’ He opened his arms, and she clung to him with her whole body… it means as strong as she could do it in the car. Ryan hugged her and stroked her hair. ‚Tell me what happened honey. Where have you been with Sara? Is something wrong with you or Sara?’

Amy shook her head and said nothing.

‚Is something wrong with Bee or grandma?’ Ryan was very patient and hugged her all the time.

‚No,’ Amy answered after a while and sat on her seat. She was very, very sad… but she didn’t cry.

‚So what happened today? Where have you been?’ he repeated the question.

Amy looked at him doubtfully.

‚You will be laughing when I tell you, and you will think that I am silly…’

‚I can describe you a lot of adjectives but never that you are silly,’ he interrupted her with smiling.

‚Ok,’ Amy sighed. ‚I have to tell it, somebody because I’m going crazy. Do you believe in fairies, curses, spells, Tarot and other strange things?’ she asked seriously.

‚My mom treats people by touching; I arrived at this town because I’m looking for my destiny and you asked me if I believe in supernatural things! Of course, I believe in this because it’s part of my life. Tell me what happened and don’t be afraid, please,’ he smiled encouragingly.

‚Today, I was with Sara in a fairy. She was very old Gipsy. It wasn’t my idea… Sara wanted to know everything… you know after her birthday and Tom’s proposal. She didn’t tell him so please don’t tell anybody. Anyway, when this lady opened the door, she told that she couldn’t help me and I need to find a good exorcist. I even didn’t say anything,’ she interrupted and looked at Ryan. He frowned. ‚So I didn’t care about it, but when Sara went to her room and started asking her about me, she told that somebody cast a curse on myself and it was a long time ago. She wasn’t sure if someone can take off this spell, but she repeated about an exorcist. She told that I couldn’t be happy and calm because of this curse. And finally, she gave Sara an amulet for me.’ And she showed him a crystal.

Ryan got this crystal and looked at it.

‚I don’t know what I have to say,’ he sighed. ‚I believe in this, but I don’t have knowledge about it. If you agree I can ask mom, she has a lot of friends; maybe somebody can help you… I really don’t know,’ he was thoughtful.

‚When I was a teenager, my grandma told me about a curse in Poland. Her parents lived near people who were cursed. It means everybody told that it was a curse. It was bizarre because they were very good and helpful neighbours and they really loved each other. She was killed, and he was alone for the rest of his life. He wanted to die, he tried to die but he couldn’t. He suffered very much to the end of his life. I don’t want to die or suffer. What should I do Ryan?’ she had tears in her eyes again.

‚Hey, baby, will be fine.’ He pulled her to himself and hugged. ‚I ask mom, ok?’

‚Ok, but what if she will think that I am very strange and will tell you „leave her”?’ Amy looked at him carefully and asked seriously.

Ryan burst out laughing.

‚Oh yes, I’m sure she will tell me „it’s not a girl for you”, and obviously I always listen to my mom… because I’m still seven years old. Come to me my crazy girl and kiss me.’ He pulled her again and kissed. ‚If that’s true, we will find a way to break the curse, I promise,’ he stroked her cheek.

‚It sounds a little strange, doesn’t it?’ Amy was confused. ‚In the one side I can’t believe that it is possible, you know, this all curse, but in the other, look at all my life, and Sara was so overwhelmed… and this amulet…’

‚I believe in curses, bad words, bad look, destiny and everything that is supernatural… because I grew up in the house where it happened,’ Ryan said firmly. ‚Don’t forget about this amulet,’ he gave her back.

‚Ok, thank you,’ she smiled. ‚I have to go; it was an unusual day, I’m exhausted and unsure my future’ she sighed. ‚See you tomorrow honey,’ she kissed him and got out of the car.

‚See you baby.’

Next day Amy felt a little better… during the day everything looked better. She even started thinking that she was panicked to much yesterday. Ryan was busy all day, he just called her in the morning and asked how she feels. Amy was busy as well. In the evening they met in the car, and Ryan took her a photo and sent to mom… she needed it to check this curse. Amy wanted to downplay the case, but Ryan insisted on checking it out. Thursday was a very strange day. Bee was vomiting in the morning and Amy had to stay at home with him. She sent a message to Ryan about her situation and they didn’t see in the evening. On Friday morning Bee went to school and Amy called Ryan. He didn’t pick up but called back after a while.

‚Hi Amy, I was driving, how Bee?’ he asked when she picked up the phone.

‚Ok, he went to school. Where are you?’ she asked because she heard a big noise.

‚On the motorway. I’m going to Heathrow because my friends from America are coming to me. It’s a surprise,’ he said. ‚Listen I call you later when I am at the airport; I can’t stand here.’

‚I will be waiting,’ Amy replied and hung up.

He called her after one hour.

‚Hi, I’m sorry honey, I received a message on the night when they were in the airport in Atlanta. I hope you will have time to meet them.’

‚Yes, maybe,’ Amy was angry, she didn’t know why… but she was.

‚Ok, I will send you a message when I will know how long they will be here… because at the moment I know nothing.’

‚Ok, I will be waiting,’ she repeated. ‚Bye’ and hung up the phone.

Amy was busy all day but she checked the phone from time to time. There was no message. He sent her a message in the evening: „Hi baby, I can’t meet with u today. Tomorrow we wanna go on disco, maybe u can go with us. Think about it. Love U” Amy didn’t answer. She was angry and disappointed that he left her because his friends came to him. On Saturday he didn’t send any message, she checked the phone every few minutes. In the afternoon Sara called her and wanted to meet in the evening. Amy agreed, she had a time if Ryan had friends. When Sara came, she saw that something was wrong. Amy told her about last two days.

‚Why are you angry?’ she couldn’t understand.

‚I don’t know. Maybe I feel that he is not honest relative to me,’ Amy shrugged.

‚So, change the clothes and go to the disco. I can stay with Bee and you can meet his friends. You will have a clear situation,’ she offered. ‚But I see that somebody is jealous and maybe a little falling in love ,’ she laughed.

‚Maybe a little,’ Amy admitted after a while.

‚Go, kid,’ Sara patted her back.

‚I put Bee to bed and go,’ she said. ‚I can be there after ten. Is Tom at work?’

‚No, not today. He went to his mom; she needs his help. He should back tomorrow… I hope.’ She sighed.

‚But everything is okay between you?’ Amy was concerned.

‚Yes, of course,’ Sara smiled. ‚I just don’t like when he is somewhere… it means not with me.’

‚He is always with you lucky girl,’ Amy smiled with longing.

‚I’m sure you will find your prince charming… or maybe you found him already.’

‚Yes, maybe,’ Amy smiled weakly and went to Bee.

