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the story about people who are angels


about angels who are people

‚Fuck!’ Meg was sitting in the toilet and looking at the pregnancy test. There were two stripes… it meant, she was pregnant. ‚Fuck, fuck, fuck!’ She repeated with panic in her voice. ‚What should I do now?!’ She stood up from the toilet and looked in the mirror. Her beautiful big blue eyes were full of sadness and her long blond hair hung in disorder. ‚You are pregnant,’ she said to herself. ‚And how will you tell Jack?’

‚Meg, are you all right?’ She heard a voice from outside.

‚Ok Karen, I’m coming now,’ she replied. ‚I’ll think about it later,’ she added to herself in the mirror. She opened the door and went back to work.

‚Are you sure, it’s ok?’ Karen came to her desk and looked at her very carefully. They have been best friends since primary school. They were always together, the same schools, the same job, Meg was godmother to Karen’s first child. Karen had three children and she worked only four hours per day. In Meg’s opinion Karen should be a model, she had a beautiful face and amazing body although giving birth to three children. But Karen would rather be a housewife with a part time job in the advertising agency.

‚Later,’ Meg said briefly.

‚We will see each other at half past four in my house,’ said Karen and went back to work before Meg could object.

Meg only sighed and went back to work as well.

Half past four, and Meg stood at Karen’s house. Karen opened the door.

‚Come inside, I have to go back to Nick,’ she said and disappeared into the kitchen.

‚Hi auntie.’ From upstairs came running Becky and Teddy, the older children. Becky was the oldest, she was seven and loved Meg more than her own mother.

‚Hi kids,’ Meg smiled and gave them some sweets.

‚Meg, come to me, kids upstairs,’ Karen shouted from the kitchen.

‚See you later,’ Meg whispered and went to Karen.

Karen was feeding eight months old Nick.

‚Take a coffee, said Karen, but after one moment added, ‚no, you take a tea, it will be better.’

‚Why?’ Meg was very surprised. ‚I’d rather have coffee.’

‚But not your child,’ she looked at her significantly.

Meg sat on the chair and hid her face in her hands.

‚How do you know?’ she asked quietly.

‚I don’t know, maybe it’s sixth sense. Don’t worry it’s the best time. You are almost twenty nine, Jack is thirty one, it’s the best time on child, trust me.’ She put Nick into the playpen and sat down at the


‚I don’t think so,’ Meg shook her head. ‚Jack doesn’t want to have a baby.’

Karen waved her hand.

‚All of them are the same. They are scared because of responsibility. You’ll see, after the first shock he will be very, very happy. Like my Martin.’

‚I don’t think so,’ Meg repeated.

‚Ok, so what do you think he can tell you?’ Karen asked.

‚Remove pregnancy.’

‚No, no, I don’t believe that,’ Karen shook her head. ‚It’s impossible. I know Jack, I know how he likes my children, he will be a great father.’

Meg said nothing on these words. She couldn’t tell her what Jack thought about her family. It was abnormal for him.

‚I have to go,’ Meg stood up from the chair. ‚Please, don’t tell Martin. I have to think about this and first confirm it with doctor.’

‚Meg, don’t worry,’ Karen hugged her. ‚I know that everything will be all right. He will be happy and you will be a great mom.’

‚Yes, sure,’ Meg went to the door. ‚See you tomorrow,’ she added and left.

Meg arrived at her house. She had lived with Jack for five years, and they knew each other for eight. When they met and started to be together, they promised: no marriage… no children… no problems. She took birth control pills but last month she had rotavirus and maybe the pills didn’t work. Anyway, it didn’t matter how it happened the problem was that it happened! She sat on the sofa in the living room and turned on the TV. There was “The fashion week” She saw beautiful and thin models and looked at her own body.

‚My God, what will happen with my body… I will look like a whale,’ she was horrified.

At the same moment the door was opened and Jack stood in the doorway.

‚Hi girl,’ he shouted.

‚Hi boy,’ she replied.

‚How are you today my princess, because I am really, really all right.’ He came to the living room, sat next to her and gave her kiss.

Meg started laughing. She loved it, when Jack was so happy. In these moments he looked like a little boy who had won the main prize in the lottery. Anyway, Jack usually was satisfied with his life, he had a very good job in music publishing, a lot of popular friends and looked amazing… short brown hair, brown eyes, tall and athletic body… and the most important… he was a very, very good man.

‚Ok, so what’s happened that you are really, really all right my prince?’ She asked and didn’t stop laughing.

‚We will have a new very, very big contract, and probably I will have to go to Australia for a few months. Can you go with me?’

‚Sure, why not,’ she replied.

‚Ok, so what can we do now?’ Jack asked her and moving closer and closer her. She knew that he had a plan for this evening.

‚You tell me,’ she said and Jack wanted to say something but his phone started ringing.

‚Jonny?’ Jack was very surprised. ‚Hi Jonny, what’s up?’

Meg was sitting near him and watching with curiosity.

‚No, Jonny, tomorrow, I can’t come to you tonight,’ he moaned.

‚It’s serious… I said NOW!’ Jonny shouted and hung up.

Meg flinched. She heard only “now”, but that was enough to know, that it was very serious.

Jack sighed.

‚I have to go baby. I don’t know what’s happened but he has a big problem. I will be back soon,’ he kissed her and left.

Meg stayed alone. She took a book but she couldn’t read because she thought about the child. What should she do? Should she tell Jack? Should she go with him to Australia? A lot of questions… any reply. Suddenly she felt very hungry. “My baby wants to eat” – she sighed and went to the kitchen. She was making a sandwich with raspberry jam and mayonnaise. “I’m crazy, but this is delicious” – she told herself. Then she went upstairs to the bathroom and took a bath. They have a big bathroom, she loved being there, especially in the bath with Jack. When she was sitting in the bath and still thinking about the future, Jack came back home. She just heard him. Because he didn’t go upstairs, she came out of the bath and went downstairs. He was sitting in the kitchen… in his hand, he held a glass of whisky.

‚Jack, are you all right?’ She came to him and put hand on his shoulder.

He turned his head and looked at her. His face looked very tired.

‚It’s not all right, everything is gone. It’s over,’ he said.

‚But what’s happened? I don’t understand, please, tell me what is over?’ She asked him.

Jack shook his head.

‚I can’t imagine, how someone can be so stupid… I really can’t imagine.’ He hid his face in his hands.

Meg squatted beside him and stroked him on the head.

‚Jack, please, tell me what’s happened?’ She asked again.

‚I have to cancel all American tournee Billy Kid…’

‚But why?!’ She interrupted him.

‚You don’t believe… he cancelled it because his wife is pregnant!! Do you believe?!! He will lose thousands of pounds, we will loose thousands of pounds… why? Because of a baby!!’

Meg froze. She involuntarily put her hand on the belly.

‚I didn’t know how an adult person can be so stupid and irresponsible,’ Jack continued. ‚He knew about this tournee, it was his big chance for an international career. And now… everything is lost… why? Because his wife is pregnant and he must stay with her. Fucking baby!!’ Jack drunk the whisky and threw the glass against the wall.

Meg flinched. Jack looked at her. His eyes were tired and very angry.

‚Children are a curse, remember. I’m so happy that you are with me. I love you Meg and I’ll never stop,’ he leaned over and kissed her. ‚Be nice girl and give me more whisky, please. I will be working all night because I have to send a lot of emails to America and cancel this.’

‚It’s very strange to me,’ Meg wondered and gave him whisky. ‚Why can’t he go on a part of this tournee?’

‚Don’t ask me. He said that the pregnancy is threatened and she is scared that she lose this baby.’ Jack explained. ‚I told him that they can make another baby what’s the different?’ Jack shook his shoulders. ‚Come to me Meg and promise me that you will be with me forever… without babies, without all this mess… just you and me… and promise me that you come with me to Australia.’ He pulled her to him and she sat on his lap.

Meg clung to him.

‚I love you Jack and I want to be with you forever,’ she whispered. ‚But you shouldn’t judge other people. If he wants to stay with his wife… it’s his choice. Maybe this baby is more important than a career, fame, tournee and everything. People have different priorities…’

‚Meg, please stop,’ Jack pushed her away. ‚Do you think that he was right?! We had a deal… I think he lost his career… he can play in fish and chips bars, and that’s all. Our company will break up his contract!’

‚I only said that it’s his choice.’

‚Ok.’ Jack was impatient. ‚Meg, leave me alone, I have to work,’ he said and poured one more glass of whisky.

‚Jack, I’m not against you,’ she added and go upstairs.

Meg lay down on the bed and thought about the child. She hoped that she wasn’t pregnant… but after tonight she didn’t believe this. She knew that she couldn’t tell him… she must do it without him. Next day, Jack was going to work before Meg woke up. She didn’t know he’d slept with her or on the sofa in the living room. Anyway, she felt worse than yesterday. She was sure, she couldn’t tell him about the baby. First of all, she must go to the doctor and confirm the pregnancy. She rang the surgery and booked appointment on the afternoon. Then she went to work. Thank God Karen started at ten o’clock so she had two hours of calm.

Meg knew that at work something is wrong… for the last few months they had not a lot of work… now they should have really a lot of work, few hours overtime per week… but it was quiet… too quiet.

Karen came at ten o’clock and went to Meg’s desk immediately.

‚Did you tell him?’ She asked without hi, hello, or anything.

‚Good morning Karen, how are you today?’ Meg said.

‚Oh, c’mon, did you tell him or not?’ She asked again.

‚No, and I can’t tell him. I have to do it myself,’ she replied firmly.

‚What do you want to do?’ Karen almost shouted.

‚Later, I don’t want to talk about this here,’ Meg took the papers, passed the surprised Karen and went.

“16:30 in my house” Karen wrote on the paper, stuck it on Meg’s screen and went to work.

At 5 o’clock Meg still wasn’t there, so Karen rang her.

‚Yes?’ Meg answered the phone, said in the low voice.

‚Where are you? I wrote you a message at work,’ Karen said in the low voice as well.

‚I’m sitting in my GP and waiting, I will call you when I’m finished.’

‚I can be at the GP in fifteen minutes. Will you still be there?’

Meg rolled her eyes.

‚Yes, I will,’ she sighed and clicked off.

Fifteen minutes later, Karen entered to surgery and sat on the chair. Meg wasn’t there, it meant, she was in the appointment. A few minutes later she went out into the corridor. Karen stood up from the chair.

‚Meg, are you all right? She asked.

‚No, I’m not,’ she replied. ‚I’m pregnant, but the ultrasonography is broken today, so tomorrow I have to go to the hospital. They will take a scan and maybe abortion in the same day.’

‚Come on from this place,’ Karen took her hand. ‚We’ll go for coffee and talk,’ she decided and then both went.

‚So, are you sure, you don’t want to tell Jack?’ She asked when they sat in Cafe.

‚I can’t Karen. I thought that I can, but after yesterday, I’m sure that it will destroy him and our relationship,’ Meg sighed.

‚And do you think that abortion will not destroy yours relationship?’ Karen looked sceptically.

‚I love Jack and I do everything for him. It will be only my problem… this child is my problem as well. Both of us didn’t want to have a child so I don’t see any reason to keep this pregnancy.’ Meg was very determined.

‚I have one reason Meg,’ Karen was very sad. ‚Below your heart is a new life. But if you are so determined I can come with you tomorrow. If they do it, you will need help.’

‚Thank you Karen,’ Meg had tears in her eyes.

‚But please Meg, don’t do it just like that,’ she snapped her fingers. ‚It’s very difficult and I think you will have a few weeks to decide.’

‚Ok, I promise,’ she whispered.

