My new short story: “Dream wedding”

Amanda was sitting grumpily and nervously drumming her fingers on the table. She was thinking, what she had to do in this situation. She heard the lock on the front door close and sighed, thank God Peter came back home.

‘Hi honey, what happened?’ he asked going to the living room, and seeing her face.

‘Don’t ask,’ she answered. ‘Your mom called me, she wants me to wear her wedding dress, exactly like my mom!’

Peter snickered.

‘It’s very interesting. I think, it’s not a wedding for us, but for our moms who can realize their dreams.’

‘It’s not funny,’ Amanda was retorted. ‘Why doesn’t your dad propose you wear his wedding suit?’

‘I’m ten centimetres taller than my dad, and I’m sure it’s the only reason,’ Peter couldn’t stop laughing.

‘If I have to look like an oddity, you can do the same!’

‘You know, I thought about all of this confusion associated with the wedding, and I have one idea…’

‘Yes, I’m listening to you very carefully.’ Amanda’s voice was hopeful.

‘We can do this wedding as we want.’

‘Oh yes, it’s a fantastic idea,’ Amanda said ironically. ‘We had tried to talk about it with our parents and you remember what happened at the end!’

Peter sighed. He remembered it. Their parents were offended, that they wanted the wedding without pomp, a lot of visitors and all those stupid shiny decorations.

‘We won’t tell them,’ he replied after a while.

Amanda stared at him.

‘And how do you want to do this? We won’t go to our own wedding?’

‘Trust me, honey,’ he came to her and kisses the top of her head. ‘They will organize their wedding, and we will organize ours,’ he smiled widely.

‘I don’t know exactly what you want to do, but I feel, I like it,’ she smiled as well.

‘We have a month… that’s enough. You pretend that nothing has changed and stop arguing with them. We will have our dream wedding, I promise.’ He stroked her cheek.

‘Thank you sweety, I love you.’ Amanda stood up and hugged him.

‘Don’t worry, it will be great,’ he embraced her.

All month, Amanda and Peter were preparing their own celebration, finally happy, that they get married. At the same time, they were at all the meetings with their parents and agreed on their conditions. Where they had an objection, parents said that they are too young and they don’t know in this.

When it was their wedding day, Amanda was full of fear.

‘Peter, what happens if something goes wrong?’

‘What exactly? Everything is all right, everybody knows, what they have to do. Anyway, we can always go back to the first option… ours parents wedding. I’m sure that their will be absolutely perfect…’

‘Boring, old-fashioned, but perfect,’ she laughed. ‘Thank you, but I’d rather our imperfect.’

‘Do you have a meeting with mom before the wedding?’

‘No, I told her that bridesmaids help me, and she will have a surprise.’

‘Oh yes, she will,’ Peter was laughing.

The wedding should start at four o’clock. The wedding guests started coming half an hour earlier. The best men with the groom were standing in front of the church and informed everyone that the wedding would be on the beach, just three kilometres from the church. Everybody went to the beach without question… only their parents had plenty of question to ask.

‘I’m sorry, I don’t have time to explain everything, just go to the beach,’ Peter said firmly.

On the beach, the wedding was planned to start at half past four, Peter had to change his suit to Jamaican clothing; shirt and shorts. Amanda was waiting for him in a beautiful, pink, transparent dress with flowers in her long, blond hair. All guests waited at the ceremony with interest. The priest, who knew about everything, came to the wedding dressed as Neptune. Amanda and Peter made their vows written by themselves, to the sound of Jamaican drums, which they both loved. After the wedding, on the beach was Jamaican meals and dancing.

Their parents weren’t happy, and they asked them why they did it.

‘We told you that we didn’t want your wedding… we wanted ours! You didn’t hear us, and because it’s the most important day in our lives, we wanted to live it in our own way.’ They answered.

Peter directed guests to move into the restaurant, where traditional food and music were waiting, but all of them preferred to be on the beach. The party lasted until dawn. In the end, even the parents admitted, that the wedding was wonderful and apologized for their behaviour. Amanda and Peter felt the happiest and the most in love people in the world.

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