Five minutes after ten she was on disco. In front of the main door was a queue… like always… but Ryan wasn’t there. She went inside, but she couldn’t find him. She went upstairs, and when she looked on the dance floor downstairs, she saw him… but not with friends. He was dancing with two beautiful long legs girls, and one guy took pictures of them when they kissed Ryan. Ryan was amused and looked happy. At the first moment she wanted to come to him, but she wasn’t able to do it. Her heart was broken. She felt that one day he will give up, but on the other side, she had a hope that he is different than Kevin… and he was… he was worse. She left disco very quickly and went back home. She thought about her secret place by the river… but it wasn’t only her place… she was there with him, they were talking and laughing on the beach… she couldn’t go there. When she came to the home, Sara was watching some comedy. She was surprised that Amy came back so fast.

‚Hi Amy, Ryan wasn’t there?’ she asked from the living room.

‚He was,’ Amy replied, but her voice was so painful that Sara came to the hall very fast.

‚What happened?’ she asked.

‚It’s over,’ Amy looked at her. She didn’t cry… she couldn’t, but her voice and her face expressed more pain than a thousand tears.

‚Amy, I’m so sorry,’ Sara hugged her. She recalled the words of the fairy. ‚Tell me what happened,’ she asked after a while and pulled her to the living room. They sat down on the sofa. Sara turned off TV.

‚He was with a friend, that’s true, but with them were two girls. They kissed each other and took photos; he didn’t need me today,’ she told. ‚It’s my fault; I shouldn’t trust him,’ she added. ‚Could you stay with me this night, please? I don’t want to be alone.’

‚Yes, sure honey,’ Sara hugged her again. ‚Do you want to eat something or drink?’

‚No, thank you,’ Amy sighed. It seemed like she accepted this situation. ‚I just have to send him a message,’ she said and got the phone. „Hi, I was on the disco today and saw you with very nice company… girls company. I think you don’t need me anymore in your life. I regret that I trusted you, but I’m glad that you can’t hurt my brother.” She started crying when she was writing it, but after a while, she added more. “I don’t want to see you anymore, but I’m not surprised that you gave up. At the beginning I told you that it does not make sense… and I had right.” Sara was sitting next to her with tears in her eyes. When Amy sent it and left the phone, Sara hugged her.

‚I’m all right, don’t worry,’ Amy sighed. ‚I didn’t want to tell about us anybody because I felt that it cannot succeed. This last few weeks were very nice anyway, I felt loved and wanted… it was very nice feeling… but it’s over, and I have to accept it,’ she shrugged.

‚I’m going to buy vodka,’ Sara stood up very fast. She knew Amy like herself, and she knew that she was in great pain.

‚Take gin and tonic… and ice-cream… and chips,’ Amy asked.

‚I come back in five minutes. We can handle it,’ she said firmly and left.

At one o’clock Amy and Sara were still sitting in the living room, eating, drinking and watching films, when they heard a message sound. Amy took the phone and read: „Yes, you have right to everything that you tell, think and do. And you have right that I give up because how long you can tilt at windmills! I give you time… as much as you need.” And after a while, she received the second message: „I’ve never told you that my friends are men.”

Amy read these messages, but she was too drunk to think about it. They covered themselves with a blanket and fell asleep.

Sunday in the morning Bee came to the living room, and he saw Amy and Sara slept together on the sofa. On the table was a bottle of gin, tonic, empty pack of chips and ice-cream. Bee frowned.

‚Amy, Amy wakes up,’ he pushed her gently.

‚Bee?’ Amy was surprised. ‚What time is it?’

‚Ten’ he answered. ‚Did you have a party without me?’ he asked with a claim in his voice.

‚No, no honey,’ Amy tried to remind what happened yesterday. ‚We just drink a little, Sara had a low mood. Everything is all right; I give you a breakfast.’ She stood up and sat down after a while. ‚Bee, I’m a little dizzy, could you give me five minutes?’

‚I’ll bring you water,’ he shook his head and went to the kitchen. He came back after a while, and in the same time Sara woke up.

‚Oh, Jesus, my head,’ she was moaning.

‚I’ll bring some water for you too,’ Bee laughed and ran to the kitchen.

‚Thank you honey,’ Sara took water and drank very fast. ‚How do you feel Amy?’

‚I’m all right except my head.’ She replied. ‚Bee, go to the kitchen, I’m going there now,’ she said to him. Bee left.

‚I feel much better Sara,’ Amy turned on her. I don’t want to talk about him anymore. I shouldn’t start this relationship. And now I have to look after really important person in my life,’ she said and went to the kitchen.

Sara didn’t buy this speech. She knew that Amy would need help during next few days or weeks… and maybe they should start looking for this exorcist. She also thought about this information that somebody could die soon and she got goose bumps. ‚Please God don’t do it” she asked in her mind.

Sara stayed with them until afternoon, but Amy didn’t want to talk about Ryan. She just checked the phone from time to time, but nobody called or sent a message.

‚Hey if you want to talk, call me,’ Sara said before she went home. ‚Maybe you should speak to him about it…’

‚Everything is all right. I don’t want to talk about it with you and all the more with him. I am alone again, and this is my destiny. Don’t worry about me. Go back to your beloved,’ she smiled sadly.

‚Call me tomorrow, or I call you,’ Sara added and left.

The evening was the worst for her. Bee went sleep, and she was alone… alone with her thoughts. She didn’t want to cry it didn’t make sense, but she had to. She didn’t want to go to work tomorrow, but again she had to. Life goes on and tomorrow will be a new day no matter what happened in her life. She was very tired, but she couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t forget his strong arms, soft voice and the determination with which he fought for her. And suddenly… everything collapsed… Because his friends came from America… girlfriends as she saw… new-old girls, without problems; happy and eager for adventure. She was so exhausted that she fell asleep near the morning. When she woke up, she looked awful; tired face, dark circles under red eyes… he couldn’t see her in such condition. She put makeup and wore better than usually. She tried to look light and cheerful. When she came to work, Chris and Kevin were there; they were talking about the reception.

‚Hi Amy,’ they said at the same time.

‚Hi guys,’ she smiled and went to his desk.

After a while, Kevin came back to his office and Christine came to Amy.

‚How are you beautiful?’ Christine sat down on the top of her desk. ‚How your article about events?’

‚Not too bad,’ Amy answered. ‚It’s a good idea, and nice events look very attractive.’

‚Oh yes, that’s good that our council is thinking about ordinary people,’ Chris smiled, but she looked like she wanted to tell something more. Amy didn’t ask; she had no mood on gossips.

‚I have to tell you something,’ Chris whispered.

Amy smiled under her breath.

‚I’m all ears now,’ Amy looked at her carefully.