‚Please, don’t think about this now,’ Karen smiled. ‚I have a free evening so maybe we can go shopping… or to the cinema… what do you think?’

‚Yes, sure, why not,’ Meg replied. ‚Jack is still working… and I don’t want to be near him. I’m afraid that he will notice something. It means… it’s your evening so you tell me what do you want to do?’

‚Ok, so, first we go for food and then to the cinema for film for 18 years old. I’m fed up with all these cartoons.’

Meg laughed.

‚I’m not surprised. Maybe we can watch a horror or thriller?’

‚Fantastic,’ Karen smiled broadly.

In the cinema Meg haa written a message to Jack that she is with Karen and will be back later, but he didn’t answer. When she went back home, it was almost eleven. Jack slept in the living room. She came and leaned over him.

‚Jack… Jack, is everything ok?’ She asked.

‚I want to sleep, leave me alone,’ he replied and turned to the other side. He was drunk.

Meg shook her shoulders and went upstairs.

Next morning, she went downstairs and Jack was in the kitchen.

‚Hi honey,’ she said cheerfully.

‚Hi,’ he replied. ‚I have to go for five minutes and will be back in the night. Don’t wait for me – he was very angry.’

‚Did I make something wrong?’ She asked annoyed.

Jack sighed.

‚No Meg, it’s not your fault. I’m sorry, I have a really big problem at work, please give me a few days. I have to cancel tournee this… this… cock. It’s very difficult and everything is on my head. I have to go,’ he said and went without a kiss… “have a good day” or even “good bye”.

Meg shook her head, ate breakfast and went to work. When she was sitting on her chair, she saw a message on the desk: “Go to the manager”. She sighed and went.

‚Hi Alan, what’s up?’ She asked.

‚Please, sit down Meg.’

‚Something is wrong? Why are you so official?’ She asked concerned.

‚As you know, our company has problems… we haven’t had enough work for a few months. The management decided to close the company. By the end of next week we will all be booted out…’

‚But why? Can’t you find new contractors? We have a good place in the ranking of companies! We are a good brand!’ Meg was very upset.

‚I know Meg, but it’s not my decision. You are one of my best workers so I would like to give you one week more in our company and then severance pay equal to three months’ salary. I’m sure that you’ll find a job earlier. I will give you very good references,’ Alan was very embarrassed.

‚Ok, don’t worry,’ Meg was resigned. ‚I have worked here for seven years. It’s a lot of time. It’s a pity, but everything comes to an end. Thanks Alan, it was a pleasure to work with you.’ She stood up and held out her hand.

Alan also stood up and shook her hand.

‚It was a pleasure for me Meg,’ he said.

Meg smiled sadly and went. She didn’t know what she should do now. But one thing she was sure… she must have an abortion! Now, when she has lost her job, there were no other choice. She went to the toilet and met Karen.

‚Hi Meg, how are you?’

‚Don’t ask,’ she replied.

Karen looked at her surprised.

‚I am dismissed…’


‚I am fired, and you will be… the company will be closed,’ Meg explained. ‚I’m curious what else is going to happen.’

‚Don’t worry Meg, you will find better a job… it’s not the end of the world.’ Karen comforted her. ‚What time do you have the doctor today?’

‚After work… you don’t have to watch over me. I have decided on an abortion. I have no choice, so if it’s possible, I want to do it today,’ Meg said very strongly.

‚Meg, you have always have a choice. You have no idea why this child appears in this moment… maybe it’s the best time for you, for Jack and for your child.’ Karen explained.

‚Karen I love you and I know that you are looking at this situation with just your eyes, but trust me, I have no choice.’

‚Ok,’ Karen surrendered. ‚I will stay with you untill four, and then we go.’

‚If you want,’ Meg shrugged her shoulders and went to work.

After four they went to the hospital. Meg was determined and sure that this was a good way for her. They were sitting in the corridor and not talking. When on the screen Meg saw her name, Karen only whispered: “Good luck, I cross my fingers”. Meg sighed and went.

A few minutes later she came back all in tears.

‚What happened?!’ Karen ran up to her and hugged.

The corridor became confusion. All the people looked curiously at Meg.

‚It’s the sixth week and it’s twins… I can’t do it today…’ Meg cried.

‚That’s ok, don’t worry, it will be fine, I promise,’ Karen stroked her hair. ‚Let’s get out of here,’ she added and held her by the shoulders. They moved outside. ‚Do you want to go to my house or yours?’

‚Go home Karen, I want to be alone,’ Meg said.

‚It’s impossible,’ Karen shook her head. ‚I can’t leave you alone. We can go to yours if Jack is at work.’

‚I’m sure he is. Last time he is always in work… and very well.’

‚That’s fine, let’s go to your house.’

They didn’t talk in the taxi, Meg was depressed, Karen wondered how she could help her. She knew that Meg couldn’t remove twins… whatever she was saying. When they came home, Meg sat on the sofa in the living room.

‚Do you want something to drink?’ Karen asked.

‚Vodka without ice,’ Meg replied.

‚Yes, sure,’ Karen murmured. ‚Hot chocolate or cocoa… what do you want?’

‚Chocolate with cream… and vodka.’

A few minutes later Karen came with two cups of hot chocolate.

‚Meg, I think you should tell Jack,’ she started. ‚I know it’s a very hard time for him, but you can’t hide it. You are very unhappy and your pregnancy should be the best and the most beautiful time for you… and Jack as well…’

‚Karen you don’t understand!’ Meg interrupted her. ‚Jack lost a lot of money because of the pregnancy at some girl… and now he has a lot of work and a lot of trouble because of this. And the most important is, he doesn’t want to have a baby… one baby, so how can I tell him about twins!? Abortion is my only way…’

‚Listen Meg, I know it’s very difficult for you but I think… If you don’t want to talk with Jack… you should go away and rest. When you come back, you will have a fresh look on this situation.’

‚Where can I go? I don’t have family and friends… except you. I can buy a trip around the world and come back postpartum.’

Karen thought for a moment.

‚Do you know it’s a great idea,’ she said with conviction.

‚Yes, I’m sure, it is,’ Meg ironically confirmed.

‚Wait, wait, wait, I have a friend in Paris, he is a fantastic person, I’m sure you can go to him and think about all this situation…’

‚Yes, I’m sure your friend dreams about me, my pregnancy, and all troubles with this. Is he a masochist?’ – Meg interrupted her.

‚Marcus is a fantastic person I’m sure he will be happy to help you. You can go to him for two weeks, you rest and think about how tell Jack about pregnancy…’

‚Ok, and how can I explain to Jack my disappearance? I have to rest with another guy in Paris? It’s doesn’t make sense…’

‚Stop it!’ Karen shouted. ‚I’m really trying to help you so you could be grateful!’

Meg couldn’t answer because the door was opened and Jack came home.

‚Hi girl,’ he shouted from the corridor. ‚Oh, hi Karen,’ he added when he came to the living room.

‚Hi Jack,’ they both replied.

‚Are you staying home?’ Meg asked.

‚Unfortunately no, I’m just taking a few documents and I have to go. What do you have in your cup?’ Jack took Meg’s cup and drunk. ‚It’s chocolate,’ he said surprised. ‚Are you sick, Meg?’ He put his hand on her forehead. ‚Karen, do you have the same?’ He checked her cup. ‚What’s happening here?’ He asked with a laugh. ‚I hope you are not pregnant again,’ he turned to Karen. ‚Martin would have depressed.’

‚Don’t worry about Martin,’ Karen was angry. ‚You should think about children, it’s the best time!’

Meg looked at her frightened.

‚Thank you, but no,’ Jack was laughing all the time. ‚I leave reproduction for the other people. Meg and me want to enjoy life instead of pushing in nappies.’

‚Accidents happen,’ Karen shrugged.

‚O yes, I know you would like it, but no chance. Some people know how to protect,’ he replied. ‚I hope that you don’t suggest Meg that we should have a child… because it’s not funny.’ Now, Jack wasn’t smiling. ‚It’s our life and it’s not your business…’

‚Jack she doesn’t suggest anything!’ Meg interjected in the talk. ‚Where do you have these documents?’ She stood up and wanted to give him it.

‚Upstairs,’ he replied but looking carefully at them both. ‚ I don’t know what you are scheming, but in this house is no place for a child and will not be! I hope you will not have to make a choice,’ turned to Meg. ‚And now my ladies, I have to go. It was very instructive conversation for all. See you later… I hope only Meg…’

‚Jack wait,’ Meg stopped him and went to the stairs. Karen thought, she wanted to tell him about twins. ‚I have to go to Paris for few days.’

‚What for?’ Jack stopped on the stairs.

Meg looked at Karen’s imploring glance.

‚She goes to Paris to open a new branch of our company. It’s very responsible and Meg knows French and doesn’t have babies so she is the best candidate.’ Karen helped her.

‚When do you go?’ Jack asked Meg.

‚I’m not sure…’

‚It can be in two days,’ Karen interjected.

‚How long will you be there?’ He looked at Meg very carefully and she felt that he knew that she lied.

‚Maybe two weeks, maybe three,’ she looked down.

‚Ok, go. We go to Australia in June so you have two months on your business,’ he smiled, gave her a kiss and went upstairs.

Meg sat down near Karen and looked at her uncertainly.

‚I’m hungry, come to the kitchen, we should eat something,’ said Karen and stood up. Meg went with her.

‚Abortion is only way… ‚said Meg.

‚Later,’ Karen interrupted her because Jack came downstairs.

‚See you,’ he shouted and closed the door.

‚Why did you talk to him about children! It was very stupid!’ Meg exploded.

‚I’m sorry, I had no idea that he is so big an asshole!’ Karen shrugged. ‚What do you want to eat?’ She looked at Meg.

‚I don’t want to eat!’ Meg was furious. ‚What have I to do now?!!!’ She walked around the kitchen with her hand on her forehead. ‚Fucking life! Why did I agree on your idea? Why?! I’m gonna go tomorrow and remove the pregnancy…’

‚Shut up!’ Karen shouted and turned to her with knife in her hand. ‚Jack is an idiot… now I know about this. If you think that you will be happy with him after the abortion you are wrong. But if you want to try… it’s your choice. Remember that you can’t turn back. I can help you, but if you don’t want my help… I’ll go home, to my children.’ She put the knife on the cabinet and went.

Meg sat on the floor in the kitchen and started crying. She knew that Karen had right. If she removed the pregnancy, she will be a killer… and that’s all. So what should she do… tell Jack… escape and give birth somewhere in the world and leave the children? Every idea was stupid and unacceptable. She was crying for a few minutes… when Karen stood in the doorway.

‚Don’t sit on the cold floor,’ she said softly and gave her a hand.

Meg looked at her.

‚What are you doing here?’ She asked surprised and stood up.

‚I can’t leave you,’ Karen smiled. ‚I know, it’s very hard for you, but trust me… everything will be ok,’ she hugged her. ‚Open your mind, don’t be scared and wait on a sign… I’m sure you will make the right decision… Your first right decision was to go to Paris for a few days. I know Marcus and I know that he will help you.

‚Ok, so call him, because I can’t stay with Jack. I really have to rest and think. Marcus is a psychologist or therapist or something like that?’ Meg looked at Karen.

Karen smiled furtively.

‚Yes, something like that… but… anyway… Marcus is a drag queen and he works in one of the night clubs in Paris, he is very unusual.’

‚What!’ She yelled. ‚Do you want to send me to a man who can’t decide who he is, man or woman!

‚Meg don’t worry,’ Karen laughed. ‚He knowsw exactly who he is, and this is only his job,’ she explained softly. ‚If you meet him and decide that you want to come back… no problem, you can do it any time.’

‚Ok, call him before I change my mind,’ Meg sighed.

‚Good girl,’ Karen stroked her hair. ‚I’ll call him later and I’ll tell you everything tomorrow at work. Now, I have to go but please don’t worry and don’t think about it anymore. Everything will be okay.’

‚Thank you Karen, I believe you… because I don’t have a choice… I can only believe you,’ Meg hugged to her.

‚You’ll be fine, I promise,’ Karen whispered to her ear. ‚Eat something and watch some comedy on TV. We’ll meet tomorrow,’ she added, kissed her on the cheek and went.

Three hours later Jack was back home. Meg was sleeping on the sofa in the living room. When he went to the kitchen, she woke up and sat down.

‚Hi Jack, do you stay at home today?’ She asked.

‚Yes, I’m finished for today. Are you hungry?’ He looked out of the kitchen.

‚Do you have something delicious to eat?’ Meg smiled to him.

‚No… not yet,’ he reply very slowly. ‚But I have a phone which can conjure you up whatever you want,’ Jack smiled widely.

‚Wow, it’s a fantastic machine,’ she laughed. ‚So I would like one pizza with everything and garlic bread.’

‚Oh, I see that you want to scare away your boyfriend from courtship,’ Jack nodded his head.

‚Absolutely not! One garlic bread for my boyfriend as well… and a bottle of coke,’ Meg couldn’t stop laughing. ‚Oh, I love you Jack, I can’t imagine life without you,’ she sighed.

‚And don’t try,’ he said and ordered. When he finished, he took the glass of whisky and sat on the sofa. ‚Would you like one?’ He asked and wanted to give her glass.

‚No thanks,’ she shook her head.

‚Can you tell me what is wrong or do I have to guess?’ He asked looking at her very carefully.

Meg froze. It was the best moment to tell him about the children but she wasn’t brave. What would happen if he said: remove?

‚It’s ok, I’m worrying about my work, about your work, about our trip to Australia. Last days you didn’t have a time for me… you were angry and frustrated and I felt very lonely. You didn’t tell me what happened in your work, didn’t talk with me, didn’t sleep with me… I really don’t know what I should think about this.’ She ended sadly.

‚Oh honey,’ Jack hugged her. ‚I’m so sorry about this. I know it’s a very difficult time for you, but I promise, when you come back from France, everything will be like earlier. I know that I’m not a nice guy at this moment, but it’s a very heavy time for me as well. I didn’t talk with you because I don’t want to burden you with my problems. I love you so much and I need you sweety. I’m so happy that you have a good time in your work,’ he looked at her. Meg looked away, she couldn’t look in his eyes.

Suddenly Jack’s phone started ringing.

‚Pick up,’ Meg said.

Jack looked on the screen and sighed.

‚It’s from work and I finished with work for today.’

The phone stopped ringing but after one moment started again. Meg looked at him expectantly.

‚Ok, ok,’ he murmured and picked up. ‚Hi Jonny, do you know what time it is? From time to time I would like to be finished with work before midnight,’ he said sarcastically.

‚Sorry Jack, I have information which can’t wait… Billy Kid wants to go on his tournee, his wife agreed…’

‚What?!!!’ Jack yelled. ‚Are you kidding?! It’s impossible!…’

‚Jack can you come to the office,’ Jonny interrupted him.

‚Of course I can,’ Jack smiled, ‚but tomorrow, because I’m at home!’ He bellowed. Meg shuddered. ‚Any fucking, unbalanced, pregnant bitch doesn’t spoil my evening. Sorry Jonny. Call Billy Kid and ask him where he has his balls, maybe his girlfriend keeps them in her pocket… and maybe she should be his manager. I quit.’

‚It means you can’t come tonight?’ Jonny asked faintly.

‚No Jonny, it means I DON’T WANT TO come! See you tomorrow,’ Jack said and hung up. Before he said something, the phone started ringing again.

‚What the fuck?!’ He asked taking.

‚Pizza, can you open the door for me?’ Someone asked, very frightened.

‚Yes, sure,’ Jack stood up and went to the door. Meg went to the kitchen. ‚Your order girl,’ Jack entered with a smile and put two pizzas on the table.

‚Thank you boy,’ she gave him a kiss, took two glasses and went to the living room. Jack took the pizzas and cola and followed her.

‚Can you tell me what exactly happened?’ Meg asked when they were eating.

‚No, I can’t,’ Jack replied and turned on the radio. ‚I don’t want to talk about work, I want to talk about us. Tell me what you will be doing in Paris?’

‚I don’t want to talk about work,’ Meg smiled.

‚One zero for you,’ Jack laughed. ‚I love intelligent women. Would you like some coke?’

‚Yes, please.’

A few minutes they just ate and listened to the radio… Jack listened, Meg was thinking.

‚It’s very nice to eat dinner with you,’ she said at last.

Jack smiled.

‚I could promise you that it will be forever, but I can’t. I could ask you don’t go to Paris, but the next two maybe three weeks will be very hard for me. I won’t have time for you so go, but promise me that you’ll come back.’ He looked at her with love.

Meg’s eyes filled with tears.

‚I promise,’ she whispered.

‚Hey girl, don’t be sad,’ Jack embraced her. ‚It will be fine, I promise,’ he kissed her hair.

Meg freed herself from his arm and looked at him very carefully. She decided that it’s now or never.

‚Jack can I ask you about something very personal?’

‚It sounds seriously,’ he said surprised. ‚Yes, sure, I don’t have secrets from you.’

‚Why don’t you like children and why don’t you want to have your own?’

Jack sighed.

‚Why do you ask me about it? Is it your idea or Karen?…’

‚Jack I don’t want to quarrel, I have never asked about it before, it’s only my curiosity’ she interrupted him. ‚If you don’t want to talk about this, fine, you don’t have to,’ she stood up and went upstairs.

‚Megan!’ Jack shouted, but she didn’t stop. He sighed and followed her.

She was lying in their bedroom, he sat on the bed and took her hair from her face.

‚What’s happening with you Meg? Why are you asking me about this exactly today?’

‚Because I heard your conversation with Karen, you were surly and rude, and then I heard how you were reacting to Billy Kid and his wife’s pregnancy, so I started wondering why, that’s all. I don’t ask you because I want to tell Karen… it’s just for me.’

‚Ok, I can tell you if you really want to know. I like children but I know it’s not for me. My life must be myself. I can’t imagine that I can’t do something because we have a baby. My parents were falling in love before I was born… then were worse and worse and finally they divorced. I like my life, I love you very much and I want to be only with you…’

‚But why do you think that they divorced because of you?’ Meg interrupted him. She couldn’t imagine that it was truth.

‚My parents met at University, they were studying archaeology. After school they started work at the University and they were on excavations in Egypt. They loved working together and they loved excavations. When my mom was pregnant, she resigned from this work and took work at the University, but my dad stayed. He was at home… maybe three months in a year. When I was ten, I heard quarrelling, mom had resented that she was always alone and he told her that she should have an abortion, as requested. I understood that I destroyed her life. You have no idea how hard life is after this information. She loved me and she still loves me, but she is unhappy because of me. She doesn’t know that I know everything, but I decided I don’t want to have children if I’m not ready and sure that I can do for my child everything what it needs. I told you that I don’t want to have a child and you agreed with me. I really love you and I don’t want to give you a choice; me or child. I think our deal is very honest, I don’t want to lose you, I love you more than you can imagine,’ he finished.

Meg didn’t know what she should say. She didn’t expect so sad story, but she knew that she couldn’t tell him about the children… she must…she couldn’t finish, even in her mind, what she had to do.

‚I’m sorry Jack, I didn’t know, I’m so sorry,’ she sat on the bed and hugged him.

‚It’s ok honey, don’t worry,’ he stroked her hair.

‚Jack, and you never talked about it with mom or dad?’

‚What for?’ He looked at her. ‚It changes nothing. I love my mom and from the one side I’m happy that I live, but from the other she lost herself, her dreams, needs and her beloved man, and all my life I feel responsible for her unhappiness.’

‚But your mom is always smiling and looks happy, maybe it’s only your point of view…’

‚Meg I don’t need the therapy. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I’m going downstairs to drink something…’ he stood up but she grabbed his hand.

‚Please don’t go Jack, stay with me,’ she pulled him to herself and threw her arms around his neck.

‚You are everything for me,’ he whispered in her ear, embraced her and started kissing.

He laid her gently on the bed without ceasing to kiss. Meg surrendered to him completely. She wanted everything to be like before … even for a short while. He undressed her slowly savoring every moment. He really wanted to show her that she is the most important person in his life. He kissed her breasts and put his hand on her womb. She opened her thighs inviting him. He smiled and looked into her eyes. He saw in them the love and devotion. Meg didn’t stop to look at him and took off his shirt and unbuttoned trousers.
‚I missed you so much,’ she whispered.

They were filled with such passion that they couldn’t stop it. They were only for themselves, nothing else mattered. They whispered the words of love and promises that they will be together forever. They made love until they ran out of power. When they fell asleep in a love embrace, promised each other that they will always love, no matter how many miles will be shared.

In the morning Meg woke up and felt Jack hug her. She turned to him, he was still sleeping.

‚Wake up Jack,’ she stroked his cheek.

‚Hello my beautiful,’ Jack said and hug her stronger. She felt that “little Jack” woke up as well.

‚Crazy man you have to go to work… and me too,’ she laughed.

‚I feel awful, I think I’m sick,’ he started kissing her. ‚And when I kiss you, I feel you have a very high temperature. We have to stay in bed,’ he added with conviction.

‚I have to agree with you,’ Meg didn’t stop laughing. She wanted to stay with him forever… in this bed… but his phone start ringing in the kitchen.

‚I don’t hear you,’ Jack yelled.

Meg giggled. The phone stopped, but after one minute started again.

‚We must be quiet and it’ll stop ringing. We can pretend that we are not at home,’ he said and hid under the covers. ‚Meg come on,’ he whispered.

Meg giggled again and hid with him. She felt like a little girl, she was so happy… this night and morning were the best moments of the past few months.

‚I love you Jack,’ she said with smile.

‚Shhhh… don’t be so loud,’ he whispered. ‚The enemy is outside,’ he added and started kissing her.

But the phone was still ringing. After half hour they gave up. Jack went to the kitchen and picked up. When he went back upstairs he was very unhappy.

‚I have to go to work,’ he said gloomy voice.

‚Oh no, why, why?!’ Meg asked, theatrically waving hands.

‚I know, I know, I’m sorry,’ Jack said in a tearful voice. ‚It’s half past nine, are you going work?’

‚If you have to go, I have to go as well,’ she shrugged. ‚Will we meet in this evening?’

Jack sat on the bed and stroked her cheek.

‚I can’t promise you, but I try,’ he kissed her.

‚Have a nice day Jack,’ Meg smiled sadly.

‚I love you sweety,’ he added and went to the bathroom.

Two days later Meg went to Paris. Jack came with her to the railway station and promised that he will be waiting. Earlier she had talked with Karen about Jack and about this trip.

‚Meg, in my opinion you should tell Jack about the children because you can’t have an abortion… because you are not a murderer. Go to France but changes nothing it. You have babies… it has happened. It isn’t a complicated situation… just you complicate it. Maybe Jack will need a few days to understand or think about it but if he really loves you, he never leaves you. This is my opinion although I heard his stupid words in your home.’ Karen said.

‚I know that it’s irrational, but I can’t tell him. I had a lot of opportunities to tell him, but I feel such a huge fear that I can’t. I’m afraid that if he says cancel it, I can’t be with him never again…’ Meg almost cried.

Karen sighed.