‚Kevin told me that Ryan left, he called him yesterday. And Kevin also told me that in his opinion it’s because of girl and he is not sure that Ryan will come back.’

Amy froze. He is gone… just like that. He went with his American girls.

‚But if you want to know my opinion,’ Chris continued, ‚he was bored with our town, and when his American friends came here, he thought that he needs something more exciting…’

‚How do you know about his friends?’ Amy interrupted her.

‚I met them on Friday afternoon in the city centre,’ she answered. ‚Ryan and three his friends, two girls and man. They told me that they want to get married in England… maybe in London.’

‚But who?’ Amy could not gather thoughts.

‚These girls,’ Chris rolled her eyes. ‚They studied together, and Joe with Ryan were the best friends, and girls were a couple. So they decided to come to the UK and get married. You know, it’s more exotic than in your own country… nice trip, wedding, friends forever and other blah, blah, blah.’ She rolled her eyes again. ‚I think America is the craziest country in the world. And it’s not a good place for British.’

Amy speechless. „Is it possible that these girls on Saturday were lesbian? She was sure what she saw, but maybe…” she couldn’t think logically. „If that’s true, Ryan had right that he left her. He even didn’t try to explain her, because what for? She made a decision based on what she saw. And he agreed because he had no power to explain it. He gave her time… what that means?…”

‚Amy, did you hear me?’ Chris pushed her gently.

‚Yes, sure,’ Amy smiled. ‚Every word. So did they invite you to this wedding?’

‚No,’ she denied, and she wanted to add something more, but her phone started ringing. She went back to reception and picked up the phone.

Amy stayed alone. She got her phone and reread all messages… first her message and then his. After a while, she decided to call Sara. She must tell her everything. She came to the car and called. When Amy told Sara about this situation and that he is gone, Sara stated that it is definitely the curse because she had never heard such a stupid coincidence and she was sure that it could happen only in cheap romantic comedy. So in her opinion, Amy must call him as soon as possible and ask for a meeting. Amy agreed with her. When she finished talking with Sara, she called Ryan straight away… but he switched off his phone.

All week she tried to call him, but his phone didn’t answer. She tried to look happy, especially when she was with Bee but when she was alone, she could cry all the time. Sara was looking for an exorcist, but she didn’t know who could help her. So she asked friends, a priest in the church, but they couldn’t help her. She decided to go to this Gipsy next week. She was their last resort. However she promised Amy that she didn’t tell anybody about it, she told Tom… not about the curse, but about Ryan.

The weekend was the worst time for Amy, she was at home all day, and she had a lot of time for thinking. Naturally, she tried to call Ryan, but it was always the same… connection unavailable. Because Sara knew about her depressed, she promised that she would come to her in the evening. Amy greeted her in her pyjamas and bath robe.

‚Oh my God, how you look kid?’ Sara hugged her.

‚It’s all right, I’m all right’ Amy was sad and absent.

‚Oh yes, I just see,’ Sara nodded. ‚Did you try to call him today?’

‚Nothing,’ she shrugged. ‚He must call to Kevin one day and tell him that he won’t back to work. When he calls, Chris will say it straight away… don’t worry.’

‚I’m very worried about you,’ Sara turned on the kettle. ‚I want to go to this Gipsy next week. You can come with me if you want. She must tell me where can I find an exorcist for you. We have to break this curse.’

‚Ryan told me the same,’ Amy sighed. ‚I think you can go to her alone; she doesn’t like me.’

‚No, it’s not true. I think that she knows more than she said. Maybe she even saw this curse, and if you did something terrible in your previous life, she couldn’t imagine that in this life you are so sweet, helpful and good,’ Sara tried to explain Gipsy’s behaviour. ‚Ok, today we have tea, a piece of cake which I brought and no alcohol. Do you agree?’

‚Yes, sure,’ Amy smiled. ‚You are a very good friend. Thank you.’

Two hours later Tom called Sara.

‚Hi honey, everything okay?’ she picked up the phone surprised.

‚Yes, I don’t have a lot of time, but five minutes ago Ryan came here. And because you told me about Amy, I just call you,’ he said very fast.

‚That’s great thank you honey,’ Sara was delighted. ‚Is he alone?’

‚Yes, he came alone. He just said „hi” and went upstairs. He doesn’t look happy but you know, I don’t know him at all.’

‚Ok, Amy can be there in…’ she looked at Amy critically, ‚… in one hour. So please don’t let him go.

‚Ok, I will be watching him,’ Tom smiled and hung up.

Amy was surprised.

‚Was it Tom?’

‚Yes’ Sara told it with satisfaction. ‚Ryan is the disco. Get ready.’

‚No, I can’t’ Amy shook her head. ‚What could I tell him, after this message?’

‚Tell him the truth,’ Sara was firm. ‚That you are sorry, that you love him and ask for forgiveness.’

‚No, I can’t,’ she sat down on the chair and was shivering.

‚Amy, it’s probably your last chance.’ Sara crouched down beside her. ‚His phone is switched off. He can drink one beer and left. He knows that you have friends on this disco. If he did not want you to know that he came back, he could go somewhere else. It was your fault, and you have to explain it.’

‚Ok, but what with Bee? He must sleep now.’

‚Bee is a big boy; I take care him. I can stay all night, and you can go back even tomorrow afternoon. Just let me know what your plan is,’ Sara smiled and stood up.

‚Ok, so I go to change my pyjamas party wearing on usual wearing,’ Amy smiled weakly and went. She put on jeans and t-shirt.

Less than an hour later she was in front of the disco. Tom was standing near the main door.

‚Hi, Amy, Ryan is upstairs, he is alone. If you want to talk with him you can go to my office, you know where it is,’ and he gave her a key.

‚Thanks, Tom’ Amy put the key in her pocket.

‚I cross my fingers,’ he showed her with a smile.

She smiled weakly as well and went. When she saw him, her heart jumped with joy and fear. And what if he won’t talk with her? She knew that Sara had right… it was her last chance… last chance to explain and maybe to be with him. He was sitting at the bar and drinking beer. He was alone. She took a deep breath and came to him. She sat down next to him. He did not react. He looked ahead and drank beer.

‚Hi’ she said after a while.

He looked at her surprised. She noticed, he had very tired face with little beard and very sad eyes. He nodded at the greeting and returned to drinking beer.

‚I would like to talk with you if you have a time,’ she said and felt the trembling all over the body. She understood that it won’t be easy and that she hurt him more than she could imagine.

‚Hi Amy, do you want something to drink?’ Just in front of her stood the barman.

Amy shook her head in the answer. Barman went. Ryan looked at her again.

‚I have a time, but I’m not sure that I want to talk with you,’ he replied. ‚What do you want Amy?’

‚I would like to apologise for my message last Saturday and all this mess which I did. I’m really sorry.’ She wanted to put her hand on his hand, but she changed her mind at the last moment.

‚Fine, apologies accepted,’ he answered. ‚Anything else?’

Amy lowered her head.

‚No, that’s all,’ she said, stood up and started going back to the entrance. After a while, she felt his hand on her shoulder.

‚Wait,’ he stopped her.

Amy turned back. Her eyes were full of tears. Without words, he took her in his arms and kissed her.

‚I missed you so much,’ she whispered and put hands on his shoulders.

He hugged her stronger and kissed more and more passionately. Tom saw them from the downstairs and called to Sara immediately.

‚I was so angry and sad after your message,’ Ryan looked at her with love.

‚I know,’ she put her head on his chest. ‚I have a key to Tom’s office. We can talk there if you want.’

She didn’t wait for his reply, she took his hand, and they went to the office. It was a very small office with one desk, one chair and three TVs on the desk. But there was quiet. Ryan sat down on the chair, and Amy sat on his lap.

‚I’m sorry for my behaviour. Last Saturday I was here, and I saw you with your friends… girlfriends… and they kissed you on the dance floor, and one guy took photos. I thought that he is your friend and that you hit on girls. My experience is that everybody will leave me sooner or later so I thought that it was your time. When I went to work on Monday, Chris told me about your friends… two girls and man; it was too late. You switched off the phone and just gone. I called you every day because I wanted to apologise for this message.’

‚I should tell you that when I said, friends, it means Joe, Eve and Jo but I didn’t suppose that you will be so jealous!’ he smiled sadly. ‚And I was sure that you find the time to meet with them. When you sent me this message, I was angry and very tired all this situation with you. I’m sorry, I love you very much, but I’m not able to live with you like earlier. So I sent you „I give you time”, and it means no more secrets, we will be together and everybody will know about it. I want to come to your house, play with your brother, stay all night with you and kiss you in work when I sleep in my home. These are my conditions which are not negotiable.’ He looked at her firmly but still with love.

‚Ok, I agree,’ she smiled.

‚Just like that,’ he did not hide his surprise.

‚Yes,’ she confirmed. ‚I understood that my behaviour does not make sense. I love you, and I really want to be with you if you still want to be with me,’ she leaned forward and kissed him.

Ryan pulled her closer and didn’t stop to kiss her. His hands roamed her body. The passion between them exploded with redoubled force. He sat her on the table without stop kissing.

‚I love you Amy, and I want you now and here,’ he whispered kissing her neck.

Amy wrapped her legs around his waist and felt his swollen manhood, she moaned and snuggled closer.

‚I’m all yours,’ she whispered.

In response he put his hands under her blouse and caressed her breasts gently, his mouth still wandering around her neck.

Suddenly they heard knock on the door. Ryan stopped and looked at Amy resigned. She smiled, lowered her legs and hid face in his chest. Somebody knocked again.

‚Come in,’ she shouted.

Tom came with a smile.

‚Everything okay between you?’ he asked. ‚I have to take just a few things,’ he started looking for something.

‚Yes, thank you,’ Amy turned on him and smiled. ‚I think we go now, thank you for the key.’ Amy stood up from the table and gave him the key. Ryan sat down on the chair and looked very unhappy or maybe even angry.

‚You can stay here if you want, it’s no problem,’ Tom assured them.

‚Thanks, Tom but I think we can find a more comfortable place,’ she looked significantly.

‚Ok, I understand,’ he smiled. ‚When you go, just shut this door please,’ he added and went.

‚Where do you want to go?’ Ryan stood up and was so close to her that she felt goose bumps.

‚Where are your friends?’ she asked.

‚In the plane,’ he answered.

Amy smiled.

‚So maybe we can go to your house?’

‚Of course, we can,’ he said, embraced her and kissed. They went from the office after a while.

‚Where have you been this all week? If I can ask,’ she said when they were going to the cars.

Ryan smiled at her.

‚In Nottingham. First, we wanted to do their wedding in London, but after your message, I decided to take them to my family house. We spent there nice time; girls got married in Sherwood Forest, I have a few pictures, I show you later. And I talked with mom about your curse. She has a friend… he is not exorcist but he is even better, but the problem was that he is on holiday and will be back… I don’t remember but maybe even tomorrow. So she will ask him and tell me what’s going on. But she also told me that I shouldn’t go back here because I will not find anything good in this city anymore. I’m happy that she was wrong,’ he kissed her.

‚I’m so happy that you came back,’ she hugged hard to him.

‚Ok, so do you want to take your car or we go my car?’ he asked after a while.

‚Where do you live?’ Amy asked.

‚Across the city,’ he answered.

Amy stared at him. She remembered that he told that he was living near her.

‚Yes, I lied’ he said seeing her look.’But I think you know why I had to lie.’

‚Ok, it doesn’t matter now,’ she waved her hand. ‚So I take my car and will be driving after you.’

‚Ok honey, see you there,’ he kissed her again and went to his car.

Amy got into her car and called Sara. She told her in few words what happened and that she is going to his house. Sara just said” have a nice time” and hung up the phone.

She was going after him, no rush, no problem. The weather was very nice, no rain, no fog, only darkness. Amy was very excited; she felt that she just started a new life with an absolutely amazing guy. She turned on the radio and listened to music. She was so happy that she couldn’t imagine that it happens. She knew Dartford like the back of her hand, and she exactly knew where they are. It was the last traffic lights and probably turn left, and they will be in place. They have a green, so Ryan even didn’t slow down, just drove on the cross, but suddenly she saw a big car without lights who drove on his left and then everything happened very fast. This car hit Ryan’s car, which was about to roll over and stopped on the roof on the grass. Amy shouted and stopped her car. She saw that the driver of this big car got out of the car and ran away. She ran to Ryan and opened the door. He was covered in blood, but he was conscious.

‚Hold on baby, I’ll take you out,’ she said to him. Everything smelled petrol. She must be very fast because the car could explode. He had no seat belts, so she pulled him out of the car and laid him on the grass. ‚Don’t worry, you will be fine, I’m calling ambulance,’ she talked to him and called. She was trained for life-threatening situations. She knew what to do and how to behave.

Ryan just smiled to her. He was calm and smile.

‚They are coming. Everything will be fine,’ she talked to him and checked if he has any wounds. Blood was everywhere on his clothes.

‚Amy, don’t worry,’ he said quietly and wanted to stroke her cheek, but he couldn’t raise his hand.

‚Don’t move honey, please,’ she whispered and put a hand on his hand.