‚I know it’s very difficult for you, so go to Marcus and after you get back you will have an answer ready… I’m sure you will. Marcus will be waiting on the station so don’t worry, he’ll find you,’ she smiled warmly.

‚Thanks Karen, you are my best friend,’ Meg looked at her gratefully.

‚Everything will be all right,’ Karen smiled.

Marcus was waiting at the station and although he didn’t have any information, they just looked in their eyes and knew that they had found themselves. Meg was impressed. Marcus was tall and handsome with very warm brown eyes and brown hair to the shoulders… and she couldn’t imagine that he was a drag queen.

‚Hi Megan, nice to meet you,’ he said and took her suitcase. ‚Are you hungry or tired?’

‚Hi Marcus, nice to meet you too,’ Meg was overawed. ‚No, thank you, I’m not hungry,’ she smiled.

‚So, do you want to go home, or maybe explore the city?’ Marcus asked and went to the car.

‚Explore the city,’ she replied. She felt that Marcus was someone special, exactly like Karen said. She stared at him a little too long because he noticed it.

‚Why are you looking at me so carefully?’ he asked. ‚Oh, Karen told you about my work,’ he guessed.

Meg blushed.

‚I… I…’

‚Don’t worry, I know it’s incredible,’ he laughed. ‚And this is the first thing which Karen tell about me. I have started working as a drag queen because I understood that a lot of people in the night clubs need help. There are drag queens, gays, people whose don’t want to go to the psychologist but they can talk with another drag queen… Do you know what I mean?’

‚Yes, sure, I didn’t know about this, but it’s very logical,’ Meg was impressed.

‚I work two days as a drag queen, and two days as a barman in another pub. Anyway, I live near Paris in my uncle’s house. You will be living with me for a few weeks. Karen told me that you need my help but I shouldn’t push… you’ll tell me when you will be ready,’ he ended with a smile and opened the car.

‚Thanks Marcus,’ Meg was very grateful. She didn’t want to talk about her problems at this moment. However she knew that Marcus would be very helpful.

They visited Paris and in the evening, they came to Marcus’ home. It was a beautiful, nineteenth century, manor house on the suburb of Paris. Meg was charmed. Inside, everything was in Art Nouveau… everything excluding the kitchen which was very modern.

‚It’s a beautiful house,’ Meg sighed.

‚It is,’ Marcus agreed. ‚But sometimes I feel that I live in a museum… so the kitchen is different, it is absolutely mine,’ he smiled.

‚Do you like cooking?’

‚No, but I like sitting in the kitchen due to the proximity of the fridge,’ he laughed. ‚Sit down please,’ he invited her to the big table. ‚Do you want to eat something? Just you feel like it’s your home.’

‚Thank you,’ Meg smiled. She was very happy that she was in Paris, that she met Marcus but she still had a problem with the pregnancy.

Marcus showed her her room. The room was very stylish, four-poster bed, a small mini chest by the bed with bedside lamp and a large wardrobe. She felt very tired so she just rang Jack and Karen and went to sleep. For a few days she just rested and tried to not thinking about her troubles. Marcus didn’t push… like he promised. She just asked him to stay one week more and he agreed. Jack didn’t have time, but he called every day. Meg told him about her new job… and only from time to time she had pangs of conscience. She missed him, but she was happy in France. Karen called once a day and asked “what’s up?” and in this suburb the life was very lazy and quiet. She was in shock when she first saw Marcus as a drag queen… because he was a very beautiful woman… not like all of these drag queens on TV! She told him but he only laughed. He promised that one day he would tell her about this job… and then she will understand that her problem it wasn’t a real problem. After these words he went.

Jack missed Meg very much although they talked every day. She went a week ago and he couldn’t find a place in home. He was working all the time but on Friday he decided to go to her. It must have been a surprise so in the afternoon, he called to her manager Alan, and asked about her address.

‚Hi Alan it’s Jack Harper, Meg’s boyfriend, do you have a minute?’

‚Hi Jack, yes, sure, what can I do for you?’ Alan replied very surprised.

‚I would like to ask you about Meg’s address in Paris because I want to go to her this weekend… you know… it must be surprise.’

‚Jack, but I don’t know her address,’ Alan was very confused. ‚Meg is not working for us anymore, our company is closed. I have no idea where she lives in Paris… I didn’t know that she is there.’

‚Oh, really?’ Jack felt a stab in the heart. Was it possible she lied to him? ‚Okay Alan, I’m sorry, I probably misunderstood, I had too much work last time we spoke. I’m sorry because of your company,’ he tried to tell it very naturally.

‚That’s ok, I’m sure Meg found other work, she is very clever,’ Alan said.

‚Oh yes, she is,’ Jack ironically confirmed. ‚So, see you later Alan.’

‚See you Jack,’ Alan said.

In the first moment Jack wanted call to Karen… she knew about Paris, so she knew everything! But then he thought, she will warn Meg, and he was sure that she lied. He remembered what she said. Her company opened a new branch in Paris… why did she lie… why didn’t she tell him that she lost her job… it was the questions without answer… at this time. He was sitting one hour or more and thinking what he should do. But he decided that he must know what was going on. On reflection he rang to his friend from the police.

‚Hi Mike, I need you help,’ he started.

‚Hi Jack, it’s nice to hear you after … hundred years,’ – Mike replied.

‚Sorry man, are you in your office? Can I come to you? I have a very difficult case,’ he was very upset.

‚Are you all right Jack? Sure you can come to me.’ Mike understood that something was wrong.

‚I will be there in fifteen minutes,’ he said and hung up.

Fifteen minutes later Jack was in Mike’s office. He was more upset than earlier.

‚Hi man, what’s up?’ Mike looked at him very carefully.

‚I have a problem with Meg,’ he said straight from the shoulder.

Mike raised his eyebrows. Jack told him what he knew.

‚So what do you want… do you want to check where is she?’ He tried to understand.

‚Yes, exactly… and go there,’ Jack added.

‚Ok, give me your phone,’ Mike put the cable in his phone. ‚Ok, you can call her,’ he said and turned on the locator.

‚Hi boy,’ they heard Meg’s voice on he phone.

‚Hi girl, how are you?’ Jack tried to be very calm.

‚I’m ok,’ she smiled.’And you?’

‚I’m very busy as I told you. Are you still in work?’ He asked.

‚Pure baby,’ she sighed. ‚I’m at home and looking at the Eiffel Tower, but I have a lot of work as well. I have to create a new office, I told you, I thought it would be easier.’

Jack looked at Mike, he showed him to continued talking.

‚Meg, I would like to meet you, I miss you so much. Give me your exact address, I will be there tomorrow morning.’

Meg froze. He can’t come to her.

‚Jack, I’m sorry but this weekend I have training and I will be unavailable,’ she lied. ‚Oh, I have a second phone call, it’s my boss, I have to finish now, I’m sorry Jack, I’ll call you later, love you, bye,’ and she hung up.

Mike looked at Jack.

‚She lied, but we caught her,’ he said. ‚Here is her address,’ he gave Jack the paper.

‚Thanks Mike, I have to go there.’

‚But not today?’ Mike looked at the clock, it was six.

‚Oh yes, today,’ Jack was furious.

‚Hey man, you need to calm down. You go there and what do you tell her? Maybe she has a good reason to do it. I’ve finished my work, come with me to the pub and tomorrow morning we can go together.’

‚I can’t wait…’

‚Oh yes, you can… you have to,’ Mike interrupted him. ‚You really have to calm down because you can make a fool of yourself.’

Jack thought for a few minutes.

‚Ok, maybe you’re right,’ he sighed.

‚Good boy, I’ll buy you a round of beer,’ Mike said and patted him on his back.

Meg had been living with Marcus more than week and they talked a lot, but not about her problems. He was very gentle and tactful. Sometimes he only told her about his work with homosexuals, transvestites, alcoholics and drug addicts. On Friday afternoon she came to the kitchen, Marcus was sitting on the chair, eating chips,drinking red wine and reading a book.

‚Hi Meg, everything all right?’ He put the book on the table when he saw her.

‚No, not exactly,’ she sighed and sat on the chair. ‚If you have a few minutes, I would like to talk to you,’ she added.

‚I’m here for you,’ he smiled. ‚Do you want something to drink?’

‚No, thank you,’ she shook her head.

Marcus was sitting and just looking.

‚I’m sure that Karen told you about my problem,’ she started, ‚but I have no idea what I should do with this now,’ she looked at him.

‚Ok, so maybe you should tell me everything from the beginning. It’s not important what Karen told me, the most important is what you tell me and I think, you can find the answer when you will be relating your story to me.’ His voice was so warm and sensitive.

Meg started talking. Marcus only listened, from time to time he asked about some details. Anyway, Meg understood that she couldn’t kill these children… she can give them up for adoption but not kill. But she still had a problem with Jack. He wanted to go to Australia and she wanted to go with him… but she couldn’t… pregnant.

‚Why can’t you tell him about the children? Why are you so scared?’ Marcus couldn’t understand.

‚I… I… I don’t know. I think that he’ll tell me to remove it and I will do it or leave him. Both of this is impossible for me. These children are not happiness, they are a really big problem,’ she added.

‚Children are always happiness but you can’t understand it,’ Marcus said. ‚They are hearing you and understand what you say, so watch out what you say,’ he ended sharply.

Meg looked at him very surprised. She noted that Marcus was angry.

‚Ok, thank you for your time, I think we’ve finished for today,’ she stood up.

‚Meg wait,’ Marcus grabbed her hand. ‚I’m sorry, I shouldn’t judge you. I’m sure you have your own reasons which you don’t want to tell.’

Meg sighed, Marcus was right and she felt that she must tell him everything.

‚I have only Jack, and I can’t lose him,’ she said quietly. ‚I lost my parents when I was eight. They died in a car accident. My mother was pregnant when she died. My grandmother looked after me, but she died when I was twelve. Then my aunt took care at me but she was a spinster and she didn’t like me. From twelve to sixteen years old it was the most horrible time in my life. I don’t like to talk about this and no one, except Jack, knows about this part of my life… even Karen. When I met Jack, he was a playboy at the University. He set his sights me as his next prey. I didn’t want to be with him but he was walking with me and asked and one day I had to go to my aunt, she was in hospital in my town. I couldn’t get a bus so Jack told me that he could drop me. I agreed. In the hospital he should stay in the car but I agreed and he came with me. My aunt was very angry, threw me out of the room and called ungrateful idiot and stupid bastard. Jack was in shock. He couldn’t believe that I had lived with her four years. When I cried on the corridor he hugged me and promised that from this moment on will be better and no one will offend me anymore. He started to look at me different and first of all he started to be my friend. He was always with me when I needed him and one day I felt that I love this playboy,’ she stopped and smiled at her memories. ‚When I told him that I am falling in love with him, he was the happiest man in the world. He told me that he was waiting on these words from the first day when he met me. He has never hurt me and kept his promise; he never let anyone treat me like my aunt. If I lose Jack, I’ll lose myself,’ she ended with tears in her eyes.

‚I think,’ told Marcus after a while, ‚if he loves you as much as you tell, he can’t tell you to remove the children because they are part of you.’

‚You don’t understand.’ Meg shook her head and sighed. She told him Jack’s story.

‚I still think that his love is more than trauma. I know, that it is very difficult because of your fear. But if you are not sure what you should do, take a long, white candle and light it in the intention of a happy solution to the problem. And leave it, your subconsciousness will help you, I’m sure,’ he stood up and gave her a candle. ‚I have to go to work today,’ he sighed.

‚Do you have a problem? Can I help you?’ Meg noticed that Marcus was sad.

‚No you can’t… but thank you,’ he smiled sadly.