‚Now I see everything,’ he smiled again. ‚I see your curse… our curse. I have to die, Amy, this is the curse, but don’t worry, I’ll find you next time, next life. Look at my eyes… they never change. Goodbye, my beautiful destiny,’ he said and stopped breathing.

‚No, I will not let you die,’ she said firmly and began resuscitation. She didn’t cry she had no time for crying. He must live! She found an amulet and put it in his hand. His chest looked all right, so she started artificial respiration. After a few minutes, his heart started beating. When the ambulance came, he had a feeble breath. Amy told them what happened and went to the hospital in the ambulance. She didn’t want to leave him for a minute because she was afraid he would die. In the ambulance, when she touched his hand, with the amulet, she felt the heat and immense energy. He breathed but did not regain consciousness. In the hospital, they took him for research, and she stayed alone. She got a phone and called Tom.

‚Hi, Amy, did you forget something?’ he picked up the phone.

‚No, Ryan had an accident, I’m in the hospital. Could you come to me immediately, please?’ Now she could afford to cry.

‚Yes honey, of course. I will be in ten minutes,’ he answered.

‚But Tom, be careful please,’ she added and hung up.

Ten minutes later he came to her and hugged her.

‚What happened Amy? Are you all right?’ he asked because Amy had blood on her clothes.

‚I’m fine,’ she sighed, ‚but I don’t know what will be with him. I can’t believe that it happened. It was a second and I saw his car on the roof on the grass. He stopped breathing but I didn’t give up, and he regained his breath.’ She cried, and she was shivering.

‚You are very brave,’ Tom took off his jacket, put it on her shoulders and hugged her again. ‚He will be fine, I’m sure. Come on, sit down, do you want coffee or tea. It can be a long night,’ he smiled sadly.

‚No thank you. I have to know what is happening inside,’ she pointed to the door.

Tom sat down with her. They didn’t talk, just stared at the door.

After one hour, the doctor came to them.

‚Did you come with the patient from the accident?’ he asked Amy.

‚Yes, it’s me,’ she confirmed. ‚Is he all right? Will he live?’ she wanted to know everything immediately.

‚You saved his life,’ doctor smiled. ‚If not immediate rescue action, he would not have a chance to live. You should be proud of yourself,’ he added. ‚At the moment he is stable but unconscious, he has both hands and leg broken, but it is not very serious. The bad news is he’s brain swelling, and we’ve got to keep an eye on.

‚So he will live, or you don’t know yet?’ Amy asked upset.

‚We will be sure in next 48 hours,’ he replied indulgently. ‚The patient holds something in his right hand. We could not get it…’

‚It must be with him if it’s possible,’ Amy interrupted him.

‚That’s fine,’ he said. ‚At the moment it’s not a problem. The nurse will bring you his things; clothes, phone, wallet.’

‚Ok, thank you doctor,’ Amy smiled weakly. ‚Can I see him?’ she asked.

The doctor hesitated.

‚Ok, come with me, but just a moment.’

Amy came with him and went back very fast.

‚He has bruises and scratches on his face and a lot of tubes,’ she was crying again.

‚Will be fine,’ Tom hugged her again. It was everything that he could do.

A few minutes later the nurse brought them Ryan’s things.

‚I have to call to his mom in the morning,’ Amy sighed. ‚I hope that his phone doesn’t have a password because I have no idea what is the password.’

‚Give me this phone,’ Tom reached out his hand. Amy gave him this phone. ‚Let’s have a look,’ he murmured. ‚No password, just a dots,’ he smiled.

‚Thank God,’ Amy sighed. ‚Could you unlock it?’

‚I can try. Maybe you should go home Amy,’ he suggested. ‚We can go back in the morning. You can’t help him now; you even can’t be with him.’

‚No Tom, you can go if you want but I have to stay. Thank you for everything, now I feel better, and I can stay alone. Go home please,’ she said.

‚If you want to stay, I stay with you,’ he answered.

An hour later the police came to the hospital, and Amy told them what she saw. She didn’t want to cry but when she started talking about this accident tears just ran down her face. They wrote down everything and told her that this big car was a Land Rover and was stolen a week ago. They also told her that her car is still on the road. Tom suggested that he can go with them and take this car now and after a few minutes they agreed to drop him. He went back after an hour… with sandwiches and drinks.

‚I’m not hungry, thank you,’ Amy denied.

‚Amy, you have to eat something because you must be strong,’ he explained her like a child.

‚Later,’ she said and leaned on him. She was exhausted. Tom put his arm around her, and they both slept.

Amy woke up at six. In the first moment, she didn’t remember what happened and where she is. After a while, she reminded and started shaking. „Ryan where is Ryan and how he feels?” She left Tom, who was still sleeping on the chair and went to find some doctor. On the corridor, she met a nurse who allowed her to see Ryan. He looked like he was asleep, the nurse told that she must just wait. When she went back, Tom didn’t sleep.

‚Hi Amy, where have you been?’ he asked.

‚I saw Ryan,’ she sighed, ‚and talked with a nurse. We have to wait… we can do nothing more.’

‚So maybe you should go home, take a shower, change the clothes, eat something and come back here,’ he suggested.

Amy sighed deeply. She didn’t want to tell anybody about the curse, but she felt that she should tell Tom.

‚I can go home, but first I have to call Ryan’s mom,’ and she told him about the curse. With every word, his eyes were bigger and bigger and bigger. ‚Now you know everything,’ she finished. ‚If his mom tells me that nothing happens when I go home, I will go, but if she says that my presence here is essential, I’ll stay here until he wakes up.’

‚Ok, I understand… it means I try to understand,’ he was shocked. ‚So what time do you want to call her?’

‚I don’t know, maybe about eight,’ Amy shrugged, but at the same time Ryan’s phone started ringing.

‚It’s his mom,’ Tom gave her the phone, ‚pick up it.’

‚Halo,’ Amy said.

‚Hello, it’s Ryan’s phone?’ asked a melodious female voice.

‚Yes, but he can’t talk with you,’ Amy felt tears in her eyes.

‚Oh, Jesus,’ she said as she sensed that something had happened. ‚Where is my son?’

‚I can’t, you tell her,’ Amy gave Tom the phone and ran to the bathroom.

‚Halo, my name is Tom I’m Ryan’s friend,’ he started talking and told her all situation.

Amy came back after fifteen minutes. She had red eyes and tears on her cheeks. Tom was sitting and waiting for her.

‚Come on baby, don’t cry.’ He stood up and hugged her.

‚I can’t talk with her. It’s my fault that he had this accident, it’s my curse, not his,’ she couldn’t stop crying.

‚She didn’t blame you,’ Tom said. ‚She will be here today. I asked her if you can help him when you are here, and she said that you could go home to change your clothes. Amy, she is very nice person. I will take you home and come back here soon, please.’

‚Okay,’ Amy gave up. ‚I just tell them that I will be back soon and I just check how he feels,’ she said and went to the doctor.

When she came to home Sara just woke up, Bee was still sleeping.

‚Amy, what happened? Tom, what are you doing here?’ Sara was shocked when she saw both of them especially Amy had blood on her clothes.

Amy threw herself into Sara’s arms with tears. Sara hugged her and looked at Tom inquiringly.

He just shook his head and went to the kitchen.

‚Tell me sweety what happened?’ Sara hugged Amy, stroked her hair and both went after him.

In the answer, Amy hugged harder. After a few minutes, Amy stopped crying, but she still couldn’t say. She sat down on the chair. Sara sat down next to her.

‚Ryan had an accident. He is in the hospital, and he is still unconscious,’ Tom sighed, take a glass of water and sat at the table.

‚My God, the curse?’ Sara looked at Amy.

She just nodded. After a while, she started talking.

‚After this accident when I pulled him out from his car he told me that now he sees this curse and that he must die because of this curse, and that he will find me in next life. And his heart stopped beating.’ She started crying again.

Sara hugged her without words.

‚Will be fine honey,’ she stroked her hair again. ‚The most important is that he is still alive. I go to this Gipsy today and ask her what we can do.’

‚This amulet,’ Amy looked at her. ‚I put it in his hand. I think it saved his life.’

‚I think you saved his life,’ Sara smiled. ‚I’ll call Mary and ask her to come to Bee. Oh, one more thing. Yesterday Bee told me that last week you were very sad because Ryan stopped coming to you. So I just wanted to tell you that your brother is not a little child and he knows more than you can imagine. I think you should tell him what happened… not all of course, but he must know that you will be going to the hospital very often and why.’

‚Ok, you have right,’ Amy agreed. ‚I’m going to take a shower,’ she added very tired voice and went.

After a while, Bee appeared in the kitchen. Tom with Sara were sitting at the table and said nothing.

‚Hi, Tom,’ he ran to him and hugged.

‚Hi buddy, how are you?’ Tom smiled.

‚I’m ok. I heard Amy, where is she?’ Bee looked round.

‚She is in the bathroom,’ Sara replied. ‚Do you want breakfast?’

‚No, not now. Why are you so sad? Is something wrong?’ he looked suspiciously.

‚Just a little,’ Sara confirmed. ‚You have to stay today with Mary. Yesterday Ryan had a car accident, and he is in the hospital. Amy has to go to him with Tom, and I have a meeting with one lady so that you will stay with Mary.’

‚How does he feel? Can I see him?’ Bee asked specifically. He was in the hospital so many times that he exactly knew how it works.

‚You will see him when he feels better. Now we have to help Amy. Be a good boy, get dressed and come back here for breakfast.’ Sara smiled.

‚Ok.’ Bee smiled and went to his room.

Two hours later Amy came back to the hospital with Tom, Sara went to Gipsy and Bee stayed with Mary. When Amy went to the doctor, he said that nothing changed, but in this situation, no news is good news.

Sara went to the fairy who was very surprised that she saw her.

‚Do you remember me?’ Sara asked. ‚I was here on Tuesday two weeks ago with my friend. You told us about the curse.’

‚Oh yes, I remember,’ Gipsy nodded. ‚I told you everything that I knew; I can do nothing more,’ she wanted to close the door, but Sara stopped her.

‚Please help us. This curse has just come true. In the hospital lies unconscious man. He lives but is unconscious. How can we help him?’

Gipsy sighed and opened the door.

‚Come in,’ she said. ‚I can check my cards, that’s all that I can do. He should die in my opinion,’ she shrugged.

Sara froze. This lady was a little strange and ruthless. She sat down in the same room and fairy took her cards.

‚Somebody must die,’ she said after a while. ‚If he is still alive… maybe somebody else dies. Or maybe he dies… I don’t know… it’s a very old curse but still very strong. This girl must be a very bad person a long time ago.’

‚Could you tell me,’ Sara swallowed saliva loudly, ‚why you don’t like her so much?’

Gipsy looked at her askance.

‚Because a long time ago she killed people like me,’ she said firmly.

‚But in this life she is very nice person,’ Sara defended Amy. ‚And I do everything to help her.’

‚Find exorcist,’ Gipsy sighed. ‚This is the only way.’

‚Yes, but I tried to find somebody and I can’t. Do you know some exorcist?’ She looked at her pleadingly.

‚No,’ she replied sharply and spread the cards, ‚but he’ll find you, don’t worry.’

‚He’ll find me?’ she asked incredulously.

‚Yes,’ she confirmed. ‚And child… the child is very important here.’

‚Child? What child?’ Sara was confused.

‚Her child. Has she a child?’ Gipsy asked.

‚Yes, she has,’ Sara confirmed.

‚The child can break the curse,’ she said very strange voice.

Sara frightened. She didn’t know what she should think about this. The fairy was terrifying.

‚Go back to her; she needs you,’ she added after a while and stood up. Sara stood up as well. ‚And this is her life and her curse, don’t forget about it,’ she said, pushed Sara out the door and close it.

Sara got into the car and took the phone.

‚Jesus what a strange person,’ she said to herself and called Tom. She told him all conversation with the fairy and asked him what next.

‚You can’t tell her that he could die,’ Tom sighed. ‚I hope he doesn’t. Come to the hospital because Ryan’s mom is coming. I’m not sure if Amy will be able to talk with her. She is still feeling guilty.’

‚Ok, I’m coming,’ she replied and hung up.

Ryan’s mom came to the hospital afternoon. She called Ryan when she was at the entrance. Tom picked up the phone.

‚Could you tell me where I should go? I’m in reception downstairs,’ she said.

‚Please stay there; I’m going to you,’ Tom replied and went to her.

When he went downstairs, he saw a slim, tall woman with short dark hair, impeccably dressed in white women suit with high but not too high heel black shoes, who was standing near reception. She turned around, and Tom noticed that Ryan was very similar to her… the same eyes and nose. She could be about sixty, but she was a very beautiful woman in spite of her age. He smiled at her.

‚Hello, I’m Tom,’ he introduced himself.

‚Kate Howkins,’ she reached her hand. He handed her hand. ‚Where is my son?’ she was upset but calm.

‚He is in intensive care; we can’t be with him at the moment,’ Tom led her upstairs and spoke.

‚And where is this girl?’ she asked.

‚She is in the corridor,’ he replied.

‚Ok, go faster,’ she hurried him.

Tom looked surprised but walked faster. She walked into the corridor and immediately went to Amy who was sitting and waiting.