‚Can you tell me what happened?’

‚Yes, sure,’ he sat back down. ‚I have one customer in the bar… Micky, he is gay and his family don’t accept him. He has suicidal thoughts and he is on a good way to killing himself. I’m very upset that he’ll do it and I can’t stop him. Today Lucas is going with me, I hope it won’t be too late,’ he sighed.

‚Who is Lucas?’ Meg was very surprised. Marcus didn’t say anything about him earlier.

‚He is… he is a therapist… like me,’ he hesitated. At this moment someone knock to the door. ‚I’m sure it’s Lucas,’ Marcus came to open the door. A moment later he went back to the kitchen with a handsome, black haired man.

‚Hi, I’m Lucas and you must be Meg,’ he smiled and gave her a hand to greet.

‚Hi Lucas, nice to meet you,’ Meg was charmed by his warm voice.

‚I think we should go,’ Marcus said and looked at Lucas.

‚Don’t worry, It will be fine,’ Meg tried to comfort him.

Marcus nodded.

‚I hope Meg, I really hope.’

Both of them went to the door.

‚Even if he did it, it’s not your fault. You couldn’t fight instead of him, these energies are very dangerous and he knows about it,’ Lucas said quietly but Meg heard it. She wondered what that meant because she didn’t understand anything.

Jack went with Mike to the pub but he couldn’t drink. He was still thinking about Meg; why did she lie? What was she hiding? Next day, he woke up at six o’clock and called Mike. At half past six they went to Paris. Obviously, the navigation showed them the way outside Paris. Jack looked at Mike.

‚Hey man, calm down, maybe it is a very easy explanation,’ Mike said with conviction.

‚Yes, of course. She is sitting in this village and watching the Eiffel Tower… it’s make a sense,’ Jack said ironically.

When they got there it was half past nine. They left the car a few houses earlier and went straight to her address. To this house drove a white pegueot and some guy got out from it. Suddenly door was opened and Meg stood in the doorway. She looked like she just woke up. Mike took Jack and they were hiding behind the bushes. She said something, this guy nodded and then she hugged him and closed the door. Jack wanted to get out and went to her but Mike stopped him.

‚Stay here, what do you tell her?! Do you want to kill her or him?! Think before acting! Breathe man!’

‚I can’t believe that she is a mendacious bitch… together with her friend Karen. They both told me about Paris so Karen is knowing about everything,’ he couldn’t understand. ‚And I thought that she really loves me,’ he stood up and went to the car.

‚Sorry man, I don’t know what to say. Maybe you should try to talk with her…’

‚Mike, would you like to talk to someone who is lying to you? Especially, when we saw this?’ Jack was waiting for the reply.

‚No, I wouldn’t,’ Mike said after while.

‚Let’s go back home, it’s a waste of time. You are driving,’ Jack threw him the keys and they went.

Meg slept very anxiously. When she heard Marcus’ car outside, she stood up and went to the door. When she saw him, she knew that something was wrong.

‚Marcus did you see Micky?’ She asked.

Marcus nodded.

‚It was too late,’ he sighed.

‚Oh my God, I’m so sorry,’ she hugged him and then closed the door. ‚Do you want something to drink or maybe eat?’ She was very confused, this boy had probably died.

‚No thanks,’ Marcus looked very tired.

‚How do you know that… you know…’ she couldn’t finish.

‚He didn’t come to the pub so Lucas went to his house. He was late, Micky hung himself in the bathroom. The worst is that we could do nothing! We can’t change their decision… but they can… they can persuade… this is unfair!’

‚Marcus I’m sorry but I don’t understand. Why someone can do something and you can’t? What are you talking about?!’ Meg was more astonished.

‚Bad energies but I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I have to find and escort his soul. It shouldn’t finish just like that. I’m sorry Meg, I want to be alone,’ he looked at her very tired and sad eyes and went upstairs to his room. A few minutes later Meg heard beautiful music from his room, but she didn’t dare to look. She thought that Marcus is very good man but is very strange as well. She decided that she must ask Karen about him.

A few hours later Marcus came to the kitchen, Meg was cooking.

‚It a smell nice, what are you doing, English lunch?’ He asked.

‚No, it’s Italian dinner, spaghetti bolognese, would you like some?’ She turned and looked at him.

‚Yes, sure,’ he smiled.

‚That’s good,’ she agreed. ‚Do you feel better? You look much better.’

‚No, I feel awful because I don’t like to be powerless, but I still don’t want to talk about this.’

‚You are a very special man,’ Meg looked at him, ‚and very hungry as I see,’ she laughed because Marcus was checking what was in the pots on the cooker. – Italian dinner in five minutes – she added.

‚You are a very special woman,’ Marcus kissed the top of her head and sat on the chair.

Meg felt uncomfortable and thought about Jack. She must decide something immediately! She lit the candle and waited for a sign from the subconscious but nothing happened. She couldn’t wait endlessly.

‚Marcus,’ she said when she put dinner on the table. Marcus looked at her very carefully. ‚I want to tell Jack about the children. I was waiting on a sign, but I can’t wait anymore…’

Marcus smiled furtively and Meg noticed it.

‚Why are you smiling?’ She asked outraged.

‚Don’t be offended please,’ he said apologetically. ‚What kind of sign did you want to see? A letter with an answer, a voice from heaven? You made a decision, before, you couldn’t do it… and this is your sign. Anyway, I think it’s a good decision and Jack will be happy.’

‚I hope so,’ she sighed. ‚And you will get rid of me,’ she smiled.

‚You are a very good roommate, and your lunches are delicious,’ he winked at her.

‚Thank you Marcus, but I know you lie. I’m pregnant with twins and don’t have a job, my situation is very unstable,’ she ended sadly.

‚Megan,’ Marcus took her hand, ‚you really can stay here as long as you want. It’s a big house.’

Meg smiled.

‚Thanks, and start eating while it is hot.’

Mike drove Jack home. They didn’t talk all the way. When he stopped near Jack’s house, he looked at him.

‚Are you all right mate?’ He asked.

Jack looked at him sadly.

‚No, I’m not,’ he replied quietly. ‚It’s the first time in my life when I feel that my life ended. I really don’t know what I shall do now. ‚

‚Maybe I’ll take you to my house,’ proposed Mike. ‚We can talk, watch tv or drink beer, you choose.

‚No thanks,’ Jack shook his head. ‚I have to decide what to do next. Thank you Mike for your help. Please leave my car and take a taxi,’ he got out from the car, took the keys and went home and didn’t look back.

Mike sighed and called a taxi. He knew that if Jack needed help, he’d call him.

Jack came home and looked around. Meg was everywhere. They arranged this house together. He took a glass of whisky and drank it in one gulp… then a second and third. She was the love of his life. He knew this when he met her the first time… at the college. And now… she found some French man and didn’t even tell the truth! He drank all the bottle of whisky but it still hurt… so he took the next bottle. After the second he was so drunk that he wanted to call Karen and tell her that she is bad and call Megan and tell her that she is a bitch. Thank God he only switched off the phone and went to sleep. When he woke up, it was midnight, he didn’t feel better, so he drank vodka and went to sleep again.

In the morning he felt very, very bad physically and mentally. He didn’t have any alcohol at home, so he had to go to the shop. When he went back home he decided that he must go away… anywhere just beyond this house. He drank a few drinks again and went to sleep. He drank because he didn’t want to think about Meg. On Monday he took a taxi and went to work. He looked really awful but he didn’t care. He went to Jonny’s office.

‚Jack? How you look… what happened with you… are you all right?’ Jonny was in shock. He was a short and balding guy with glasses and he could be fifteen years older than Jack.

‚Look at me Jonny and tell me what do you think, am I all right?’ Jack asked ironically.

‚Yes… no… but what happened?’ He was still in shock.

‚Last weekend my existing life ended and I have to start a new life. I have to go somewhere Australia, America, Africa, it doesn’t matter. If you can, send me somewhere to work, I will be grateful.’

‚Take a holiday if you want and go somewhere,’ Jonny proposed.

‚I don’t need a holiday, I need work. If you can’t give me work I’m leaving.’

‚Ok, give me a minute… but can you tell me what’s happened?’

‚I’m sorry Jonny but I don’t want to talk about this. I’ll take my things from my desk and you think about work for me, in another country,’ he said and went.

One hour later he went back to Jonny’s office.

‚I have work in America if you want… because you didn’t want it earlier,’ he looked at him expectantly and gave him a letter.

‚Ok, I’ll take it. And I still want Australia in June,’ he didn’t read it, just put the letter in his pocket.

‚Ok,’ Jonny was very confused. ‚You’ll go on Friday.’

‚No Jonny, by Friday I’m drinking himself to death, I must go tomorrow… please.’ He really asked.

In this moment the phone on Jonny’s desk started ringing.

‚Wait,’ he just said and picked up the phone. ‚Hello, yes please,’ he told and gave for Jack. ‚It’s Meg,’ he added.

Jack looked at the phone and felt the wave of heat on his face. Jonny just glanced and decided to go out from the office. After a while Jack took the phone.

‚Yes?’ His voice was snippy.

In the Saturday evening Marcus went to work with Lucas again and Meg stayed alone. Lucas came to them as a drag queen, Meg was very surprised. She decided to call Jack and tell him that she wanted to talk. Unfortunately Jack has switched off the phone so she started reading a book and went to sleep early. On Sunday she tried to call him all day and finally she was very upset. Marcus slept all day, Karen was in hospital with Nicky and couldn’t talk and Meg was alone again. She went for a walk and to the shop, but she was still thinking about Jack… maybe something was wrong with him? On Monday… nothing changed so she called Jonny, at the office.

‚Hi Jack, do you have a problem with your phone or is it switch off it? What happened? I tried to call you all weekend,’ she said with reproach.

‚I didn’t want to talk to you that’s all,’ he replied.

‚But why, Jack… tell me what happened. Why are you so rude?’ Meg was very surprised.

‚Megan, I don’t want to continue this comedy. I know about everything. It is your life and your decision. If you think that this will be good for you… go ahead. Don’t call me more, it’s over. Good bye,’ he said and hung up.

Meg felt a huge pain in the abdomen and fainted.

Jack sat on the chair and breathed deeply. It was over. Five years of their life just ended. Just like that… because she found someone else. Jonny came back to the office.

‚I can rebook you a ticket for tomorrow. Jack, everything okay?’ He looked at him very carefully.

‚No, it’s not okay. I parted with Meg,’ he said sadly. ‚I’ll leave you my phone. I don’t want to tell anyone where I am and I don’t want to talk with anyone. Give me a new SIM card and only you will have my number. Can you do it for me, please?’

‚Yes, sure Jack. I’m really sorry because of Meg. Should I pick up your phone?’

‚Yes, please. If something is important you tell me, when I call.’

‚Okay mate, come to me tomorrow before your flight and I’ll give you more information about your job in America.’

‚Thanks man, you are a good friend,’ Jack patted him on the back and went out.

Meg was lying on the floor in her room and felt that she woke up. She felt a pain in all of her body. She heard a few voices from next room.

‚We have no choice, we should do it,’ a woman’s voice said.

‚Give her a chance, it must be her decision,’ said the man’s voice… it sounded familiar.

‚We don’t have time, she can die, she wants to die, only Jack is important’ The woman’s voice was very annoyed.

‚I don’t agree, we must ask her!’ The man’s voice was intransigent.

‚Ok, ask her,’ the woman gave up.

Meg was lying and waiting to see what would happen. Suddenly, she saw Lucas who was leaning over her. She wanted to say something but she couldn’t… but he heard everything that she had in her mind.

‚Megan listen to me very carefully. You have to make a very important decision… and you don’t have a lot of time. Tell me please, do you want to give birth to these children?’

‚What do you want to do? Why do you ask me about it? I lost Jack… I don’t want to live without him,’ she was thinking and Lucas was listening to her.

‚I know it’s very difficult, but please try not to think about Jack, think about your twins inside you. You can save them… or lose… this is the most important choice in your life,’ Lucas voice was very warm and nice.

Meg started crying. She lost Jack, but these children are part of Jack. She felt that she couldn’t lose them… because she lose yourself.

‚Megan please,’ Lucas was very upset.

‚I want to give birth to my twins,’ she said quietly.

‚Say it again, louder!’

‚I want to give birth to my children,’ Meg repeated firmly.

‚You can do nothing,’ Lucas said with satisfaction. ‚Save her immediately!’ He added and Meg saw darkness and felt that she is falling down.

When Meg woke up, she was in the hospital and Marcus and Karen were near her bed.

‚What happened? What’s happened with my children? Where is Lucas?’ Meg asked frightened.

‚Meg honey, welcome back. You scared us. Marcus found you unconscious in your room and called an ambulance. With your children… now everything is ok. And who is Lucas?’ Karen replied Meg.

‚Lucas is my friend, he is in Germany, and will be back tomorrow, why do you ask about him?’ Marcus took Meg’s hand.

‚Oh… it’s nothing… I don’t know… I had a dream… I think,’ Meg wanted to collect her thoughts.

‚What happened Meg, why did you lose consciousness?’ Karen sat on her bed.

‚I talked with Jack,’ she said sadly. ‚He said that he knows everything and this is my life and my decision and it’s over,’ she ended with tears in her eyes.

‚Son of a bitch,’ Karen cursed. ‚But how did he know?’

‚I really don’t know,’ Meg was more and more upset.

‚I’m so sorry,’ Karen hugged her. ‚Everything will be all right, you are not alone, we’ll help you.’

‚Thanks Karen,’ Meg sighed. ‚In my dream… you know… with Lucas… I said that my children are the most important… and I really felt it… but now… the reality is very brutal. I don’t have work, a home, and after a few months I won’t have money… but I’m sure that I want to give birth to these children.’

Marcus smiled furtively. Karen smiled widely.

‚Brave girl. Trust me, you’ll never regret it,’ Karen looked at Marcus eloquently. He just smiled.

‚I would like to go home,’ Meg wanted to stand up.

‚No, no, no, you can’t,’ Marcus held her. ‚You have to rest, you almost misscarried. It’s a miracle that you are still pregnant.’

‚Ok, ok,’ Meg didn’t protest. ‚Karen, what exactly are you doing here? You should be in England, shouldn’t you?’

‚Marcus called me and said that you had an accident, so I came,’ she shrugged.

Meg frowned.

‚So what day is today?’ She asked after a while.

‚Tuesday twelve noon,’ Karen replied. ‚Marcus was here all night.’

‚Thank you Marcus and I’m sorry about that,’ Meg blushed. She didn’t want to br any problem.

‚Happy to help,’ Marcus replied words English advertising and smiled.

‚Marcus, go home and rest. I’ll stay with Meg,’ Karen said.

‚Ok, I’ll go home and be back this evening. See you later ladies,’ he said and went.

Meg sighed and suddenly started crying.

‚Hey girl, what’s up? Stop crying, please,’ Karen hugged her. ‚You have friends who will help you. Don’t worry, you will be fine.’

‚Karen you don’t understand. I have nothing! I don’t know what I should do in my life…’

‚First of all calm down,’ Karen interrupted her. ‚You have to rest. You were in a very bad condition when Marcus found you… very bad… your heart had almost stopped. They told us that your children might die and you don’t have enough power to rescue yourself and the children. But they were wrong,’ she smiled again. ‚Anyway, you don’t have to go back to England. If you want, you can stay in Marcus’ house. I talked to him about this. He told me that he’ll find you some work…’

‚But Karen, sometimes I feel very uncomfortable with Marcus, because… I don’t know… he is a little strange. He is very nice and he is a good friend but that’s all. I still love Jack, I will have his children and I don’t want to think about new love,’ she ended firmly.

‚Calm down baby,’ Karen laughed. ‚Marcus is very friendly and nothing more. Trust me, he doesn’t want to be with you.’

‚So, it means that he is…’ Meg stopped and waited.

‚It means that if he wants to tell you more about himself, he just does it, ok?’ Karen cut short the conversation. ‚Anyway, you don’t have to worry. I’m thinking about something else… How did Jack know you’re pregnant?’

‚I have no idea,’ Meg sighed. ‚I thought that you told him or Martin…’

‚I didn’t tell him and Martin doesn’t know. But maybe surgery sent you a letter?’

‚Yes, it’s possible,’ Meg agreed. ‚Remember, I told you that Jack won’t be happy. But you are right that France will open my eyes and my mind. Now, I’m sure that I want to have these children even, if I will have to be alone.’

‚Meg, you won’t be alone. Now, you have only friends but if you wish, you’ll find a nice guy who will love you and your children. I’m sure. But I have to tell you that I was sure, Jack loves you so much that he’ll agree on children… maybe not in the first minute, but later. I’m very disappointed in his behaviour, he wasn’t worthy of you.’

‚Maybe you are right, but the problem is that I still love him,’ Meg had tears in her eyes again.

‚I know honey, I know,’ Karen hugged her again. ‚I hope… I really hope that he comes to his senses and you will be together… if you still want it. I think you should go to sleep because you are very tired and stressful. I have to call Martin because he was very upset… now, he knows that you are pregnant.’ Karen stood up and went on the corridor.

Meg wanted to think about this situation, but she was too tired, so she went to sleep.

Karen had to go home the next day, but she promised that she’ll come at the weekend, and Meg came out of the hospital on Friday. Marcus came and took her home. That evening they talked a lot about Meg’s future. Meg wanted to go home, to London, but she hadn’t an idea where she will live and work. She was afraid that she couldn’t find a job when she is pregnant… and she was definitely right. Marcus proposed, she stayed in his house and he employ her as a domestic help, she will have insurance, medical care and some money. Meg looked at him very carefully.

‚Who are you Marcus? Why do you help me so much, if you don’t know me?’

Marcus just smiled.

‚I’m a good guy, and you are Karen’s best friend… and the most important thing is; you need my help. You have a new life inside you, you decided to give birth to your children although your situation is very difficult. You have suffered a lot in your life and in my opinion it’s the about time that you worked it out.’

‚Thank you Marcus whoever you are,’ Meg gave to understand that she knew that he was hiding something. ‚The truth is, I’m very happy I can stay here. I can’t imagine I’ll meet Jack at this moment,’ every time when she talked about Jack, she had a tears in her eyes.

‚That’s ok Megan. I’m sure everything will be all right,’ Marcus hugged her and kissed the top of her head. This time Meg felt very well. She clung to his body with trust. ‚I have to go to work,’ Marcus said after a while. ‚Can I leave you alone?’ He looked at her carefully.

‚Yes sure, I feel well,’ she smiled, but she lied. When Marcus went to work, she started crying and then she slept tired.

Karen went back to home and next day she went to Jack, but unfortunately he wasn’t at home. In the evening she asked Martin to go with her, but the house was still empty. On Thursday, she decided to call him, but the phone was switched off. Finally, she asked Martin to find out what’s going on with Jack. Unfortunately, Martin hadn’t good news. Jonny told him that Jack left the phone and he is in America and then he will fly to Australia, so probably he will back to England at Christmas… probably but not sure.

‚Stupid sod!’ Karen was very upset. ‚What can I tell Meg?’ She asked Martin.

‚Nothing,’ Martin shrugged. ‚You tell her when she asks… but maybe she won’t ask. She knows that he is going to Australia.’

‚But I can’t imagine how he could do it? It’s his children… his blood… his DNA!’

‚I know honey,’ Martin hugged her. ‚I’m very surprised as well. I thought that they can’t live without each other. Children isn’t the end of the world especially for them. They have money, a good job and it’s really a good time for children.

‚I love you Martin, you are so smart,’ Karen gave him kiss.

‚I’ll go to Jonny in several weeks and ask again. Maybe I can talk to Jack… but what should I tell him?’

‚I don’t know sweety, we’ll think about this later. Thank you for your help,’ she kissed him again.

‚You welcome,’ Martin smiled.

Jack went to America and he tried to forget Meg… but he couldn’t. He worked a lot, he organized parties, promotions, concerts and sought new customers. He had a lot of women but none of them was Meg. He discovered that alcohol was too weak to forget, but drugs still worked. After America, he went to Australia straight away… he didn’t want to go back to England. He talked only with Jonny, sometimes he called mother and work, and work and work. Two months before the end of Australia’s contract he met Angie… a girl who was similar to Meg. Obviously, he didn’t see it at this moment, but this girl caused him to stop drinking and taking drugs as much as before. He saw hope for himself.

In October Jonny called Jack with information that he must go back in two maybe three weeks because in the company was a lot of changes, among other things, the owner, and Jack must show a report for what he did for the company for last year. Jack wasn’t happy, but he decided to go with Angie, and try to arrange a transfer to Australia on a permanent basis, especially as the business grew up there was very dynamically. He went back to England on the 27th of October.

Meg was living in France and every day she was fatter and fatter and fatter… and she liked it very much. She still missed Jack, but she understood that he didn’t want to have children… he talked about it openly. She had to admit that in fact, she was happy and she was definitely the big merit of Marcus. She was going to the doctor and she knew that she was going to give birth to a boy and a girl. She wanted to find names for them but every day she had new ideas. Marcus laughed at her. Lucas was visiting them very rarely, especially after Meg’s question about her dream. He told her nothing about this, but she was still thinking that something was wrong. She discovered that she missed Lucas and she was very embarrassed by this fact. Karen visited them very often, she was with all the family on holiday in France and they spent a month there. At this time Meg with Karen were going shopping to buy all the necessary things for the children including a cot and pram. After this month Meg was ready for childbirth. Meg was very, very happy especially when Karen’s children told her that they were very excited that auntie will have babies.

Martin called Jonny every now and then, and asked about Jack, but finally he lost hope that Jack will be back. One day, in October, Jonny called him and said that Jack will be in England, but asked, Martin didn’t say how he knew. Martin promised him and told Karen. She started thinking about how she could talk with Jack about Megan… how to convince him to change his mind. One day she was shopping with Becky and she met Alan.

‚Hi Alan, how are you?’ She cheered.

‚I’m all right, thank you, and you?’ He replied kindly.

‚I’m ok, we are halloween’s shopping with Becky, because you know… children will have a party and must look amazing,’ she smiled.

‚Oh, of course,’ he agreed to look at Becky. ‚Are you working somewhere?’ He change the subject.

‚No, I wasn’t looking for work. I like being a housewife.’

‚Yes, sure, I understand. And Meg… did she come back from Paris?’

‚How do you know that she is in Paris?’ Karen frowned.

‚Oh, a few months ago Jack called me and asked about her address in Paris. I told him that she didn’t work for us anymore and the company stopped existing.’

Karen had turned white in the face and grabbed Alan’s hand.

‚Karen, are you all right?’ He asked very confused.

‚No, I’m not,’ she replied honestly. ‚Did you tell him anything more?’

‚No, he thanked me and that’s all,’ Alan shrugged. ‚Anyway, if you meet Megan, tell her that I have work for her if she wants,’ he added and gave her business card.

‚Ok, thank you, I tell her,’ Karen said weakly. ‚I’m sorry, we have to go, see you later Alan,’ she added and took the surprised Becky to the car.