‚Hello, Amy, I’m Kate,’ she said gently. Amy and Sara looked at her. Both looked awful with jeans and t-shirts, and their faces were wet from the tears. Kate nodded to Sara. ‚I have to see my son, come with me my dear ,’ she took Amy’s hand and pulled her. ‚Where is he?’ she asked when Amy stood up.

‚Behind this door,’ Amy showed her the door at the end of the corridor.

‚Ok so go,’ she hurried Amy, and both went there.

Ryan lay alone in one of the rooms. Amy showed her where he is and wanted to leave her with him.

‚No, no, no,’ Kate shook her head. ‚You must go with me, darling. I have to check how serious is the injury and how severe is your curse,’ she explained.

They saw the nurse who was going to them.

‚Excuse me, you can’t be here,’ she said louder.

Kate came to her and talked. She came back after a while.

‚We have five minutes,’ she said, and they went to Ryan.

Amy started crying when she saw him. Kate just sighed.

‚We don’t have a time for crying at the moment,’ Kate said firmly. ‚I check him first,’ she took his hand and closed her eyes. He had both hands in plaster. ‚It’s not too bad,’ she murmured after a while. ‚Come to me and give me your hand,’ she said to Amy and closed her eyes again. ‚It’s not finished yet; we need help,’ she opened her eyes and smiled to Amy. ‚Will be all right,’ she said, and Amy started crying again. ‚Now you can cry,’ she patted her back, and before they went, she went back to Ryan. ‚Sleep well son, mom is here,’ she stroked his cheek very gently, and both went.

‚Will he live?’ Amy asked when they went through the corridor.

‚Yes, he has a strong energy, and this amulet is very helpful,’ Kate smiled.

‚And do you know when he will wake up?,’ she asked again.

‚That is the problem,’ she sighed. ‚He is in a coma, and this is because of the curse. That’s why we need help.’

‚I’m so sorry,’ Amy had tears in her eyes.

‚Don’t be silly,’ Kate replied sharply. ‚He loves you more than me. I never saw him so happy and so angry because of one girl. Don’t blame yourself because it’s not helpful. You must be strong for him,’ she talked politely but firmly.

‚Ok, I’ll try,’ Amy sighed.

‚I stay in Ryan’s home,’ Kate said when they were together. ‚Could you show me where his house is?’

‚Tom shows you, I stay here,’ Amy replied.

‚Go home, child. We can’t help him now,’ Kate looked at her. ‚I know what you feel, but you can do nothing at the moment. We can meet here in the evening and try to talk to the doctor. Seven o’clock, ok? Go home and rest, please.’

Sara put hands on Amy’s shoulders.

‚She has right; you should go home. I go with you Amy, you must rest.’

‚Ok,’ she agreed after a while.

‚Ok guys, see you at seven,’ Kate smiled and went with Tom.

Amy was very surprised Kate’s behaviour. Her son is in a coma, and she behaves as if nothing happened. She tried to talk to Sara about it, but Sara didn’t care about it. She only said that if his mom heals people so maybe she saw worse cases which she cured and he is in quite a good condition. At seven they met in the hospital. Kate talked to the doctor and was quite happy after this meeting. The doctor told that this swelling is lower and maybe tomorrow afternoon they put him in the room where he will be with family and friends. It was excellent news. Kate decided that they will meet tomorrow morning again. Amy wasn’t happy because she’d rather stay in the hospital and to keep her hand in, but Kate was inexorable. Sara wasn’t helpful as well because she completely agreed with Kate.

Next day Amy dropped Bee to school and went to the hospital. Ryan felt better. It meant his brain was less swelling, and they expected that he could wake up anytime. Kate didn’t have such good news. In her opinion, he is in a coma because this curse is still working. She told Amy that she has a friend who can help them, but he will come back next Sunday. So they have to wait. Amy spent with him a few hours a day; sometimes she talked with his mother as well. Bee was mostly with Sara and Tom. She told Kevin that Ryan had an accident and he is in a coma, but Kevin was only interested in how she knew about it. So Amy told him the truth. In response to instructed her that she should not neglect the work. She wanted to tell him where he can put such advice, but because she still needed this job, she said just ok. Kate told her about her dreams and that she knew that Ryan is not safe when he decided to come back to Dartford. She told about this night… she couldn’t sleep, but she didn’t want to call him in the middle of the night. She felt that something is wrong with him, but she didn’t see death. Amy told her what he said before he stopped breathing.

‚You are not alone Amy,’ Kate comforted her. ‚We live at the end of time… so many people have a problem with curses from the ages ago. My friend has really a lot of work, and I hope that he can help you as well.’

‚Thanks, Kate,’ Amy was grateful. ‚I would never forgive myself if he died by me.’

‚Don’t think about it,’ Kate squeezed her hand gently. ‚He will be fine, and you entered the wizarding family so… be careful,’ she laughed.

Amy laughed as well. She was happy that Kate didn’t blame her for this accident and that she was so helpful and supporting.

Next Sunday Amy was in the hospital from the morning. Kate told her that this friend would be landed in London and went to the hospital straight away. Ryan looked much better, he looked like he was asleep… and he didn’t have tubes anymore. She told him about her week, what Bee was doing, what new at work, finally about her childhood. She told him that Bee really wanted to come here, but she wasn’t sure if it’s a good idea. Carl, Kate’s friend, came to the hospital with her about three. Amy sat, held Ryan’s hand and talked to him. She stood up when she saw them. Carl was in Kate’s age, and he was very tall and handsome with long blond hair and beard and gentle, blue eyes. He smiled to Amy friendly. He pulled out a mirror from his pocket and came to Ryan. He sat down and closed his eyes. Amy was sitting opposite him, and after a few minutes, she saw drops of sweat flowing down his forehead. After a half an hour he opened his eyes… looked very tired.

‚So?’ Kate came to him. Earlier she was standing near the door.

‚It’s not easy,’ he sighed. ‚It started here in England, not so far… maybe a hundred miles. It’s a very old curse… and very strong. The person who cast a curse was treated unfairly, and it wasn’t a bad person… means a witch. I think it was a woman because the curse of a wounded woman is always the strongest. The positive is that it started in England… because the curse is like a circle and turns around, in this life is the best time to close it.’

‚You mean to break?’ Kate asked.

‚No, close,’ he repeated. ‚We will try to close this curse, but I need more time.’

‚Ok Carl, so what do you need?’ Amy asked. She could do everything that he wants if he could wake up Ryan.

‚I need a place to sleep,’ he smiled.

‚You go with me to Ryan’s home. He has enough space,’ Kate said.

‚I let you know when I will have any idea, don’t worry,’ he turned to Amy, and both with Kate went.