When they were at home, she called Martin and told him that he must came home immediately. Fifteen minutes later Martin came, scared. Karen sat in the kitchen with a glass of whisky, the children were making noise upstairs.

‚Karen, are you all right? What’s happened?’ He asked upset.

‚He doesn’t know about the children,’ Karen said quietly to look on her glass.

‚What?! Who?! What are you taking about?!’ Martin was confused.

‚Jack.’ Karen looked at Martin.

‚What?! You told me that he knew everything!’

‚Because Meg told me it. Jack didn’t want to talk to her because he knew everything… not exactly knew about her being pregnant. Do you understand this difference?’ Karen was depressed.

‚But how do you know?’ Martin still couldn’t understand.

‚I met Alan today, and he asked about Meg, and said that Jack called him. We told Jack that Meg went to Paris from our company, to organize a new office and Alan told him that it’s not true. I don’t know what else Jack knows, but I think that he doesn’t know about the children.’

‚But it doesn’t make sense. He should try to explain it to her, not say good bye, it’s over. It’s very stupid,’ Martin tried to think logically.

‚Martin,’ Karen looked at him seriously, ‚I have a mission for you. You have to find out, what Jack knows.’

‚Oh shit, I knew that you’d say that,’ Martin was very unhappy.

‚Martin you have to help me…we have to help Meg. If he thinks that she lied to him, he hates me with all his heart because I told him about her job. He thinks that I helped her to deceive him.’ Karen was distraught.

‚Ok, honey don’t worry, I’ll try to help. Thank God he will be in England soon.’ Martin sighed and hugged Karen.

Meg was feeling really hard, she wasn’t very fat, but she had a big belly. The childbirth was three weeks away. The doctor told her that everything is ok, and she will give birth on time, it meant about the fifteenth of November, but because it’s a twin pregnancy she could have a caesarean section, one week before the relevant date. The 27th of October Marcus should have gone to work but he decided to stay at home. Meg was laughing that he was afraid that she might give birth earlier, but she was calm. In the middle of the night, Marcus woke her up.

‚Megan wake up, wake up, it’s time,’ he said quietly.

‚Jack I’m sleepy, go away,’ she replied. She very often to called him Jack.

‚Megan we have to go to the hospital,’ he repeated.

Megan woke up and felt that she had a wet sheet. She looked at Marcus confused.

‚You started to give birth, it’s the amniotic fluid,’ he explained.

‚Oh my God, I’m so scared,’ Meg started crying.

‚Hey, everything will be all right,’ Marcus crouched beside her and stroked her hair.

‚Karen promised that she will be with me,’ Meg didn’t stop crying. ‚She has so much experience.’

Marcus smiled. He did not expect such a collapse at the crucial moment.

‚Megan look at me please,’ he asked.

She looked at him her weeping eyes.

‚I promise, I’ll help you,’ he said firmly.

‚I want Karen!’ Meg was crying more.

Marcus sighed.

‚I can’t give you Karen at this moment, but I can give you someone else. Close your eyes Megan.’

She did it and she saw Lucas.

‚My God it’s Lucas,’ she shouted joyfully.

‚Hi Meg, you have to go to the hospital,’ Lucas was very serious.

‚Who are you Lucas, why can I see you in my dream?’

‚I’m your angel, I’m looking after you all the time. Please, go to hospital with Marcus.’

‚Can you be with me? I’m so scared,’ she asked. She wasn’t even surprised by what she heard.

‚I will be waiting in the hospital,’ he replied.

‚But still in my dream?’

‚No, physically,’ he said and disappeared.

Meg opened her eyes. Marcus was smiling all the time.

‚Are you my angel as well?’ She asked.

‚I’m only your good spirit,’ he replied.

‚I don’t believe you,’ she nodded and stood up. ‚But we will talk about it later,’ she added and went to the bathroom.

Lucas was waiting in the hospital as he promised. Meg was very calm when he was with her. The birth took place without complications. Meg had a caesarean section and she gave to birth two beautiful children. Lucas and Marcus were near her all the time. Lucas looked after her and Marcus, children. When she went to sleep, the children were sleeping as well, Marcus sent a message to Karen. It was six o’clock in the morning.

Karen woke up at seven and when she saw a message, she woke up Martin.

‚Honey, wake up, Meg’s babies are already born,’ she was shaking him.

‚Congratulations,’ Martin replied and turned to the other side.

‚Martin, what about Jack,’ Karen yelled.

‚Stop screaming!’ He was nervous. ‚He is in London, I’ll go to him after work.’

‚No way, we don’t have time,’ Karen stood up. ‚I’ll go to him and you stay at home,’ she decided and went to the bathroom.

Martin looked behind her and lay back while covering his head with a pillow.

Eight o’clock Karen knocked to Jack’s door. A while later the door opened and a beautiful blond lady stood in the doorway. She was in a robe. At that moment Karen wanted to hit her but in the second she understood that this girl knew nothing and she was innocent.

‚Hi, I have to talk to Jack,’ Karen said friendly.

‚Jack is sleeping,’ she replied.

Karen noticed, she had a different accent… maybe Australian?

‚It doesn’t matter,’ Karen smiled, pushed the door and went upstairs to the bedroom.

‚What are you doing?’ The girl was so surprised that she did nothing.

‚Jack, wake up,’ Karen sat down on the bed. ‚Jack!’ She said louder.

Jack opened one eye and closed it again.

‚I hope it’s only a nightmare,’ he said. ‚Go away Karen, I don’t want to see you!’

‚Jack, I will not go, until we talk,’ she replied.

Jack sighed, opened both eyes and sat on the bed.

‚Karen, I have never hit any woman in my life, but I’ll make an exception for you,’ he said gravely.

Jack’s girlfriend stood behind the door and listened.

‚Jack, I really don’t care. I know that you hate me, but I don’t have a time to think about it. I came here because you have to go with me somewhere,’ she talked to him very kindly.

‚Fuck you Karen,’ he replied. ‚I think, I don’t have to say anything more. Good Bye,’ he added, stood up and went to the bathroom.

Karen followed him and opened the bathroom’s door.

‚You can’t get rid of me as easy as Meg,’ she said.

‚You stupid, crazy, fucking bitch!’ Jack was really furious. ‚Leave me alone because I won’t vouch for myself!’

‚Five minutes,’ Karen was impassive. ‚I’m waiting in the kitchen,’ she added and went out.

Jack leaned on the sink. He knew that he shouldn’t look back. Immediately, his past caught him. In the other side it was very strange… no one called him when he was abroad… Meg, Karen, even Martin and now…

Ten minutes later he came to the kitchen. Karen was sitting in the kitchen, Angie in the living room. She didn’t want to interfere… it was his case.

‚Eat something please, because we have to go,’ Karen said.

‚Listen to me,’ he tried to say gently. ‚Between me and Meg everything is over and I think you exactly know why… but I don’t want to talk about this. My past is closed. I have a new girlfriend and I’m sure that Meg is happy as well. I remind you, it was her choice.’

‚Jack, I know you feel cheated, but you have to see something. I promise, after this you will never see me again. You have to go with me, if you really want to close your past…’

‚I don’t want to meet Meg,’ he interrupted her.

‚You won’t… I promise,’ she pledged.

‚On your children’s life?’ He asked.

‚You are really stupid,’ she sighed. ‚But yes, I promise.’

‚And I will never see you again?’

‚Never,’ she confirm.

‚Ok, I’ll take a sandwich and we can go,’ he agreed.

At this moment Martin called Karen.

‚Hi honey, I’m still alive,’ she picked up the phone. ‚I have to go with Jack… yes… no… I will be back in the evening… yes, I’m sure, I have to go back with Jack, take a holiday for a few days, please…. Yes, tomorrow… I would like to stay there two days… Thank you honey, I love you.’

Jack went to the living room, said something to Angie and went back to the kitchen.

‚We can go,’ he said. ‚Where do we go?’

‚To Paris,’ she replied.

Jack looked at her surprised.

‚You won’t meet Meg… I promised.’

All the way was silence between them. Only the radio was turned on. Karen wondered if it was a good idea to take him to Paris, and Jack wondered what the hell was going on. When they were in Paris she took navigation and inscribed the hospital address. When they arrived, Jack was very surprised.

‚Hospital? What’s going on Karen?’ Jack was very confused.

‚Don’t ask, just go,’ she replied, and took the phone. ‚We are outside,’ she said after a while.

When they came to the hospital, Marcus stood on the corridor.

‚Hi Marcus,’ Karen came and kissed him on the cheek. ‚How does she feel?’

‚She is sleeping,’ he replied. ‚Hello Jack, I’m Marcus,’ he held out his hand.

‚I know you, you are Meg’s boyfriend,’ Jack didn’t give him a hand. ‚What a circus, Karen, what am I doing here?’ He was very upset.

‚I’ll lead you,’ Marcus sighed and went.

‚Be nice and quiet,’ Karen whispered to Jack.

They went onto the second floor and stood in front of the door.

‚You can go in,’ Marcus invited them.

Karen instinctively grabbed Jack’s hand. He didn’t object, he was dazed. Karen opened the door. Inside were two cradles with sleeping children and Lucas. They entered the room.

‚My God, they are so beautiful,’ Karen whispered. ‚Jack it’s your children, yours and Meg’s,’ she smiled and looked at him.

Jack was in shock. He looked at the children, Karen and just went. Karen looked at Lucas.

‚It was too much for him. Find him immediately,’ he said.

Karen ran out of the room but Jack was too fast, he had disappeared. She ran outside and she saw him, he went through the parking.

‚Jack wait,’ she yelled but he didn’t stop. She started to run faster and faster and she caught him on the end of the parking. ‚Jack stop, please,’ she gasped.

He stopped and looked at her. He looked very bad, older by twenty years.

‚I’m sorry Jack, I’m really sorry,’ she said after a while. ‚I didn’t have any idea how I could tell you about the children. Did you know that Meg was pregnant?’

‚Are you crazy? How was I to know?’ He was really angry. ‚Why didn’t she say?’ He looked at her reproachfully.

‚Do you remember what you said about children? She was afraid that you would command her to have an abortion.’

Jack hid his face in his hands.

‚She loved you so much, but she was so scared. I suggested for her to go to Paris and think about it. When she was here she decided that she’d tell you about children, but then you told her: it’s over. She almost died after that conversation. She thought that you knew about the pregnancy, so she gave you freedom. Jack can you look at me?’ Karen interrupted her story.

Jack glanced her.

‚Who is this guy, who was in the corridor?’

‚It’s Marcus, my best friend. He agreed to look after her, he is the therapist.’

‚Are they together?’ Jack asked after a while.

‚No, he is only friend. Anyway, Meg loves you so much that she is not able to love someone else. Except your children, of course.’

They stood a few minutes in silence.

‚We should go to England,’ Karen decided and went to the car. Jack followed her. ‚I can tell you all the story, if you want, during the return but I have one condition; don’t give her hope if you don’t want to be with her and the children. I understand that you have a new girlfriend and you have your own life. It has been a few months, it was her decision and yours. She accepted that you don’t want to be with her so if you will decide to come back here, you must be sure that you want her with the children. No one will tell her that you saw the babies, you can be sure,’ she opened the car and got in.

‚I feel like a monster,’ Jack was depressed.

‚You shouldn’t. Your only fault was that you talked so horribly about the children, the rest, it was her decision.’ Karen was surprised that she had so much understanding for Jack. A few days ago she wanted to kill him with her bare hands.

All the way Karen talked with Jack about Meg and her pregnancy. However Jack couldn’t forget that Meg lived and is still living with Marcus and he saw when she hugged him.

‚Jack, please don’t be a stupid, jealous child.’ Karen was bored at his behaviour. ‚Even if I tell you who Marcus is, you won’t believe me, so please stop talking about this. She had a lot of luck that Marcus could take care her. A long time ago he really helped me,’ Karen smiled at her memories.

‚Karen I know that from your point of view I’m stupid and jealous but I know what I saw. It was in the morning, he went back home and she opened the door and hugged him. What do you think, what should I think about this?’

Karen stopped the car on the way and looked at him.

‚Marcus is not a human, he is an angel. Do you understand? He loves all people in the world but he can’t fall in love. So it’s impossible that he loves Meg more than you or his neighbour,’ Karen rolled her eyes.

‚Yes, sure, and his best friend is Santa Claus and Olaf, the snowman from Frozen,’ Jack said ironically.

‚Did you see “Frozen”? I thought that adults without children don’t watch cartoons,’ Karen was honestly surprised.

‚Karen!’ Jack was angry. ‚Why don’t you want to tell me who Marcus is? Is it top secret? Is he a spy?’

‚Oh stop it! I told you that and you don’t believe me. If you want, just ask him, but in my opinion you have a bigger problem than “who is Marcus?”’

They stopped talking, each embedded in yours thoughts. Karen arrived to Jack’s house.

‚Thank you that you didn’t kill me,’ she said.

‚No problem,’ Jack replied sadly. ‚I have a bigger problem than to get rid of you.’

‚We respect your decision, and she will never know,’ Karen was very serious. ‚And please again, don’t give her hope, be sure.’

‚And what happens if she says “go away”?’

‚It’s your risk but you can always fight. You didn’t give her this chance,’ Karen shrugged.

‚Thank you for your honesty,’ Jack sighed. ‚See you later,’ he got out from the car.

‚Take care Jack,’ Karen sighed and drove.

Jack wanted to go home, he was very tired, but after a while he changed his mind. He called a taxi and went to Mike. Unfortunately he wasn’t at home so he went to the hotel. He must think… and decide about his life. He bought a bottle of whisky but he couldn’t drink. He couldn’t forget those beautiful, little babies in the cradles. His children… his own children. Why didn’t she tell him? He remembered what he was telling her about Billy Kid and his wife. Meg was pregnant and probably knew about this. She had a right that she didn’t tell him… because it was the worst time in the whole of their life together. Probably he had said: remove… oh yes, it was very possible. But now? What should he do now? He couldn’t stay in the room, he went around the city.

Next day Karen arrived at Megs. She apologised to her that she couldn’t come earlier. Meg felt very well and was so happy. They talked about the children, Meg chose names; Natalie and Thomas. Karen was delighted… but surprised as well.

‚I thought that you gave them names of their ancestors or…’

‚Or Jack for example, from his father?’ Meg ended. ‚No Karen, my children have “carte blanche”, I don’t want to burden them with my past,’ she said sadly. ‚Can you tell me how you meet Marcus? Now, I know who he is,’ she changed the subject. She still couldn’t think or talk about Jack without tears.

‚It was about eight years ago. I was in my first pregnancy, but I didn’t know about it yet. At that time I liked offense at all, especially at Martin. And one day I said a few words too much and he had gone away. I was stubborn, as you know, so our relationship was over. And Marcus stayed my neighbour… a very handsome and nice neighbour. One month later I knew that I was pregnant and Martin had a new girlfriend. I had the idea to have an abortion, adoption, and being a single mother, but did not want to tell Martin, although I still loved him. I was too proud. Thank God Marcus was with me and we are together thanks to him. He told me every day that I should give him a chance when he got back, and one day he went back and asked me about the pregnancy. It turned out that he was with the fairy with his new girlfriend and she told him that he will be father soon. It wasn’t a coincidence although Marcus denied it… but I knew. When Becky was born, he told us that we don’t need him anymore and he was moving to France. He left me an address and phone number and we have always been in touch.’

‚Beautiful story but why I didn’t know about it?’ Meg frowned.

‚We promised… with Martin, that we will not talk about it and to return. It was very painful for us, and from the other side, very strange… the story about the angel.’

‚Lucas is my angel and this is the reason why he is here,’ Meg said.

‚We are very lucky girl,’ Karen winked.

‚Oh yes, you are,’ Marcus said entering the room. ‚It’s feeding time.’

The nurse brought the children in the cradles and helped Meg to feed them.

Two days later Meg went home. Marcus was with her all the time, Lucas from time to time. She noticed that Lucas is always there, when she needed him… Marcus… always, always. She was very grateful both of them, because she couldn’t cope alone. She was still learning about her children… why they cry… why both at the same time. About two weeks later there was beautiful weather so Meg decided to go for a walk with Natalie and Thomas. Marcus stayed at home. Suddenly, someone arrived at the house. Marcus went to the door and he saw Jack. He knew that he came back soon.

‚Is it Jack?’ Lucas asked from upstairs.

‚Yes, shouldn’t you be in Spain?’ Marcus was surprised.

‚I have to talk with him,’ he explained going down the stairs.

Marcus opened the door before Jack knocked.

‚Come in please,’ Marcus smiled.

Jack hesitantly stepped inside.

‚I would like to talk with Meg,’ he said.

‚We know, but Meg is on a walk with the twins. Sit down please, Jack,’ Marcus invited him to the kitchen. ‚Would you like something to drink?’

‚No thank you,’ he shook his head. He was watching him and still thinking about what Karen said about him.

‚Yes, that’s true, I’m an angel,’ Marcus replied. ‚But I don’t know personally Santa Claus… Olaf is definitely my friend,’ he smiled.

Jack blushed.

‚I’m sorry, don’t be angry, it was very funny, Karen told me about your conversation,’ he said apologetically.

Jack smiled weakly. He was so embarrassed. Marcus looked at Lucas, stood up and went.

‚Jack, I want to talk with you before Meg comes back,’ Lucas said very seriously.

‚I wanna be with her,’ Jack replied very fast.

Lucas smiled.

‚I know about this, but I want to talk about you.’

‚Are you an angel… like Marcus?’

‚Yes, I am. I remember one scene. On the stairs was sitting a little boy, he was ten, and his parents were downstairs and they were arguing. This boy heard too much but not enough to understood. I want to tell you that your father loved you more than his own life. He never wanted to abortion. Your mother wanted to have more children but she couldn’t because many years ago she didn’t remove a cyst on the ovary. This was the reason that she couldn’t have more babies. Your father had a grudge that she didn’t listen to him. You are still thinking that your mother lost his life because of you, but it’s not true. You never asked them about it. Why? If you had asked them, they would have told you the same like me… because this is the truth. Think about it Jack,’ he ended.

Jack had tears on his eyes. He didn’t know what he should think. A long time ago, one conversation changed him and his relationship forever and now, one conversation did it again. At this moment it was too much for him.

Meg was on the walk more than an hour and she decided to go back. When she was near the house, she noticed a car in front of the house. She wondered who had arrived. She rang the door bell because she needed help. Marcus went to the door and took the children. He was very anxious.

‚Marcus, is everything all right?’ She asked. ‚Someone arrived for us?’

‚Yes, I’ll take the children, you go to the kitchen,’ he replied and took the pram to the living room.

Meg took off her coat and was going to the kitchen, in the doorway stood Lucas.

‚Hi Lucas, nice to see you,’ she threw her arms around his neck.

‚Hi Meg, I see, you look nice and feel good,’ he smiled.

‚I can tell that I’m almost happy,’ she replied.

‚Come with me,’ he took her hand and went to the kitchen. Jack was sitting on the chair. When he saw her, he stood up but he could say nothing.

‚Jack?’ She thought that it was dream. She looked hesitantly at Lucas.

‚He is real,’ Lucas read her mind like always.

Meg approached him.

‚Meg… I… I don’t know what to say… I…’

‚Jack, you are here…’ she couldn’t believe. ‚Don’t say anything, just hug me,’ she interrupted him.

Jack opened his arms and she threw her arms around his neck. Lucas leaned against the door frame, and sighed deeply. Now, he could go back to Spain… so he went.

Jack and Meg stood there ten minutes or maybe more. They both were crying. Suddenly, Meg began to slide apart.

‚Meg, are you all right?’ Jack sat her on the chair. He was frightened.

‚Yes, I’m all right,’ she smiled. ‚It’s too much emotion.’

‚Do you want water or something?’ He crouched near her.

‚No thank you. I feel better. What are you doing here Jack?’ She frowned.

‚I came to ask you for forgiveness. Now, I know everything… really everything,’ he sighed.

‚And do you want to be with me again?’ She couldn’t believe it.

‚If you agree…’

‚But it’s not so easy,’ she shook her head. ‚I have babies.’

‚We have babies,’ he corrected. ‚I know about the babies… I know everything Meg and I’m so sorry that you were alone.’

‚And do you want to be with me and our babies? Jack, what will happen with your life? With your house…’

‚You are all my life Meg. A few months ago I was here and I saw you with Marcus. I thought that you lied to me and you lived in France with another guy. You lied to me about your work, I called Alan. I didn’t know that you were pregnant because no one told me.’

‚I’m sorry, I know it’s my fault,’ Meg lowered her head.

‚My God, Meg I love you and I want to be with you and our children. If you still love me please try again to trust me.’

‚I have never stopped loving you,’ she whispered.

Jack leaned forward and very gently kissed her on her lips.

‚I want to start again if you agree,’ he whispered not stopping to kiss her.

‚I’m sorry to interrupt this romantic scene, but Natalie is very hungry,’ Marcus came to the kitchen with a smile and gave her to Meg. ‚I tried to explain to her that her parents are busy, but she didn’t want to listen to me.’

‚She is so beautiful,’ Jack took her little hand.

‚Leave her, she is really hungry. I have a similar specimen for you,’ Marcus went to the living room and after a while he gave him Thomas. ‚It’s your son mate, be proud,’ he patted him on the back.

Jack took him very carefully. Meg looked at Marcus gratefully.

‚You’re welcome,’ he smiled to her and went out.

Three years later.

‚Be quiet guys, we are finally in place,’ Jack said to Meg and the children on rear seat.

‚Thank God, I thought that I might lose my mind,’ Meg sighed. ‚I hope Marcus is at home.

They got out of the car and the kids ran to the door.’

‚Are you all right honey?’ Jack asked looking at Meg with love.

‚Yes, I’m all right,’ Meg stroked her belly, she was in the fifth month of pregnancy.

‚Uncle Marcus,’ the kids yelled when he opened the door.

‚Hi guys,’ Marcus smiled and took the children in his arms. ‚Oh, what do I see, you are doing reproduction again,’ he laughed.

‚I lost a lot before; sulks, moods, cravings, I had to feel it on my own skin.’ Jack laughed and kissed Meg in the top of her head.

‚I’m very happy,’ Marcus looked at Meg.

‚I’m happy too,’ she smiled.

‚Tomorrow Karen with Martin and the kids will arrive here,’ Meg said when they was sitting in the kitchen.

‚That’s great,’ Marcus was really happy. ‚On Sunday we can go to ZOO.’

‚Good idea,’ Meg agreed. ‚Maybe they have one empty cage. We can put all our children in there and go for coffee.’

Marcus and Jack started laughing. Natalie and Thomas as well, although they didn’t know why.

In the evening the children were sleeping. Marcus walked down the corridor when he heard the voice of Natalie.

Guardian Angelfrom heaven so bright, watching beside me to lead me aright,
Fold your wings round me, and guard me with love… and my mom, dad, my naughty brother Thomas and my little sister in mommy’s tummy. Softly sing songs to me of heaven above. Amen.’

‚I will sweety, you can be sure, I will,’ he whispered.

The End.

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