Kate called Amy two days later that they will be in the hospital at three. This day Amy couldn’t ask Sara or Tom to take Bee from the school because they both were in work. For the past two weeks, both of them have been helping her more than they even should. They neglected work, own life, but they were always with her and looked after Bee. She decided to take Bee and go to the hospital with him. She could leave him on the children’s ward… all staff knew him there. So she did it. She left Bee, and after three she was in Ryan’s room. She was sure that they have good news, but when she went there and saw their faces, she understood that everything collapsed.

‚What happened?’ she asked. ‚You can do nothing,’ she had tears in her eyes.

‚He found a way,’ Kate said quietly. ‚But somebody must give a life for Ryan.’

‚What?’ Amy shouted.

‚A woman who cast a spell wants your suffering to the end of your life. You saved his life, he is still alive and can wake up, but she wants a victim. You have to suffer; this is the curse. Typically, in your previous lives, your soul mate died, and you were lonely and unhappy to the end of your every life. This time is different, you saved him, but you did not return to his normal life. His destiny is dying in every life, and your destiny is suffering to the end of your probably long life without your only love. She lets you know the taste of happiness and then takes you away.’ Carl tried to explain it.

‚Could you try to find a different way?’ Amy was in despair.

‚We think about it, but we just wanted to tell you how serious is this curse,’ Kate said. ‚I want to get Ryan just like you, but she wants a victim. If Ryan is to live someone else must die. Someone, who you love…’

‚I can do it,’ they heard a child’s voice. Bee was standing in the doorway and heard everything.

‚Bee, what are you talking about?’ Amy came to him and took him in her arms. ‚You should be with children on the ward. I told you that you shouldn’t listen when adults are talking.’ She hugged him very hard. She didn’t know how much he heard.

‚Amy, I’m not a child anymore,’ he looked at her seriously. ‚I go to mom and dad; I saw them many times in my dreams. And you stay with Ryan. I like him, and he will be good for you when I go. I’m ill, and you have so many troubles because of me. I love you, but you need Ryan more than me…’

‚Oh my God, stop Bee, stop talking,’ she started crying. She sat on the floor and hugged him all the time. ‚I can’t lose you; I lost almost everything, I don’t agree. I love him, but I can’t lose you. I can’t be happy without you do you understand!’ she was shouting. ‚Cancel what you said, now!’ she was so scared, she cried and hugged Bee.

‚Amy calm down’ Kate crouched beside her and stroked her hair. She tried to release Bee, but she held him firmly. Kate saw madness in her eyes. ‚Amy everything is all right,’ she talked to her gently. ‚Bee is all right. Look at him, he is here, and he doesn’t die. We will find a new way, I promise,’ she stroked her hair all the time.

Amy began to calm down. She was still holding Bee but not so strong. Kate looked at Carl, but he had closed eyes, and he was in a trance. Finally, Amy released Bee but she was shivering. Kate hugged her. Bee came to Ryan’s bed and smiled. He touched his face, arms and hands.

‚Hi buddy,’ Ryan opened his eyes and looked at Bee.

Bee embraced him without a word and hugged him. Carl fell unconscious on the floor, Kate and Amy stood up from the floor.

‚Amy, mom, Carl?’ Ryan was confused. Bee still hugged him.

‚Oh, my God, you woke up,’ Amy ran to him with crying and hugged him and Bee.

Kate went to Carl and checked if he is still alive.

‚Thank God, only fainted,’ she said and started to wake up him. After a while, he opened his eyes.

‚Are you all right Carl?’ Kate asked with care in her voice.

‚Yes, I’m fine. She took me to her world,’ he smiled. ‚It’s almost over.’

‚Almost!’ Kate shouted. ‚We talk about it later,’ she decided and went to Ryan. ‚How do you feel son?’ she smiled. ‚Amy stop hugging Bee because he can’t breathe!’ she told firmly.

‚What with this curse?’ Amy asked with fear. ‚Somebody dies?’

‚No, don’t worry. Your brother is very brave, and he broke the curse. He loves you so much that he wanted to give his life for your happiness. It’s amazing and breaking every curse. You are safe and your boys as well,’ he said with a smile.

‚Thanks, Carl,’ Amy hugged Bee and put her hand on Ryan’s hand.

‚I love you, Amy,’ Ryan smiled. ‚You are mine forever.’

‚I love you too,’ she whispered ashamedly.

‚So, this is the moment where they must stay alone,’ Kate said with a smile. ‚Come on boys, we go to eat something delicious in this hospital restaurant,’ she took Bee and Carl and went.

Ryan left the hospital after four weeks when they took off the plaster. Because he still needed help, they decided that he will be living in Amy’s house. In the same time, grandma left the care home and came back to her room. Kate decided to stay in Ryan’s house one week more, and she met Amy’s grandma. They immediately became friends. Amy was working in the newspaper all the time, but Kevin didn’t so understand for her like earlier. She decided to leave this job when Ryan starts working again. It looked like the curse was off, and Amy would finally be happy.

One year later at the end of July, Kate invited them to Sherwood Forest on Robin Hood festival. Bee was very happy especially that it was his holiday. Amy was happy as well, but from the last two weeks, she felt weak. She didn’t want to tell Ryan because she was sure that it’s nothing serious… probably she was only tired. Grandma was a new Kate’s best friend and spent with her plenty of time. She was in Nottingham all May. When they arrived Kate welcomed them very warmly, but she kept peeking at Amy. Amy noticed it and felt awkward. When Kate saw that Amy is alone in the garden, she came to her.

‚How are you?’ she asked with a smile.

‚I’m all right, thank you. And thank you for inviting,’ she replied politely.

‚Are you sure that everything okay?’ Kate wouldn’t let it go.

‚Yes, I’m a little tired, that’s all,’ Amy felt strange with these questions.

‚Do you remember,’ she took her hand and walked through the garden, ‚when in hospital Carl told that the curse is almost gone?’

‚Almost!’ Amy shouted. ‚No, I don’t remember. I thought that it’s over.’

‚Now is over,’ Kate smiled.

‚What do you mean? I’m sick and must die?’ Amy was frightened.

‚No, of course not,’ Kate laughed. ‚This curse was created because you took somebody’s life… and now… you gave her life…’ She looked significantly at her belly.

‚I’m pregnant! Are you sure!’ Amy laughed.

‚Yes,’ she confirmed. ‚And little Lily with be very unruly child and you have to love and protect her all your heart.’

‚Oh my God, of course, I will, I’m so happy,’ Amy hugged Kate. ‚Did you tell Ryan?’

‚No!’ Kate was outraged. ‚It’s your job. You will have an empty house tonight… you can use it.’

‚Thank you,’ Amy hugged her again. ‚I have the best family in the whole world.’

‚That’s true,’ Kate agreed. ‚But you deserved it.’


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